Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life

Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life

Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life

Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life


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Are you living the life you thought you always wanted but feel that something is still missing? Do you think you should be happier than you are, considering all that you have? Have you achieved your professional or personal goals but still feel racked with insecurities, anxiety, or depression . . . and can't figure out why?

Psychiatrist Anna Yusim knows just how you feel. Not only has she struggled with these feelings herself, but she has also worked with patients upon patients who have expressed the same bewildering concern: they have everything they've always wanted, and yet deep down they don't feel fulfilled.

Determined to help herself and her patients, Dr. Yusim spent more than fifteen years studying and conducting research and came to a startling conclusion: this lingering feeling of dissatisfaction coincides with spiritual neglect. Once she helped her patients address their spiritual and psychological needs, she saw radical improvements in their happiness levels and quality of life.

Now science is catching up with her innovative approach to therapy as groundbreaking medical research and studies substantiate what Dr. Yusim and many others have suspected for years: spirituality is a powerful path to healing. Drawing from the best in Western medicine, as well as teachings from Kabbalah, Buddhism, and shamanistic traditions, Dr. Yusim has developed a program that marries empirical science and spirituality to help you:

Discover your life's true purpose
Eliminate self-defeating patterns and roadblocks that are keeping you from living your most authentic life
Understand the scientific underpinnings behind "answered prayers" and "random coincidences"-and why having faith in them can change your outlook for the better
Appreciate how consciousness shapes your reality and how to harness this understanding to live a life of abundance.

Filled with exercises, guided meditations, fascinating scientific research, and inspiring success stories, Fulfilled integrates the best of Western medicine with universal spiritual principles to help you find more meaning, more joy, and more fulfillment in your life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781455596799
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 06/27/2017
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 448,955
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Anna Yusim, MD, a graduate of Stanford University and the Yale University School of Medicine, is a psychiatrist in private practice in New York City. She has helped more than one thousand patients lead happier, more meaningful lives. She lives in Manhattan with her husband. For more information, you can visit AnnaYusim.com.

Table of Contents

Foreword Eben Alexander, MD xiii

Introduction: How It All Began xv

Part I Authenticity

Chapter 1 Reclaiming Your Life 3

Chapter 2 Owning Your Truth 20

Chapter 3 Embracing Your Shadow 37

Chapter 4 Living Your Purpose 47

Part II Soul Correction

Chapter 5 Improving Relationships 71

Chapter 6 Releasing Addictions 91

Chapter 7 Transforming Fear 112

Chapter 8 Harnessing Personal Power 130

Part III Part of Something Greater

Chapter 9 Synchronicity 157

Chapter 10 Consciousness 175

Chapter 11 Interconnectedness 202

Chapter 12 Immortality 224

Conclusion: Where to from Here? 251

Acknowledgments 255

Notes 259

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