Future Tech: How to Capture Value from Disruptive Industry Trends

Future Tech: How to Capture Value from Disruptive Industry Trends

by Trond Arne Undheim


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Amazon's Fire phone. Google Glass. Facebook Home. Quikster. New technologies alone don't always cause industry changes.

Future Tech explains how the four forces of technology, policy, business models and social dynamics work together to create industry disruption and how this understanding can help to predict what is coming next. Technology is generally viewed as the single force that disrupts markets. However, history is rife with stories of technologies that have failed to meet such hyped expectations. In Future Tech, the author reveals that true change only results from the combination the forces of science and technology, policy and regulation, new business models (i.e. sharing economy) and social dynamics (whether or not people adopt it). Whether these four forces align explains why some technologies, such as AI, blockchain, robotics, synthetic biology and 3D printing, stick and why others fail. With an understanding of these four forces, business executives and policymakers can explain what technology is likely to stick and even anticipate what is coming next.

By 2030, the global labor force will be led by an elite set of knowledge workers enabled by robotic AI. To help individuals thrive in this workplace, Future Tech advises readers to develop their human capabilities of creativity and adaptation, develop deep expertise in one domain while being well-versed in dozens more, and develop a personalized approach to acquiring and processing information and deliberating decisions.

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ISBN-13: 9781398600324
Publisher: Kogan Page, Ltd.
Publication date: 03/30/2021
Pages: 216
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About the Author

Trond Arne Undheim is a futurist, speaker, entrepreneur and former Director of MIT Startup Exchange, based in Wellesley, MA. He is the CEO of Yegii, a search engine for industry professionals. He holds a PhD on the future of work and artificial intelligence and cognition. He has accelerated four unicorns and helped launch over 50 start-ups. A former Sloan Senior Lecturer, WPP and Oracle executive and EU National Expert, he writes for Fortune and Cognoscenti, and has been featured in print media and television.

Table of Contents

** Chapter - 00:: Introduction—What Drives Change; ** Chapter - 01:: The Four Forces of Disruption—technology, policy, business models and social dynamics; ** Chapter - 02:: Science and Technology Enable Innovation; ** Chapter - 03:: Policy and Regulation Moderate Market Conditions; ** Chapter - 04:: Business Models Upend Markets; ** Chapter - 05:: Social Dynamics Drive Adoption; ** Chapter - 06:: The Five Technologies that Matter and Why; ** Chapter - 07:: How to Respond—Become an expert in one domain and well-versed in dozens; ** Chapter - 08:: How to Respond—Personalize your insight ecosystem; ** Chapter - 09:: How to Respond—Merge with technology to achieve a cognitive leap; ** Chapter - 10:: Conclusion—Turn change into opportunity

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