From the Stars...a Vampiress: An Unauthorized Guide to Vampirella's Classic Horror Adventures

From the Stars...a Vampiress: An Unauthorized Guide to Vampirella's Classic Horror Adventures

From the Stars...a Vampiress: An Unauthorized Guide to Vampirella's Classic Horror Adventures

From the Stars...a Vampiress: An Unauthorized Guide to Vampirella's Classic Horror Adventures


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She came from a dying world in search of adventure, love...and blood!

The year was 1969. Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. Over 300,000 music lovers flooded into a farm outside Woodstock, NY for the ultimate concert. The Beatles recorded their final album.

And crashing to Earth aboard a damaged spacecraft was a refugee from Drakulon, whose inhabitants had drunk from rivers of blood―until they ultimately ran dry. A lone survivor of a dead planet who discovered that the sustenance she needed in order to live flowed not in rivers but in the veins of the humans of this strange new world.

A huntress named...Vampirella!

In From the Stars...a Vampiress, author Steven A. Roman examines the history of the queen of the bad girls whose reign has lasted through five decades of published comic books, novels, and magazines, and turns a critical eye toward her sole motion picture appearance--as well as the 1970s movie version that might have been. Combined with an extensive checklist of her Warren Era appearances and a foreword by Sean Fernald, the Official Vampirella Historian, From the Stars is a smorgasblood of information for Vampirella fans!

This book is unofficial and unauthorized. It is not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by Dynamite Entertainment or any of its licensees. Vampirella is a trademark of Dynamite Entertainment.

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ISBN-13: 9780998236148
Publisher: Starwarp Concepts
Publication date: 02/18/2020
Pages: 308
Sales rank: 833,635
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Steven A. Roman is the author of the Saga of Pandora Zwieback novels and comic books and the graphic novel Lorelei: Sects and the City, and is the bestselling author of the novels X-Men: The Chaos Engine Trilogy and Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand. His comic book work includes Lorelei: Genesis, Lorelei Presents: House Macabre, the superhero series The Formidables, Sideral: The Last Earthman, and Stan Lee's Alexa. Steve's short fiction has appeared in such anthologies as Best New Zombie Tales 2, Urban Temples of Cthulhu, If I Were an Evil Overlord, Tales of the Shadowmen 4, Untold Tales of Spider-Man, The Ultimate Hulk, and Doctor Who: Short Trips: Farewells.

Fueled by a lifelong love affair with the horror genre (dating back to a childhood filled with monster movies and images from horror magazines like Famous Monsters of Filmland and Vampirella), Sean Fernald produced several genre- and horror-related film projects, including Red Velvet (2009), a horror-fantasy film starring Henry Thomas. His standing in the horror community is well established as Vampirella Historian and president of the Vampirella official fan club, The Scarlet Legion. Sean also served as longtime business advisor to horror legend Forrest J Ackerman, and the magazine he edited for more than 25 years, Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Sean Fernald

Introduction by Steven A. Roman

Part I: The Vampire Who Fell to Earth: A History: The behind-the-scenes story of Vampirella at Warren Publishing, from her creation in 1969 by publisher James Warren and editor/writer Forrest J Ackerman to Warren Publishing's unexpected closure in the 1980s.

Part II: The Vampirella Episode Guide: A review of every Vampirella story released by Warren Publishing, from 1969 to 1982, plus information about some unpublished adventures.

Part III: Vampi Goes to Hollywood: The behind-the-scenes stories of the movie industry's attempts to bring Vampirella to the screen, from the unproduced Hammer Films in the 1970s meant to star Barbara Leigh and Peter Cushing to the 1996 cable-TV movie starring Talisa Soto and the Who's Roger Daltrey. Includes an in-depth look at the rarely seen screenplay for Hammer's intended adaptation.

Part IV: The Literary Vampiress: Warner Books' Vampirella Novel Series: An overview of author Ron Goulart's six-book series of the 1970s that adapted Vampirella's comic book adventures.

Part V: Vampirella's Warren Era Checklist: An extensive listing of every Warren-era Vampirella story as well as the reprinted editions from Harris Comics and Dynamite Entertainment, packed with tidbits of little-known information.

Epilogue: Warren Publishing Lives...Sort Of: What's happened in the years following Warren Publishing's closure, and a look at some of the publications that carry on the company's horror-comic traditions.

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