Getting Off Easy (Boys of the Big Easy)

Getting Off Easy (Boys of the Big Easy)

by Erin Nicholas


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A sexy opposites attract, single parent romance!

New Orleans firefighter, James Reynaud’s true love is hanging out in the jazz clubs on Frenchmen Street and playing piano with some of the best musicians in the city. But driving his cute, bookworm neighbor Harper Broussard crazy is right up there on his list of favorite things.

The buttoned-up linguistics professor across the hall is a little older, a lot smarter, and way too good for him. And she knows it. But wow is she beautiful when she blushes.

She’s equally gorgeous when she’s saving his butt. Because now things just got serious. A baby has been, literally, dropped off on his doorstep and to say he’s in over his head is an understatement. Not that Harper knows anything about babies either. But at least they now have something in common.

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ISBN-13: 9781733890168
Publisher: En Fiction, Inc
Publication date: 01/07/2020
Series: Boys of the Big Easy Series , #4
Pages: 264
Sales rank: 241,758
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

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Getting Off Easy (Boys of the Big Easy, #4) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 3 months ago
Oh how I loved being back with the Boys of The Big Easy. I loved the characters of firefighter, James Reynaud and professor Harper Broussar, neighbors who are drawn to one another. James loves to tease and torment Harper and that led to quite a few humorous encounters. Harper is determined not to be impressed by the oh so hot firefighter and I loved her spirit. James is such a caring and swoon worthy man who ticked all the boxes. For me Harper was the opposite of what James had always gone for but was in fact the missing piece to fulfil him. I loved the build of their relationship as Ms.Nicholas wove a story that had me absolutely captivated from the first to the last chapter. I loved the friendship and camaraderie that James and Harper share not only with each other but with their friends. Adding in a baby left on Jame’s doorstep and you know that heart strings are going to be tugged and emotions will be hire.. This is a fun, romantic, sweet, steamy, and at times emotional story that was a great addition to the series. I felt as though I was witnessing their relationship as it grew and that added an additional layer to the story. Ms. Nicholas writes stories that draw me in and get me invested with her characters right from the start. If you haven’t read any of the other books in this series, do yourselves a favour and one click when you can, I don’t think you will be disappointed. A fitting end to a series that was one of my favourites of 2019.
Lisa-Lou 25 days ago
Getting Off Easy by Erin Nicholas is the fourth book in her Boys of the Big Easy series. Set in New Orleans this is the story of firefighter and jazz musician, James Reynaud and his adorable neighbor, linguistics professor Harper Broussard. James has made a habit of asking his neighbor for help whenever people give things to take care of. A ficus tree, a lizard, a dog, a baby… (record scratches…) wait - you say - a baby? Yes - James finds a baby on his doorstep and pulls Harper in to help. The ensuing emotion and drama that unfolds… Who is the mother… Is James the father… Can Harper and James really become parents to this newborn? Sexy and emotional, told in dual POV and wrapped up in a beautiful but different happy ending - Erin Nicholas has fast become a must-read author for me! Enjoy!
LynnB888 28 days ago
Every book in this series is an absolute delight! Erin Nicholas is sweet talking her readers once again with book four in her much adored Boys of the Big Easy series and GETTING OFF EASY continues to thrill! James Reynaud is one of those characters that keeps a reader smiling the whole way through the story. He's funny, he's sexy and he's got just about the best heart around. Harper Broussard kept us guessing for a little while to figure out if she was going to let James woo her into loosening up her uptight attitude or not ... and once she did, she added so much to his story! I recommend this book and highly recommend the entire series to anyone wanting a down home feel to a cast of great characters with lots of sass, lots of heart and a whole lot of sexy goodness! This wasn't my favorite book in the series because I found myself wanting a little more here and there, but it was still so much fun to read and added a nice dimension to the series as a whole.
moonfox1234 3 months ago
I just loved this book. James and Harper's story was really everything you could ask for. Super hot firefighter/musician hybrid ✔ Smart, sassy nerdy girl ✔ A fun, well written story ✔ Witty banter ✔ Plenty of sparks generated by sizzling chemistry ✔ Lots of emotions ✔ Steam ✔ Humor ✔ Swoon worthy romance ✔✔✔ It was so great to return to get a new entry in this delightful. All the books are standalones but trust me when I say that once you get a taste you will need more!!
Esty Erickson 3 months ago
I have read every Erin Nicholas book so far, and she always manages to make me feel like I want to actually be in the story and meet the people in real life. This book was no different and I couldn't put it down!
