Go Slow to Go Fast: Tools to Disrupt Incumbent Strategy & Behavior to WIN your Competitive Landscape

Go Slow to Go Fast: Tools to Disrupt Incumbent Strategy & Behavior to WIN your Competitive Landscape

by Damian D."Skipper" Pitts


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"Go Slow to Go Fast" strategy counteracts Big-bang disruptors, causing change without early warning signs that makes practitioners incredibly hard to combat. Leaders using the strategy understand that two things are sure to happen; you either disrupt or you’re going to be disrupted! For this reason, "Go Slow to Go Fast" strategy offers proven and credible strategic principles to help leaders and organizations survive big bangs to become Big-bang disruptors in their own right, creating their own strategic advantage within the competitive landscape they operate. By the end of the text, readers will be better equipped to think strategically, focus sharply, move quickly (as extraordinary leaders do), and 1) create differentiated products, services and behaviors to overcome incumbent thinking. 2) Integrate new strategy perspectives to grow revenues, market share and profits using Next-Level Practice Decisions (NLPDs) that go beyond best practices to form Next-Level Practices (NLPs). 3) Disrupt incumbent markets to avoid Big-bang disruption. 4) Avoid risk, lead out from crises before they happen and go beyond incumbent thinking to achieve performance-driven execution.

In the end, "Go Slow to Go Fast" strategy is the step-wise procedural approach that reviewers have called “a timely paradigm shift that creates much needed dialogue with an objective approach for thought-leadership decisions to be made” about how to challenge the norms using empirical findings that will ‘work,’ ‘will matter’ and ‘will stick!’

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ISBN-13: 9781630475963
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 12/01/2015
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts, Ph.D is the Founder/CEO at FlexRight Solutions, a professional services and technology development firm specializing in executive development, Crisis Leadership & Performance-Driven Execution, Decision Sciences, strategy consulting and the “Internet of Things” (Enterprise Mobile Connectivity Solutions (EmCS)). He has several books published and has been featured in Drake Business Review on the topic of team building.

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"Go Slow to Go Fast" can be considered the first book in a series of stories that explains ‘business shark strategy’ (considered modern day Aesop fables) where each story concludes with a lesson learned, and then follows an illustrative approach for users to achieve high performance‐driven execution in today’s world. It explains efficiency in business is important, but it does not grow revenues, market share or differentiation.

Instead, a new ‘way to play’ in the innovation sandbox using new thought‐leadership, new products, new services and new disruptive business models that result from innovation are the keys to achieve the change that is needed in order to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment and world. This book has 10 stories in it, with lessons that will lead you to change your lens of leadership and approach in our distinctly challenging new world to respond more favorably, responsibly and effectively making you incredibly hard to combat.

Think of the concept of Big‐bang disruptors that resembles great white hungry sharks surfing our business waters today. They often come out of nowhere fast and don’t look like what you would expect. They’re developers set on inventions using low‐cost experiments with existing technologies to see what new products they can dream up. Once launched, these innovations don’t adhere to conventional strategic paths or normal patterns of market adoption. That makes them incredibly hard to combat similar to the jaws of the great white. Don’t be afraid to Go Slow to Go Fast; the marketplace is NOT fair, so get over it and get used to it. It will be what you make it after slowing down to perfectly align your future with extraordinary outcomes from your own products and services. Disrupt or be disrupted!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What it Means to Go Slow to Go Fast

Chapter 2: Understanding the Poker’s Bluff

Chapter 3: Next-Level Practice Decisions (NLPDs)

Chapter 4: The Language of Performance-Driven Execution

Chapter 5: Leadership Triplicity

Chapter 6: Leadership Code Switching and the Four Action Behaviors

Chapter 7: Understanding and Using TABLE Methodology

Chapter 8: NLP Innovation: Next-Level Practices (NLPs)

Chapter 9: Navigating the Labyrinth of Disruptive Innovation

Chapter 10: Understanding your Role: Planning to Execution

Chapter 11: Preemptive Crisis Analytics: Preparedness and Resilience to Support Your Leadership GPS

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