Free Movement in the European Union: Cases, Commentaries and Questions

Free Movement in the European Union: Cases, Commentaries and Questions


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ISBN-13: 9788757420449
Publisher: Djoef Publishing
Publication date: 02/10/2010
Pages: 1162
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Implementation of EU Rules
Case C-29/95, Pastoors, [1997] ECR I-28515
Case C-403/98, Azienda Agricola Monte Arcosu, [2001] ECR I-10325
Case C-91/92, Faccini Dori, [1994] ECR I-332533
Case C-334/92, Miret, [1993] ECR I-691140
Joined Cases C-74/95 and C-129/95, Criminal proceedings against X, [1996] ECR I-660945
Joined Cases C-46/93 and C-48/93, Brasserie du Pecheur, [1996] ECR I-102951
Chapter 2EU Rules Regulating the Member States' Administrations
Case 188/84, Commission v France (Woodworking machines), [1986] ECR 41973
Case 104/75, de Peijper, [1976] ECR 61382
Case 222/86, Heylens, [1987] ECR 409790
Chapter 3Free Movement of Goods
The concept of goods
Case 7/78, Thompson, [1978] ECR 224797
Case C-2/90, Commission v Belgium (Walloon Waste Case), [1992] ECR I-4431104
Duties, charges and tax provisions
Case C-213/96, Outokumpu Oy, [1998] ECR I-1777109
Case C-47/88, Commission v Denmark (Registration duties on cars), [1990] ECR I-4509118
Case 171/78, Commission v Denmark (the Schnapps Case), [1980] ECR 447124
Quantitative import restrictions
Case 34/79, Henn and Darby, [1979] ECR 3795135
Case C-324/93, Evans Medical, [1995] ECR I-563142
Who is bound by the provisions?
Case C-325/00, Commission v Germany (Markenqualitat), [2002] ECR I-9977152
Measures having equivalent effect - The concept of restrictions on trade
Case 8/74, Dassonville, [1974] ECR 837160
Case 120/78, Rewe-Zentral (the Cassis de Dijon Case), [1979] ECR 649164
Case C-362/88, GB-INNO, [1990] ECR I-667169
Case C-23/89, Quietlynn, [1990] ECR I-3059174
Joined Cases C-267/91 and C-268/91, Keck, [1993] ECR I-6097178
Case C-320/93, Eurim-Pharm, [1994] ECR I-5243184
Case C-391/92, Commission v Greece (The Infant Milk Formula Case), [1995] ECR I-1621189
Case C-405/98, Gourmet International, [2001] ECR I-1795194
Case C-368/95, Familiapress, [1997] ECR I-3689204
Case C-265/95, Commission v France (The Strawberry Case), [1997] ECR I-6959212
Case C-44/98, BASF v Prasident des Deutschen Patentsamts, [1999] ECR I-6269223
Case C-383/01, Danske Bilimportorer, judgment of 17 June 2003230
Purely internal situations
Case C-448/98, Guimont, [2000] ECR I-10663240
Discriminatory barriers to trade
Case 113/80, Commission v Ireland (Irish Souvenirs), [1981] ECR 1625249
Case 249/81, Commission v Ireland (Buy Irish), [1982] ECR 4005254
Case C-67/97, Bluhme (Brown Bees), [1998] ECR I-8033262
Case C-379/98, PreussenElektra, [2001] ECR I-2099272
Quantitative export restrictions
Case C-5/94, Lomas, [1996] ECR I-2553280
Case C-203/96, Dusseldorp, [1998] ECR I-4075288
Case 45/87, Commission v Ireland (Dundalk), [1988] ECR 4929300
Case 178/84, Commission v Germany (German Beer), [1987] ECR 1227305
Case 302/86, Commission v Denmark (The deposit-and-return Case), [1988] ECR 4607318
Case C-17/93, Van der Veldt, [1994] ECR I-3537324
Exhaustion of intellectual property rights
Case 187/80, Merck, [1981] ECR 2063333
Case C-61/97, Laserdisken, [1998] ECR I-5171339
Joined Cases C-427/93 and others, Bristol-Myers Squibb and others, [1996] ECR I-3457346
Case C-379/97, Upjohn, [1999] ECR I-6927367
Case C-337/95, Parfums Christian Dior, [1997] ECR I-6013379
Case C-355/96, Silhouette, [1998] ECR I-4799390
The Technical Standards and Regulations Directive
Case C-194/94, CIA Security International, [1996] ECR I-2201401