grammyx3 3 months ago
Harper Broussard doesn't know quite what to think about her across-the-hall neighbor, firefighter, jazz musician and all-around-good guy James Reynard. He's super sexy and funny and seems to need a lot of help from her. He knocks on her door and asks her what she knows about ficus-ing. Ficus-ing? Harper is a linguistics professor and she knows one thing for sure - ficusing is not a word. Plus James' "ficus" tree is actually an Arbequina olive tree. Next appearance is about the bearded dragon lizard left in front of James' door. The drop-offs at James' door get more complicated from there. Dogs to a baby. But, oh well! Harper's in for the duration. Getting Off Easy is Erin Nicholas' latest Boys of the Big Easy book. This is a super fun, sexy read complete with great characters and some crazy situations. I liked getting to see the characters from the previous books in the series and hearing again about the guys' Erotic Book Club made me smile. (Harper's stash of romance books sure is a great inspiration.) I love this author's voice and writing style. She is one of my one-click authors and this book is one of the reasons why.
Cali-Jewel 3 months ago
Sweetly sexy, laugh out loud fun, emotionally thrilling journey filled with heartwarming ahhh moments. Really enjoyed this action packed adventure filled with exciting and engaging charters, witty banter, heart tugging twists and undeniable passion..... excellent reading!
ScrapNSign 3 months ago
Getting Off Easy is one you won't be able to put down! Two people brought together by the mystery of who abandoned a newborn baby at their door, will lead to so much more. Filled with anticipation of who the mystery baby mama is and whether or not Isaac is James's son, will have you turning the pages just as fast as you can read. I haven't been this anxious about how everything will turn out for the characters, in a long time. I loved Harper and James together, their banter and chemistry make for a wonderful romance, and I can't wait to read this story all over again. Definitely one of my favorites in the Boys of the Big Easy series!
Grandma_Tami 3 months ago
Trees, dragon, dog oh my ! Then add a baby ! James loves knocking on Harpers door to ask for help. She a little older and looks like a hot librarian and maybe needs some fun in her life . He’s a hot firefighter and plays piano like a dream , but he is younger and seems like a ladies man . She comes to realize he’s the real deal.....come along as they figure out life together.
EileenAW 3 months ago
When you read a book that makes you laugh, gives you snark, alpha males, sassy heroine, and some hot sex you know you’ve read another amazing book by Erin Nicholas. Getting Off Easy by Erin Nicholas, book four in her Boys of the Big Easy series, is one of those books. We have the hot firefighter/jazz musician, James Reynaud, trying to get the attention of his cute, bookworm neighbor, Harper Broussard. Harper is a linguistics professor, slightly older than him, who loves reading romance books and she knows she way too good for him. James is doing his best to drive Harper crazy, asking for her help with the various items he adopts or are left at his door. When a baby has been left on his doorstep, James is at a lost, knowing nothing about babies. Harper doesn’t know much either, but together they can figure it out. As they set off to find the baby’s mother, their attraction grows, they struggle to keep their hands off each other, and find a few surprises along the way. Ms. Nicholas wrote a wonderful, laugh out loud, opposites attract, and sexy story that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with emotions, sexual chemistry, snark, sass, and endearing characters giving James and Harper a chance at love, being a family, and together forever. I highly recommend Getting Off Easy to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
beausmommy 3 months ago
Lawd have mercy!!!! The south is hot and getting hotter by the book. Plus the humor is just perfect!!! Only Erin Nicholas can create these characters who become family, both to each other and to us. We love meeting them, watching them grow and change and then they feel like a part of us. James and Harper have been on the fringes of other stories and we were just waiting. Totally worth the wait!!! If you ever have a question about what new series to start, easy answer….Any of Erin’s. But the Boys of the Big Easy is a favorite.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 3 months ago
