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George Adamski - Letters to Emma Martinelli

George Adamski - Letters to Emma Martinelli

by George Adamski, Gerard Aartsen
George Adamski - Letters to Emma Martinelli

George Adamski - Letters to Emma Martinelli

by George Adamski, Gerard Aartsen


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After his time with the Royal Order of Tibet in the 1930s George Adamski lived a life of relative obscurity before he rose to world fame as the first flying saucer contactee to come forward in 1952.

Published here in full for the first time, George Adamski's letters to his student Emma Martinelli, written between 1950 and 1952, shed light on this pivotal phase in his mission, and underscores the central thread of his teaching about the Oneness and universality of Life.

The introduction by Gerard Aartsen provides the historical context in which these letters were written, challenges many of the commonly-held beliefs of critics and detractors, and casts a new and unexpected light on matters that were long considered foregone conclusions by most other writers.

In addition, the unique pairing of familiar and not-so-familiar photos brings to life the setting and circumstances in which Adamski took his earliest photos of space craft - and accentuates their authenticity.

The editor's thoroughly referenced research makes his findings as transparent as they are compelling and shows that these letters establish a robust connection between Adamski's earliest teachings and those he received from the Space Brothers from the 1950s onward.

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ISBN-13: 9789083033624
Publisher: BGA Publications
Publication date: 03/21/2022
Pages: 112
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About the Author

Gerard Aartsen has been a lifelong student of the Ageless Wisdom teaching, which holds that the universal manifestation of Life through the evolution of consciousness moves toward ever greater unity.He was the first to use the astounding correspondences between the wisdom teachings and the accounts of the 1950s contactees as evidence of their authenticity and significance for our time in his books George Adamski - A Herald for the Space Brothers (2010), Here to Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers (2011), and Priorities for a Planet in Transition (2015).After uncovering George Adamski's lost debut, The Invisible Ocean, in 2018 he broadened the scope of his inquiry to include systems science and consciousness studies.His books have been translated and published in multiple languages, his articles have appeared in magazines around the world and he has lectured about his work in America, Europe, and Asia.Gerard holds a Master of Education degree from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, School of Education, where he continues to mentor students in their teaching practice at secondary schools.

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