Genesis to the Exodus: A Commentary and Survey Series

Genesis to the Exodus: A Commentary and Survey Series

by J. A. Moorman


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Dr. J. A. Moorman, a missionary, pastor, evangelist, scholar, and author, has written a series of Bible Commentaries and Surveys that are: King James Version, premillennial, pre-tribulational, dispensational, instructive and devotional that uphold at every point the King James Version, the Providential Standard Translation in the English-speaking world; and the Inspired and Preserved Text upon which it is based. This book is “Genesis to the Exodus.” that recognizes that the Bible Institute movement of the earlier part of the 20th Century (Moody, Philadelphia, Los Angeles etc) and those influenced by it, which produced much of the best Bible study material available for believers of the last days, that recognizes that Matthew Henry’s Commentary (and allowing for its lack of understanding in prophetic and dispensational truth) remains as Spurgeon said: “First among the mighty for general usefulness” (Commenting and Commentaries), that recognizes the Scofield Reference Bible (1917 edition), which while rejecting its few errors (textual, gap theory etc.) remains the best compendium of succinctly stated Biblical truth, and that recognizes that a commentary should be able to directly facilitate the teaching and preaching of the Scriptures. To help toward this, outlining is used.

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ISBN-13: 9780998545219
Publisher: The Old Paths Publications
Publication date: 03/07/2017
Series: Commentaries , #1
Pages: 652
Sales rank: 1,114,899
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About the Author

Jack A. Moorman studied for a while at the Indianapolis campus of Purdue University, attended briefly Indiana Bible College, and graduated from Tennessee Temple Bible School. He has been with Baptist International Missions Inc. (BIMI) since 1967 and has been involved in church planting, Bible Institute teaching and extensive distribution of Scriptures and gospel tracts in Johannesburg, South Africa from 1968 - 1988, and in England and London since 1988. He married his wife, Dot, on November 22 1963.
J.A. Moorman has written the following scholarly books defending the King James Bible and the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek words that underlie it:
He has been the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in London, England since 1993. A great deal of his time, and on a nearly daily basis, is spent in distributing Gospel Literature on the crowded streets of London and beyond. May God bless his unfailing service to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents

652 pages, chapter by chapter, Genesis 1 to 50 and Exodus 1 to 14, detailed TOC in the book

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