GETTING OFF EASY is the fourth instalment in Erin Nicholas’ contemporary, adult BOYS OF THE BIG EASY erotic, romance series focusing on a tight knit group of friends, and their single parent support group. This is twenty-seven year old, firefighter and jazz pianist James Reynaud, and thirty-two year old, professor Harper Broussard’s story line. GETTING OFF EASY can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Told from dual third person perspectives (James and Harper) GETTING OFF EASY follows the friends and neighbors to lovers, single father relationship between twenty-seven year old, firefighter and jazz pianist James Reynaud, and thirty-two year old, professor Harper Broussard. Harper and James are neighbors and for several months James has asked Harper for ‘help’ when he finds himself the recipient of newly orphaned pets. But the day an infant baby lands on James’ doorstep, our heroine finds herself sharing the parental responsibilities of raising a baby, a baby whose parentage is questionable and unknown. What ensues is the building relationship and romance between Harper and James as they begin a search for the infant’s mother, and the potential fall-out when the inevitable happens, and Harper walks away believing she is no longer needed in James’ life. Professor Harper Broussard is a by the books woman who struggles with her attraction to her younger, next door neighbor but a series of well-ordered events pulls Harper into James’ life forcing Harper to let go of her proper attitude. James Reynaud has been attracted to his neighbor as long as he can remember and uses his feigned helplessness in an effort to get closer to Harper Broussard but a new born infant requires more help than James expected, as he and Harper find themselves co-parenting an infant they believed is fathered by James. The relationship between James and Harper is one of immediate attraction but Harper battles between head and heart knowing James is five years her junior. A sexy fire fighter who also moonlights as a jazz musician, James is hoping for a chance to win the heart of his next door neighbor, a woman who appears to be a little rigid in the ways of the world. The $ex scenes are intimate and erotic, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. Most of the previous story line couples play secondary and supporting characters as they offer ‘advice’ to our newly minted father. We are introduced to Harper’s fellow professor Dr. Celia Ownsby, and student Sophie Duncan. GETTING OFF EASY is a story of family, friendships and neighbors; mistaken beliefs and assumptions; co-parenting and the inevitable loss. The premise is playful and intriguing ; the romance is passionate and tender; the characters are energetic, colorful and animated. There are a number of humorous moments especially the diaper changing scenes and the shower required to clean up the mess !
JennieF 3 months ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation Getting Off Easy is book. 4 in the Boys of the Big Easy series by Erin Nicholas about James Reynaud, hot, sexy, NOLA firefighter, jazz musician and Harper Brossard, beautiful, bookworm linguistic professor, who lives arose the hall. This book encompasses so much emotion...laughter, tears, easy going, come what may, a little mystery, getting outside your comfort zone and a baby surprise too!! Another well written, fun book by the author and hopefully more books to come in this series!
Cheryl-S 3 months ago
This is book 4 in the Boys of the Big Easy series and it features James and Harper. James just wants to know her and for her to know the real him. Whatever happens after that is a bonus. He’s an amazing man who’s always available to help others. He’s a fireman and a jazz piano player. Harper is reluctantly attracted to her “five years younger” neighbor. He makes it impossible for her to resist him. She’s a linguistics professor at the University and likes her quiet life…until the invasion of James. Now she’s coparenting a dog, an olive tree and a bearded dragon. The romance is fun, sexy, highly entertaining and so beautifully simple. Reading this book was fun! Not only was the story line great but the characters made it even better. I read great books all the time but rarely are they so much fun and bring so many smiles and LOL moments. I ALWAYS look forward to books written by this author!
JennC2630 3 months ago
What a whirlwind! James and Harper live across the landing from one another and while they've always crushed on each other, their relationship has mostly been relegated to her helping him with whatever lands at his door. Just as their relationship is about to take it up a notch, a baby shows up at his door and things both stop and escalate pretty quickly. This book was scorchingly so...but also really sweet. More than once I found myself getting a little choked up because I wanted everything to work out. I guessed who the mother was pretty early on, but that didn't stop my enjoyment of the story. If anything, it had me reading even faster to find out how everything was going to be resolved. This was my first Boys of the Big Easy read, but I've read Nicholas's other Bayou series. I'm now a fan of both and will have to go back and read the first three because these guys sound right up my alley.
MaryJoMI 3 months ago
James takes care of things. As a firefighter, he will run into a burning building to help and whenever someone is in need, he is there to lend a hand. When items show up on his doorstep, he takes them in but when Harper moves in across the hall, he starts asking her to help. Suddenly, this unlikely duo is co-parenting an olive tree, lizard and a dog. This for me is the best foreplay ever and James is playing the long game to win over Harper. Harper likes her organized and orderly world. When James knocks the first time, the professor asks him to write a paper on how to take care of an olive tree thinking this would discourage him but no, he stepped up and delivered what she requested. Harper gets to see the incredible heart that James has to help others but she doesn’t think she has the same ability. When a baby ends up on James’ doorstep, they both are challenged, Harper feeling jealous of whoever the mother is and James trying to get Harper to realize that they can be a family. They are an inspiration in how they approach their lives and open their hearts and doors to help. I was swept away into their journey. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book and this is my honest review.
