Forming Jural Assemblies: Building Blocks of the Republic

Forming Jural Assemblies: Building Blocks of the Republic

by David E. Robinson


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We The People are the First Level of Government in a Republic.

As one of We The People you can see how you, in a Jural Assembly, have Power and Authority "over" your elected free state officials of "state government" through your State/Settlement Constitution.

Your State/Settlement Constitution is the road map of authority for your elected free state "Officials" which includes the "process" by which you have the power and the authority to "hire and fire" these "servants."

In your State/Settlement Constitution you need to make provision for you, the We The People, to have the power and authority of removal at any time during an elected official's "term of office" to "take him out of office," via proper notice and another election which will keep the wheels of government from stalling on its track.

You must have a process spelled out and pre-agreed-to in your State/Settlement Constitution.

Remember, We The People will have "delegated" some of our "autonomous power and authority" to "servant representatives" - state and national Congressional people who form the two Congressional bodies of people called the Senate and the House of Representatives in their free states.

We delegate some of our authority to the above mentioned servants via the State Settlement Constitution and the Constitution for the United states of America. (UsA)

Why do we do this?

We do this because there are certain matters that one man or woman cannot deal with on a personal-vote issue.

So there are "delegated" powers to other men and women who we permit to make decisions for us by "representing" us.

Representative government stems from God's Old Testament instruction to have one man represent a body of 10 men, then from those 10 men, one representative is chosen to represent 100 men, then from those 100 men, one representative is chosen to represent 1000 men, and on and on.

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