Freedom's Price: A Novel

Freedom's Price: A Novel

by Christine Johnson


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ISBN-13: 9780800723521
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/06/2017
Series: Keys of Promise Series , #3
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Christine Johnson is the author of Love's Rescue and Honor Redeemed, as well as several books for Steeple Hill and Love Inspired. She was twice named a finalist for Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award. When not writing, she loves to hike and explore God's majestic creation. These days, she and her husband, a Great Lakes ship pilot, split their time between northern Michigan and the Florida Keys.

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Freedom's Price: A Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
ReginaFujitani More than 1 year ago
Freedom’s Price by Christine Johnson is a suspenseful and intriguing tale full of history. You will travel from the shores of England to America, landing in Louisiana. Catherine Haynes is on journey to discover her mother’s history, what she discovers is far more valuable than anything she can fathom. Lives and loves will change in her course of life. I love reading Christine Johnson’s books. She writes with detail and wraps her readers into her books. Disclosure statement: I receive complimentary books for review from publishers, publicists, and/or authors, including Netgalley. I am not required to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255.
MelissaF More than 1 year ago
I have adored this series so I couldn’t wait for this newest installment. And this one has such a different feeling and plot to it. For me the beginning was a bit slow, yet I understand why that first half of the book had to be there, it had to lay the ground work for the rest of the book. I could have easily put it down and walked away, I didn’t feel overly connected to the story…but then we get to the half way point and my reader brain was like, “Yes, this is what I have been waiting for.” Catherine is a strong character who wants to find the truth. Tom is a strong hero who wants to seek justice. Together they make a great team. The mystery surrounding Catherine’s family I found so interesting. I couldn’t wait for the truth to be revealed. That definitely drove the second half of this book. If you enjoy historical romance with a mysterious setting you will like this one. A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher. All opinions are my own.
Moonpie72 More than 1 year ago
Imagine you are 23 years old, your mother has died and now your father. In the 1850’s there are not many options for you to support yourself, other than a life of drudgery or a marriage of convenience. This is what Catherine Haynes was facing. Neither had she wanted. With great courage and faith in God, she leaves her home in England and faces a difficult journey to America. There in Louisiana she plans to find her mother’s family and the plantation where she once lived. Even though they do not even know of her existence she hopes to claim her inheritance in the Black Oak Plantation. As if overwhelming grief and loss of all she held dear were not enough she finds herself shipwrecked. In this tragic situation, sailor Tom Worthington enters her life. Although their relationship mixes as well as oil and water, he becomes an important part of her life. Upon her arrival she finds the plantation her mother shared such love of in a horrible state of deterioration and neglect. To make matters worse, it has fallen under the management of an evil, dishonest man and the family she hoped for is gone. She is appalled at the cruel and inhuman treatment of the slaves. This was Pre-Civil War era so her ideas of equality for all men were very foreign at that time. Catherine soon finds herself thrown in to danger and mystery. This was a hard book to put down, a real page turner!!! There were times I realized I was tensed up wondering what would happen next! I loved the way the author showed the characters trust and reliance on God no matter how seemly impossible their circumstances were. The historical information was well researched and gave a clear picture of Louisiana in this era. I found this extremely interesting. An extremely captivating historical romance. Thank you Ms. Johnson for another very entertaining book! I received this book from Revell Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own.