Case C-226/97, Lemmens, [1998] ECR I-3711415
Chapter 4EU Citizenship
Case C-370/90, Singh, [1992] ECR I-4265425
Case C-85/96, Sala, [1998] ECR I-2691433
Case C-184/99, Grzelczyk, [2001] ECR I-6193446
Case C-224/98, D'Hoop, [2002] ECR I-6191459
Case C-413/99, Baumbast, [2002] ECR I-7091467
Case C-348/96, Donatella Calfa, [1999] ECR I-11489
Case C-100/01, Olazabal, [2002] ECR I-10981497
Kapitel 5Free Movement of Workers
Who is bound by the provisions?
Case C-281/98, Roman Angonese, [2000] ECR I-4139511
The concept of worker
Case 53/81, Levin, [1982] ECR 1035522
Case 196/87, Steymann, [1988] ECR 6159533
Case C-292/89, Antonissen, [1991] ECR I-745538
Case C-350/96, Clean Car Autoservice, [1998] ECR I-2521544
Purely internal situations
Joined Cases C-64/96 and C-65/96, Jacquet, [1997] ECR I-3171554
Discriminatory barriers
Case C-415/93, Bosman, [1995] ECR I-4921560
Restrictions on the free movement of workers
Case C-279/93, Schumacker (Limited Taxation), [1995] ECR I-225575
Case C-237/94, O'Flynn, [1996] ECR I-2617586
Case C-15/96, Schoning-Kougebetopoulou (Greek Doctor), [1998] ECR I-47593
Case C-190/98, Volker Graf, [2000] ECR I-493600
Chapter 6Freedom of Establishment
The concept of establishment
Case C-55/94, Gebhard, [1995] ECR I-4165609
Case C-212/97, Centros, [1999] ECR I-1459618
Purely internal situations
Joined Cases C-54/88 and others, Nino and others, [1990] ECR I-3537629
Case C-61/89, Bouchoucha, [1990] ECR I-3551633
Case C-108/96, Mac Quen, [2001] ECR I-837638
Discriminatory barriers
Case 2/74, Reyners, [1974] ECR 631648
Case C-337/97, Meeusen, [1999] ECR I-3289656
Case 71/76, Thieffry, [1977] ECR 765665
Case 221/85, Commission v Belgium (Clinical Biology Services), [1987] ECR 719671
Case C-351/90, Commission v Luxembourg (Secondary Place of Business), [1992] ECR I-3945675
Case C-19/92, Dieter Kraus, [1993] ECR I-1663680
Case C-254/97, Societe Baxter, [1999] ECR I-4809695
Case C-70/95, Sodemare, [1997] ECR I-3395701
Chapter 7Free Movement of Services
The concept of services
Case 186/87, Cowan, [1989] ECR 195707
Case C-20/92, Hubbard, [1993] ECR I-3777712
Case C-158/96, Kohll, [1998] ECR I-1931718
Case C-385/99, Muller-Faure, Judgment of 13 May 2003730
Case C-60/00, Carpenter, [2002] ECR I-6279754
Discriminatory barriers
Case C-17/92, Cinematograficos, [1993] ECR I-2239765
Case C-224/97, Ciola, [1999] ECR I-2517771
Case 33/74, van Binsbergen, [1974] ECR 1299777
Case C-353/89, Commission v Netherlands (Mediawet), [1991] ECR I-4069783
Case C-204/90, Bachmann, [1992] ECR I-249795
Case C-55/98, Bent Vestergaard, [1999] ECR I-7641805
Case C-113/89, Rush Portuguesa, [1990] ECR I-1417814
Case C-124/97, Laara, [1999] ECR I-6067821
Marketing rules
Case C-159/90, SPUC v Grogan (Information about Abortion Clinics), [1991] ECR I-4685831
Case C-384/93, Alpine Investments, [1995] ECR I-1141839
Circumvention of national legislation
Case C-23/93, TV 10, [1994] ECR I-4795849
Chapter 8Free Movement of Capital
Purely internal situations
Joined Cases C-515/99, C-519/99, C-524/99 and C-526/99 - C-540/99, Reisch and others, [2002] ECR I-2157859
The concept of capital movement
Joined Cases C-358/93 and C-416/93, Bordessa, [1995] ECR I-361869
Joined Cases C-163/94 and others, Sanz de Lera, [1995] ECR I-4821876
Case C-35/98, Verkooijen, [2000] ECR I-4071884
Case C-503/99, Commission v Belgium (Golden Shares), [2002] ECR I-4809897
Discriminatory barriers
Case C-484/93, Svensson, [1995] ECR I-3955912
Case C-54/99, Scientology, [2000] ECR I-1335917
Table of Cases (chronological)925
Table of Cases (alphabetical)931

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