Get Your Eyes Open: My Photonic Adventures

Get Your Eyes Open: My Photonic Adventures

by Anton J. Kryka


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This story is told by a young girl named Annie. Captain Bart sails in for a visit and delivers a secret message to her grandmother who leaves on an unusual train. Annie and her friend, Ike, ride in a boxcar. Annie does some cooking and battles an invisible black wolf. She finds that laughter and sunlight are the best weapons to defeat evil.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781941696040
Publisher: Anton J. Kryka Sr.
Publication date: 07/30/2014
Series: Annie's Travel Adventures , #2
Pages: 246
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

A. J. Kryka dreamt of being an author since high school, many years ago. After being laid off from his job of 37 years, it was time to take that step.

He was born in Wisconsin. He earned a BS degree in mathematics from the UW-Stevens Point. He moved to Michigan after college. For most of his career, he was a computer programmer.

His early interests were science, reading science fiction, and playing the guitar. Later in life, his world revolved around his wife, his four boys, and his job.

His books are youthful fantasy adventures filled with suspense and humor. They also emphasize the strength of the family and the power of education.

Everyone from grandparents to grandchildren can read and enjoy his books.

Table of Contents

1. Grandmother at Home or Chalkboard Lessons
2. Equations or Captain Bart Returns
3. Lemonade Economics or Captain Bart's Story
4. Captain Bart Sails Away or Grandmother's Departure

Day One:
Spelunking or
Friends My Size

5. Blinding Darkness or Silver Light
6. Bat-fully Sad or Flying Lessons
7. Tracks or Straw Memories
8. Dwarf Insight or Railroad News
9. Home in the Mountain or Seeing in the Dark
10. Neighborly or Solid Footing
11. Mountain View or A One-Carrot Job
12. Legs and Eggs or Got Milk?
13. Cooking Lesson or An Egg-cellent Lunch
14. Unexpected Guest or Historical News
15. A Peaceful Ride or Goodbye and Hello
16. A Wild Ride or Look Before You Leap

Day Two:
The Other Side of the Mountain or
New Traveling Companions

17. Big Splash or Bear-ly Alive
18. Dressed For the Occasion or Degrees
19. Way the Wind Blows or Snowman River
20. Sipping Water or Monkey Spies
21. Bear Back Riding or Bonking Party
22. Giving Rides or Spear Throwing
23. Sight Seeing or Hypnotic Hype
24. Shake Spear or Smile
25. A Chuckle a Day or Motherly Advice
26. Past and Present or Moving On
27. Wolf Tales or Old Friends
28. A Wonderful Lunch or Rumors of War
29. Lunch Talk or Fare Talk
30. All Aboard or Arrival Surprise
31. Under Attack or A Barrel View
32. A Counting or What Plan?
33. Plan Correction or Truck Bed

Day Three:
History Lesson or
Let There Be Light

34. Brain Washing or Equality
35. Food Tasting or Escape From School
36. Zoology or Elephant Tales
37. The Rest of the Story or Midland Wild Man
38. Hide and Seek or Glenda Butts In
39. Clever Clothes or Kitchen Hideout
40. Breakfast Talk or Who's All Here?
41. A Short Long Story or Plans For Freedom
42. Fitting Disguises or Bark Like a Dog
43. Trucking or Into the Zoo
44. Invisible Discussion or Sight Seeing
45. First Battle or Escape
46. Not on the Menu or Surprise Disguise
47. Elephant Jokes or Battle Scene
48. Movie Sail or Magic Bullets
49. Riding a Wave or Another Battle
50. Flying Fears or Reunion Flight
51. Palace Plans or Sunshine Vision
52. The Empty Chair or Sound Discussion
53. Bad Hair Day or Karab On The Run
54. Last Battle or Thoughts of Home
55. Hello Goodbye or Homeward Bound

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