EmilyAnneK17 More than 1 year ago
To escape an arranged marriage, Catherine flees England for Louisiana, the home of of her mother's estranged family. When her ship is severely damaged off the coast of Key West, Catherine becomes desperate to find another way to Louisiana before her meager funds run out. Meanwhile, she becomes friends with a handsome sea captian who is searching for the thief of his father's ship and who suspects Catherine may be the key to finding him. Freedom's Price is a lovely Christian historical romance set several years before the American Civil War. As you may be able to tell from the title, slavery and freedom is a major theme. Catherine's home in Britain had banned slavery years before the book began, while slavery was still going strong in Key West and Louisiana. Many of the injustices and tragedies that plagued the slaves were portrayed and condemned in Freedom's Price. The lack lack of equality for women that restrained their freedom was also touched on while Catherine struggled with the control her male relatives and future husband had over her. Freedom definitely comes as a high price. The setting was fascinating. I find myself wanting to research wrecking vessels, the painting of ships, and the illegal slave trade pre-Civil War. Fascinating stuff. I had a few problems with the main characters, unfortunately. Catherine was so naive and stubborn. She wouldn't listen when people warned her (though they could have told her WHY) and assumed what she should not have. Meanwhile, Tom was so set on revenge he was careless of anything else. He told Catherine he was traveling with her for her sake, and he was, in part. But his bigger motives revolved around what her contacts cold help him discover about the missing ship. Then he left her in harm's way while he could pursue his goals. It was selfish. He used her. And she was perfectly fine with it. Then they were all "happy couple," and I'm just here wondering why neither of them saw it. They did change during the story, but those character flaws were with them through most of the book. It was a bit frustrating. Still I enjoyed the story as a whole. I would recommend it to fans of clean historical romance. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and Revell Reads. All my opinions are my own.
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the Keys of Promise series and it was fantastic like the other two. Catherine seemed to be very grave to leave a country to travel to another one where you know no one. Tom is a great guy. He seems like the type of guy that most people could easily fall in love with. I did not want to put this book down. I received this book from Revell for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
KathrynVoss More than 1 year ago
Christine Johnson's latest installment in her Keys of Promise Series, Freedom's Price, was an enjoyable read. I was especially delighted to find my favorite characters from her previous books taking a supportive role in this book as well. Set in both historical Keys West and New Orleans, Johnson did an wonderful job of transporting me to a time and place quite different from my own. Studded with strength of character, rich descriptions, and an intriguing plot, Johnson delivers an excellent story. Her characters do not grow or change overly much in the book, but the plot is varied and keeps you turning the pages to see what happens next. I loved the ending, however I won't give that away! What I love most about Johnson's writing is her rich description. I felt as if I had entered her story and had a front row seat to her lively characters and their lives. My time spent reading her books was not wasted! I recommend this book to all lovers of historical fiction. I received a complimentary copy of Freedom's Price from the publisher, and the opinions stated are all my own.
CafinatedReads2009 More than 1 year ago
A Beautifully Woven Novel! I’m new to Ms. Johnson’s work, but I won’t be for long! I truly enjoyed this beautifully written novel. It’s the 3rd book in her Keys Of Promise series, but it was still highly enjoyable, despite not reading the first two books. In this novel, Ms. Johnson weaves the perfect combination of faith, hope, and love, along with beautifully depicted historical elements. I was instantly captivated from page one and this book took me on a whirl wind ride until the end. Catherine and Tom both stole my heart for the long run, and I loved following their story! Ms. Johnson created a story well worth 4 stars, for sure! This is a quick, beautiful read and I am already anxious for more! I can’t wait to go back and read the first two books in this wonderful series, and I look forward to adding Ms. Johnson among my favorite authors list! Well done, and bring on the next! *I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Reads and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative*
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
Freedom’s Price by author Christine Johnson is the third novel in the Keys of Promise series and it was full of action adventure. Englishwoman Catherine Haynes has picked up her life and has decided to move to her American mother’s family home in New Orleans, Louisiana, after the loss of her father and the unappealing plans for her life her cousin intends to force upon her. Her trip though is not uneventful and brings to her acquaintance wrecker Tom Worthington. I enjoyed reading about these two main characters and their lively banter between one another, each trying to ignore the romantic sparks. We get to see how beloved characters from previous books are faring as well. But what really got to me in this novel was Tom and just the way he was so self-sacrificial for Catherine. And I am glad that she noticed that endearing quality in him right off the bat. This story was filled with family secrets, a mysterious plantation, evil villains, and very deep dark goings on. This novel moved at a quick pace as I was engrossed in the mystery and eerie atmosphere the author set her story in. I have enjoyed this entire series and am interested to see what is next for the author. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Publishing. I was not required to post a positive review and all the views and opinions are my own.
