From the New World: Poems 1976-2014

From the New World: Poems 1976-2014

by Jorie Graham


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Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Poetry

An indispensable volume of poems, selected from almost four decades of work, that tracks the evolution of one of our most renowned contemporary poets, Pulitzer Prize-winner Jorie Graham.

The Poetry Foundation has named Jorie Graham “one of the most celebrated poets of the American post-war generation.” In 1996, her volume of poetry selected from her first five books, Dream of a Unified Field, won the Pulitzer Prize. Now, twenty years later, Graham returns with a new selection, this time from eleven volumes, including previously unpublished work, which, in its breathtaking overview, illuminates of the development of her remarkable poetry thus far.

In From the New World—Poems 1976-2014, we can witness the unfolding of Graham’s signature ethical and eco-political concerns, as well as her deft exploration of mythology, history, love and, increasingly, love of the world in a time of crisis. As the work evolves, the depth of compassion grows—gradually transforming, widening and expanding her extraordinary formal resources and her inimitable style.

These pages present a brilliant portrait one of the major voices of American contemporary poetry. As critic Calvin Bedient says, “If Graham has proved oversized as a poet in the field of contemporary poetry, it is because she continually recalls the great Western tradition of philosophical and religious inquiry . . . tenaciously thinking and feeling her way through layer after layer of perception, like no poet before her.”

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ISBN-13: 9780062315441
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 02/16/2016
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 384
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About the Author

Jorie Graham is the author of twelve collections of poetry, including The Dream of the Unified Field, which won the Pulitzer Prize. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she teaches at Harvard University. The recipient of numerous awards, including the Pulitzer, the Forward Prize and the International Nonino Prize, Graham's work is widely translated.

Table of Contents

From Hybrids of Plants and of Ghosts

Tennessee June 3

Strangers 4

The Geese 6

Over and Over Stitch 8

The Way Things Work 10

An Artichoke for Montesquieu 12

Framing 13

Mirrors 14

Mind 16

New Trees 18

Girl at the Piano 20

From Erosion

San Sepolcro 25

Reading Plato 27

Scirocco 30

I Watched a Snake 34

Wanting a Child 37

My Garden, My Daylight 38

Salmon 40

Of Unevenness 42

Masaccio's Expulsion 44

Two Paintings by Gustav Klimt 48

At Luca Signorell's Resurrection of the Body 52

From the End of Beauty

Self-Portrait as the Gesture Between Them 59

Orpheus and Eurydice 65

Vertigo 68

On Difficulty 70

What the End Is For 72

Self-Portrait as Apollo and Daphne 76

Noli Me Tangere 81

Self-Portrait as Hurry and Delay 86

Break Dancing 91

Self-Portrait as Demeter and Persephone 94

Of Forced Sightes and Trusty Ferefulness 99

From Region of Unlikeness

Fission 105

At The Cabaret Now 111

From the New World 114

The Hiding Place 118

Picnic 121

What is Called Thinking 126

History 130

The Phase After History 135

Soul Says 144

From Materialism

The Surface 147

Notes on the Reality of the Self 148

Notes on the Reality of the Self 150

The Dream of the Unified Field 152

Opulence 160

The Visible World 162

From the Errancy

The Guardian Angel of the Little Utopia 169

The Scanning 172

Thinking 176

Studies in Secrecy 178

Le Manteau De Pascal 181

Recovered from the Storm 189

Of the Ever-Changing Agitation in the Air 191

From Swarm

From The Re Formation Journal 195

The Veil 199

Underneath (Sibylline) 202

From the Reformation Journal (2) 206

Prayer 208

Underneath (Calypso) 209

Underneath (13) 212

From Never

Prayer 219

In/Silence 220

Dusk Shore Prayer 222

Gulls 223

Ebbtide 227

Evolution 230

From Overlord

Other 237

Dawn Day One 239

Upon Emergence 242

Soldatenfriedhof 245

Spoken from the Hedgerows 248

Little Exercise 251

Praying (Attempt of May 9 '03) 252

Praying (Attempt of June 14 '03) 256

Impressionism 259

From Sea Change

Sea Change 265

Embodies 268

Guantánamo 270

Later In Life 272

Nearing Dawn 275

Summer Solstice 278

Root End 281

The Violinist at the Window, 1918 284

Futures 287

Undated Lullaby 290

No Long Way Round 293

From Place

Sundown 299

Cagnes Surmer 1950 302

On the Virtue of the Dead Tree 305

The Bird on My Railing 308

The Bird That Begins It 312

End 315

Employment 318

Treadmill 320

Dialogue (Of the Imagination's Fear) 323

Lull 326

Earth 329

Lapse 333

Message from Armagh Cathedral 2011 337

New Poems

Double Helix 345

Honeycomb 350

Fast 352

Prying 355

Notes 361

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