Geology and Environment In Britain and Ireland

Geology and Environment In Britain and Ireland

by Nigel Woodcock

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ISBN-13: 9780203498903
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication date: 06/01/1994
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 174
File size: 7 MB

Table of Contents

Sources of illustrations

Environmental geology
Environmental geology
Definition and content
Further reading
Geological influences on society
Geology and landscape
Geological history of the British Isles
The geological map of the British Isles
Landscape and solid geology
Landscape and Quaternary geology
Geology and human geography
Rural geography
Vernacular architecture
Urban and industrial geography
Geology and historical geography
Further reading
Geological hazards
Hazard type and assessment
Coastal erosion
Geomedical hazards
Future impacts of natural hazards
Further reading

Earth resources for society
Types of geological resources
Resource assessment
Further reading
Land as a resource
Land use in the British Isles
Global perspectives
Further reading
The hydrological cycle
Water availability and use in the British Isles
Behaviour of groundwater
Management of surface water
Groundwater in the British Isles
Water futures in the UK
Global perspectives
Further reading
Construction materials
Use of construction materials
Properties of construction materials
Distribution in the British Isles
Production in the British Isles
Global perspectives
Further reading
Industrial and metallic minerals
Nature and use
Formation processes
Examples of mineralization processes
Minerals in the British Isles
Global perspectives
Further reading
Coal and peat
Requirements for coal and peat formation
Deltaic coal environment
Recent peat deposits
Burial and maturation
Geography of coal and peat
Coal consumption and production
Global perspectives
Further reading
The importance of petroleum
Requirements for oil and gas
Exploration and production techniques
Oil and gasfield examples
Hydrocarbon plays
Production in space and time
Unconventional petroleum
Uses of petroleum
Global perspectives
Further reading
Energy perspectives
Energy use
Fossil fuel reserves and shortfall
Uranium and nuclear power
Geothermal energy
Renewable energy
Energy futures
Further reading

Human impacts on the Earth
Environmental impacts
The nature of the environment
Geological impacts
Further reading
Resource extraction
Extracting geological resources
Withdrawal of subsurface fluids
Underground mining
Surface mining and quarrying
Impacts in the British Isles
Global perspectives
Further reading
Engineering geology
Physical principles
Excavations and embankments
Water engineering
Coastal management
Global perspectives
Further reading
Land and water pollution
Wastes and pollution
Point-source pollution
Diffuse pollution
Radioactive wastes
Global perspectives
Further reading
Atmospheric pollution
Local air pollution
The greenhouse effect
Geology and global warming
Stratospheric ozone depletion
Further reading

Geology and society
Geology and society
History of applied geology
Science in society
Geology and environmental ideas
Geology and the future
Further reading
List of references

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