BirdFlight More than 1 year ago
One thing I can say about Christine Johnson is that she creates a different story each time she writes a book. Each time I pick up one of her books I am amazed that it feels like I'm reading a completely new book, even though it's set in the same series. It's beyond refreshing when I read the Key West series. Summery "When Englishwoman Catherine Haynes loses both her parents and her home in 1856, she decides to cross the Atlantic to find her American mother's family in Louisiana. She enlists the help of Tom Worthington, a dashing Key West man who makes his living salvaging wrecked ships, but whose real goal in life is to bring to justice the man who stole his father's ship and caused his untimely death. When Catherine finally arrives at her family's plantation, she finds it in disarray and her family absent landowners. Torn between returning to Key West with Tom or beginning the hard work of restoring the plantation, Catherine soon finds herself snared in a plot to steal her inheritance. When an incredible secret comes to light, both she and Tom will face a choice. Can they relinquish the dreams that have been holding them captive in order to step forward in faith--even if it costs them everything?" Each of the Key West books has turned out better then its predecessor, that still holds true to Freedom's Price. You might need to read the previous books to understand what's going on, but then again you could read this amazing book without knowing what happened in the other ones. This one was more emotional then the last two, and I found my heart being wrenched out by the beautiful flow of words. This isn't a book to miss! That's all I've got for today folks, I hope y'all have been encouraged to read this wonderful series. Until next time I hope you have a blessed day! I have received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.
AngelN1 More than 1 year ago
Set in the 1850s in England, Key West, and Louisiana, this story gives readers a good idea of differences in how people lived in that time according to class, race, and location. The story is told in third person, but mainly through the eyes of Catherine, an English woman who leaves home and heads toward Louisiana to be with family she's never met, and Tom, a sailor who works on ship wrecks off the coast of Key West. Their verbal sparring is enjoyable, and both characters are well-drawn. This story is the third in a series, but it is a stand-alone novel. Readers of the first two books will get a glimpse of some of the main characters from those, but this novel is about Catherine and Tom. Both characters grow throughout the story, and they are forced to make choices between what they had planned, and what is just. Both of them find that mysteries from their past involve the same devilish man. Readers realize right away that this is a romance, but it also has an intriguing and suspenseful plot. Overall, it is a good read, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction. I received this book from the publisher, Revell, in exchange for my review, but all opinions are my own.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
Freedom’s Price was an intriguing tale. The characters were interesting and carried flaws that sometimes influenced their decisions as they worked their way through the story. I really felt bad for both Catherine and Tom regarding things that had gone wrong for them in their lives due to the actions of others. This story was very much about seeing if there was a way for them to right the wrongs of the past. The setting of the second half of the story, in Louisiana, contained a darkness swirling about it that really gave an eerie feeling and left me wondering how Tom and Catherine were going to push through. Would they be able to triumph? At what cost? Was it even possible to untangle the mystery surrounding Catherine’s family plantation? There were quite a few twists and turns to keep this story moving. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
Britney_Adams More than 1 year ago
Freedom’s Price is a compelling tale! Christine Johnson writes with beautiful imagery, artfully transporting readers from the island of Key West to a Louisiana plantation. Catherine Haynes and Tom Worthington are strong, determined characters, and I delighted in the intrigue and romance of their tumultuous journey. Freedom’s Price is a wonderful addition to the Keys of Promise series, and while each one stands alone, all three novels are a pleasure to read! I received a complimentary copy of this book. No review was required, and all thoughts expressed are my own.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
Freedom’s Price is the third book in this wonderful series, and I loved them all, and fun to be reunited with those we have come to care about. This is Catherine Haynes and Tom Worthington’s story, and one from England and the other from New England, end up together in Key West, coincidence? From Key West these two end up having with the same nightmarish person at the helm of their problems. Throughout the book I loved how God persevered once turned to Him, and there sure are times when Evil rears its ugly head. This one is going to linger with you, and will be hard to leave the imprint of some of the injustice that was prevalent during this period of time. Coincidence yes, how two previously unknowns arrive at the same place at the same time, and yet it seems so real that yes it could have happened. What a great conclusion to a wonderful series that I wish there were more to come. I received this book through Revell Reads Blogger Program, and was not required to give a positive review.