Marlene976 3 months ago
What does an Olive tree, lizard, dog and baby have in common? They are lucky enough to have James and Harper as their care givers! Harper and James were first introduced in a previous book and it was so much fun to re read that introduction, to listen in to the phone call and to finally know what came next after they call ended. I loved this entire series and I may be a little more in love with James than the other boys of the big easy. This story touched me on so many levels. One thing that jumped out at me is that Erin Nicholas understands that friends can make up a family, that the definition of how you create a family and the road you travel to do so may not be the same for everyone.
Bibliophagist 3 months ago
James is a firefighter in New Orleans, a city that he loves being a part of. James is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. When the professor moves in, across the hall, James is immediately smitten. She's nothing like any of the other ladies James has been with but maybe that's part of her allure. He sets out to get to know her in some amusing ways. Harper is a quiet woman. She's very organized and never met a schedule she didn't like. She's a language professor at Loyola and loves words. When she meets her neighbor, James, he's nothing like anyone she'd ever be involved with. But there's something... When James comes home from work to find a basket left in front of his door, he immediately knocks on Harper's door,just as he has several other times to ask for her help. But what's in the basket is no olive tree, bearded dragon or puppy. Can the two of them team up to deal with what's in the basket? This book is filled with twists and turns and plenty of feels. I loved it!
flchen1 3 months ago
Gaaah, gggnnn... urgh. WOWZA!!! You know when something has you so happy and excited and satisfied that you can't even come up with *any* words, much less THE words that express how incredible you feel? Yeah, Getting Off Easy, the fourth book in Erin Nicholas's Boys of the Big Easy series is all that. The Boys of the Big Easy series has followed a group of single parents in New Orleans who've stumbled into, been seized by, or slowly acquiesced to love, and each story has been deeply fulfilling. Getting Off Easy is a little different only in that James Reynaud and Harper Broussard don't start out as parents. Or in love ;) But Erin Nicholas takes them, and us, there, in this wild, wonderful read. James is a firefighter and has honestly had no trouble finding female companionship, or really, any companionship--he's a likable guy with some heroic qualities which people tend to find attractive. Plus, he plays the piano. (See, kids? Those lessons do pay off! ;) ) Harper moves in across the hall and is way too smart, too educated, too classy, too fabulous for him. But he can't stop thinking about this linguistics professor or trying to win her attention. Watching these two dance around each other as they slowly work out how to dance together? This is the read of your dreams. James and Harper definitely do not have what would likely be considered a traditional relationship--no, this isn't a nursery-rhyme-perfect story where they start off sitting in a tree and K-I-S-S-I-N-G and end with the baby in the carriage! What I love is that their atypical relationship is absolutely perfect for them, and is a journey full of warmth and joy even as there is some mystery and a few tears along the way. Real life is often like that, and Ms Nicholas captures it all beautifully with heart and honesty and humor. One of the things Erin Nicholas does beautifully is write characters I love in community--these men and women don't exist in a vacuum. They are good friends who have good friends around them. Reading how they encourage, support, mercilessly tease, and defend each other is a very great pleasure. Getting Off Easy provides plenty of that, as James and Harper do rely on their friends to help them make sense of the curves that life is throwing their way. Knowing that James and Harper never face their challenges alone is satisfying as well. Ultimately Getting Off Easy is a fantastic romance. It stands alone well, but is a gem of a finish to the equally excellent Boys of the Big Easy series. It's a testament to the strength and beauty of love, and how being open to both can truly open doors in the best ways. This amazing story is exactly everything and leaves you wanting even more of it.
Lashea677 3 months ago
A heart and a sense of humor are all you need to enjoy an Erin Nicholas novel. Getting Off Easy is an adorable kind of chaos. Harper and James are a nerdy dash of sweet with a subtle hint of sexy. From first meeting to final goodbye, this mismatched duo pulls at the senses in a delightful sort of way. Nicholas gives a beautiful disaster, a heartwarming spit shine to remind us that sweet is the best kind of sexy.