Giving Wings to Her Team: A Novel About Learning to Coach the Toyota Kata Way

Giving Wings to Her Team: A Novel About Learning to Coach the Toyota Kata Way

Giving Wings to Her Team: A Novel About Learning to Coach the Toyota Kata Way

Giving Wings to Her Team: A Novel About Learning to Coach the Toyota Kata Way


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Denise dreamed of being the kind of leader who empowered and engaged her people, but was becoming frustrated and disillusioned.

Denise — a fast-rising, young consultant at a large advisory firm — lands a job as a manager in industry. Crisis strikes as low-cost competitors take market share and general chaos generates late shipments. Denise goes into Lean consulting mode but quickly learns her supervisors are not buying it. They're not engaged, and they find the Lean tools confusing and a distraction from their goals of getting product out. It's going to take some magic — magic that's available to you, the reader, too!

Come with Denise on a journey of discovery and skill development, as she moves beyond the tools and concepts of Lean and focuses on daily practice that helps her supervisors achieve their goals. It's about an approach called Toyota Kata that helps anyone develop and apply scientific thinking — an exploratory mindset of curiosity and experimentation. A mentor from an unlikely place appears and shares with Denise how to coach her team. Once her supervisors dig into real problems they face every day, they begin to engage. Step by step, with insightful inputs from her mentor, Denise starts developing the skills to become a coaching manager. She watches her team meet their current challenges and be ready for more.

When you teach and practice scientific thinking and coaching skills you give wings to your team, and new worlds of opportunity open up. If you're a manager you'll identify with how the team in this story goes beyond general preaching about best practices, to practicing how to get to where they want to be. If you're a Lean practitioner frustrated with applying tools with a limited half life, you'll learn how to develop people so they can achieve their most important goals and keep going. And if you're already a Toyota Kata practitioner, well ... you will love this book!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780367362287
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 06/01/2023
Pages: 356
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Tilo Schwarz is a leadership coach, former plant manager and co-founder of the Campus for Leaders at the University of Applied Science Ansbach. He helps managers to successfully lead change and empower their teams for improvement, adaptiveness, and superior results. During his time as a plant manager at a renowned German power-tool manufacturer, he started practicing Toyota Kata with his management team as part of Mike Rother's groundbreaking research in 2006. By doing so, Tilo and his team established continuous improvement as a daily routine throughout all processes and areas of the plant. That led to winning the A. T. Kearny operational excellence competition "Factory of the Year" and a WHU/INSEAD Industrial Excellence Award. Tilo is the author of several books on coaching and Toyota Kata.

Jeffrey K. Liker is Professor Emeritus, Industrial and Operations Engineering at The University of Michigan and President of Liker Lean Advisors, LLC. He is the author of the best-selling book, The Toyota Way, Second Edition, and has coauthored nine other books about Toyota including The Toyota Way to Service Excellence and The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership. His graphic novel with Eduardo Lander and Tom Root tells the story of lean transformation at a mail-order company: Lean in a High-Variability Business. A more compact graphic novel, Engaging the Team at Zingerman’s Mail Order, illustrates how Kata unleashed the creativity of their team. His articles and books have won thirteen Shingo Prizes for Research Excellence. He was inducted into the Association of Manufacturing Excellence Hall of Fame and the Shingo Academy.

Table of Contents

PART I - Learning to Think Scientifically while Producing Results Chapter 1 - Another day, another crisis Chapter 2 - Getting to Work with Lean Chapter 3 – What’s our Challenge? Chapter 4 – More Pressure Leads & a Breakthrough in Thinking Chapter 5 – Getting Down to Kata Planning Chapter 6- Telling a Story on the Storyboard Chapter 7 - At Last, Experimenting! Chapter 8 - May the Coaching Lessons Begin PART II - Coaching as Learning Chapter 9 - Starting to Coach (with Some Struggles) Chapter 10 - A Little Japanese Cuisine, and a Lot of Learning Chapter 11 - A Coach for the Coach Chapter 12 - Spot-on Answers to Coaching Questions Chapter 13 - Digging Deeper into the Real Obstacles Chapter 14 - A Green Drink, and Fresh Look at Storyboards Chapter 15 - Obstacles and Experiments: It’s Complicated Chapter 16 - We Deliver Same Day Chapter 17 - Fun in the Learning Group? Chapter 18 - A Big Promotion…and a Bigger Crisis PART III - SCALING UP AGAINST THE ODDS Chapter 19 - A Confrontation, Then a Way Forward Chapter 20 - Denise Becomes a Motivational Speaker Chapter 21 - Preparing for Launch Day Chapter 22 - At Last: Grasping Current Condition Chapter 23 - Workshop Day 2: A Deeper Dive into the Current Condition Chapter 24 - Establishing Goals to set up the 3-1-1 Chapter 25 - Prepping for Fun with Puzzles Chapter 26 - Kata to Grow Exercise Chapter 27 - Welcome to the Coaching Dojo, Shoes off at the Door PART IV - Upping the Pace: It’s a Sprint and a Marathon to the Finish Chapter 28 - A Month Down the Road Chapter 29 - A Fleet of Coaches is Born Chapter 30 - If Only You Could Kata Your Love Life Chapter 31 - Victories and Setbacks Chapter 32 -The Grand Finale Chapter 33 - New Beginnings

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