MelissaGH More than 1 year ago
From the first page, I was drawn into this captivating story. The author gives such great details that I felt I was right there with the characters. A story of finding truth after loss. Mystery, family secrets, determination and love are all found in this great story. I received a copy of this book from the author and this is my personal honest opinion.
Griperang72a More than 1 year ago
I have enjoyed each book in this series so I was happy to see there was another book in it. This was had tales of wrecked ships which was interesting to me. Then we have part of the story taking place in Louisiana which is a favorite setting of mine. In this story we have some old secrets that come out which kind of give us a little bit of mystery. There is also a bit of romance in this book. A little bit of everything to keep this book flowing. I like how the author gave me many details so I could feel a part of this story and not just a reader looking in. The characters were well developed and the scenes well done. I am looking forward to more books by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Staffordshire England Catherine Haynes, age 13, is eavesdropping on a conversation between her father and a stranger who has come to visit him. Then, the dark-skinned man leaves the house with a strongbox. 1856 Catherine, age 23, is at her home, Deerford. Her parents have passed away, and her cousin, Roger, is trying to make her marry Mr. Kirby, a vicar. Catherine wants to stay in her home and run the estate but as it is in financial ruin, Roger intends to sell it to become a factory. Catherine’s mother was an American from Louisiana so she plans to go to America and find her mother’s family and their plantation. As she refuses to marry the vicar, Roger is only giving her a small amount of money for her trip. On the voyage to America, the ship encounters a storm just outside Key West. After the storm, Tom Worthington went out to meet the ship and seeing the damaged mast, brings the ship into port for repair avoiding the dangerous reefs. Catherine is worried that her money will run out before the ship gets repaired and continues on so with the help of Tom, searches for another ship that get her to Louisiana sooner. When she arrives at the plantation, she is surprised to find it somewhat rundown and nearly vacant. But when she looks inside, she is shocked to encounter the same man who had visited her father 10 years ago. Who is this man and what has happened to her family’s home? The story was interesting and filled with detail. The characters are strong and difficulties of the time period are well-written. I’m sure there are a lot of readers out there who will enjoy it. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Librarycataloger More than 1 year ago
I am a huge fan of historical fiction and I especially enjoy it if there are elements of faith woven throughout the story so this book by Christine Johnson was especially appealing to me. Catherine Haynes is a young English woman who has always known that her late mother once lived on a plantation in Louisiana and at age twenty-three, after her father's death, she decides to go find her maternal family and claim her birthright to Black Oak Plantation. She meets Tom Worthington on her perilous journey to America and it becomes apparent that this meeting will eventually alter her life. "Freedom's Price" is a thought-provoking tale of the morality and culture that was present in Louisiana and the American South in the 1850s. We are reminded of the brutality that servants endured during that time and we witness the bravery of people like Catherine and Tom who were determined to make sure that all of God's children were treated equally. There is also a plantation manager who has a twisted sense of love toward Catherine and a servant who shows the true meaning of sacrificing all for those you love. I found the interaction between Catherine and these two characters to be especially riveting. The author has written a tale that features suspense, adventure, romance, forgiveness and love and faith in God. She also reminds us that, even when evil forces exist, they can never truly win. God will eventually prevail over evil. There are two other books in the Keys of Promise series that I haven't read but this didn't deter my enjoyment. I highly recommend "Freedom's Price" to those who like Christian romance laced with intrigue and history. I was given a complimentary copy of this book but a positive review was not required.
KeyWestHistoryFan More than 1 year ago
I read this book while visiting Key West for the first time. The book made me feel like I was walking through history - the description of the town was so real. I loved the strong female character in the story and the villian was truly evil. Not only was the story intriguing, but I also learned a lot about life in the 1800's from reading this book. I would definitely recommend it!