Ghost of the Gods

Ghost of the Gods

by Kevin Bohacz
Ghost of the Gods

Ghost of the Gods

by Kevin Bohacz


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Publisher's Weekly STARRED review: In this sequel to Bohacz's Immortality, two years after the devastation of mass human extinctions in kill zones, mankind is still grasping for survival. An oppressive union of government and big business controls an exhausted America, which is divided between walled-in Protectorates and the unpoliced Outlands. Against this chaotic backdrop, paleobiologist and genetic researcher Mark Freedman and policewoman Sarah Mayfair continue their evolution into transhumans--nanotech hybrids with a connection to the god machine, the artificial intelligence that caused the recent massacres, in an effort to derail the destruction of the Earth's biosphere. Bohacz provides mind-bending portrayals of factions vying for power and reflections on the essence and fragility of humanity. But philosophical concerns never obtrude on the fast-paced plot, as authorities investigate communes of hybrids, and Freedman and Mayfair must choose between absorption into a collective mind or fidelity to their remaining humanity. The question of who can be trusted impels the reader to keep turning the pages of this highly satisfying and dynamic techno-thriller. Immortality has been a best-selling techno-thriller on the Amazon since January 2008! The epic story told in Immortality now reopens in Ghost of the Gods... Kirkus: If you thought Immortality was powerful, just wait until you read the sequel. Blending fierce action, twisted conspiracies and bold transhumanist visions, Bohacz once again drives readers through a whirlwind in which even the characters aren t sure if their thoughts are their own or if they were installed by the god-machine... Bohacz constantly raises the stakes, and the crisp dialogue and well-drawn characters keep the story barreling forward. S.J. Higbee: Bohacz manages to provide a gripping plot with plenty of twists and turns that kept up the tension right to the very end. Bohacz has aimed very high with this techie yarn about why we are here and what might happen next and even if techno-thrillers aren t normally your favorite genre, give this book a go. I m betting that you ll still be thinking about it when some of your favorite authors have faded into the furniture. Praise for Immortality: Publisher's Weekly STARRED review: Bohacz s vision of a humanity that faces the need to evolve profoundly or face certain destruction is as timely as today s news and as chilling a doomsday scenario as any ecological catastrophe can suggest... Kirkus: There is enough power in the premise to leave readers reeling. A novel that will surprise fans of science-fiction and doomsday scenarios... Sci-Fi Reader 4 Star review by S.J. Higbee: This book manages to do what all the best sci-fi does provide a thought-provoking, alternative viewpoint on the business of existence. I recommend you give it a go...

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780979181535
Publisher: Kevin Bohacz
Publication date: 02/28/2014
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.82(d)
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