Golden Age of Detection Puzzle Book

Golden Age of Detection Puzzle Book

by Kate Jackson


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100+ Puzzles based on the British Library Crime Classics series. Hours of enjoyment for puzzle lovers!

Polish off your magnifying glass and step into the shoes of your favourite detectives as you unlock tantalising clues and solve intricate puzzles. There are over 100 criminally teasing challenges to be scrutinised, including word searches, anagrams, snapshot covers, and crosswords—a favourite puzzle of crime fiction's golden age. Suitable for all levels, this is the ultimate test for fans of the British Library Crime Classics series.

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ISBN-13: 9781464210174
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 11/06/2018
Series: British Library Crime Classics
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 1,042,510
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Kate Jackson reviews classic crime fiction on her blog,

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Circle the text which does not fit in each list.

1 Death of an Airman Death in the Clouds The 12.30 From Croydon Mystery in the Channel

2 Somebody at the Door The Secret of High Eldersham The Cornish Coast Murder Scarweather

3 Gaudy Night Death Makes a Prophet The Incredible Crime Death on the Cherwell

4 The Hollow Death of an Airman The Hog's Back Mystery Unnatural Death

5 Mystery in White A Scream in Soho Portrait of a Murderer The Santa Klaus Murder

Kriss Kross

Murder in Piccadilly by Charles Kingston

Place into the grid the words listed below and then, using the letters highlighted therein, spell out the surname of an author from the British Library Crime Classics series.

4 Letters

Lies Ruby Soho Wake

5 Letters

Crowd Greed Miser Money Nancy Uncle

6 Letters

Bobbie Dagger Dancer Motive

7 Letters


8 Letters


9 Letters


10 Letters

Frozen Fang Gold Digger Piccadilly

11 Letters

Inheritance Love Affairs Nosey Ruslin

18 Letters

Underground Station


Solve the clues for these mystery fiction themed words. The letters in the highlighted squares spell out the surnames of two authors who are a part of the British Library Crime Classics series.


1. A 1920s play based on an Agatha Christie novel. (5)

2. An event in which, usually, a police officer questions a suspicious character. (13)

3. E.g., A cigarette stub or a half-burnt letter. (4)

4. Something criminals sometimes do once their guilt has been revealed. (7)

8. There are five of these in one of Dorothy L. Sayers' titles. (3, 8)

9. An image which shows the layout of a building. (9)

10. Samuel Ratchett in Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express is an example of such a person. (8)

11. The weapon of choice in Raymond Postgate's Verdict of Twelve. (6)


5. Something which is not so easily washed away. (10)

6. Someone who acts unlawfully. (8)

7. The characters who could have committed the crime. (8)

10. When someone is falsely incriminated. (5-2)

12. An item which is cunningly concealed in Agatha Christie's The Hollow. (6)

13. An impression made by a shoe. (9)

14. A murder weapon used both in Agatha Christie's The Murder on the Links and Cards on the Table. (6)

Cross Out

Cross out any letters in the grid below that appear more than once and rearrange the remaining letters to reveal the title of an Agatha Christie novel which also features in a British Library Crime Classics title.

Who Was Killed?

Match each murder victim to the Agatha Christie novel they appear in.

Word Wheel

In ten minutes see how many words you can make using only the letters in the wheel. Words must be three letters or more and include the letter at the centre of the wheel. Plurals are not allowed and letters can only be used once. Hidden within the wheel is an author from the British Library Crime Classics series.


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Excerpted by permission of Poisoned Pen Press.
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Table of Contents

Odd One Out, 7,
Kriss Kross, 8,
Crossword, 10,
Cross Out, 12,
Who Was Killed?, 13,
Word Wheel, 14,
Word Search, 15,
Path Finder Puzzle, 16,
Spot the Titles, 17,
Crossword, 18,
Kriss Kross, 20,
Who Was Killed?, 22,
Who Am I?, 23,
Word Search, 24,
Spot the Titles, 25,
Word Wheel, 26,
Add a Letter, 27,
Odd One Out, 28,
Cross Out, 29,
Word Search, 30,
Spot the Titles, 31,
Crossword, 32,
Add a Letter, 34,
Odd One Out, 35,
Who Am I?, 36,
Add The Vowels, 37,
Author Anagrams, 38,
Cross Out, 39,
Path Finder Puzzle, 40,
Word Wheel, 41,
Crossword, 42,
Kriss Kross, 44,
Add a Letter, 46,
Cross Out, 47,
Who Was Killed?, 48,
Author Anagrams, 49,
Kriss Kross, 50,
Crossword, 52,
Cross Out, 54,
Who Was Killed?, 55,
Cross Out, 56,
Add a Letter, 57,
Location, Location, Location, 58,
Word Wheel, 59,
Path Finder Puzzle, 60,
Odd One Out, 61,
Crossword, 62,
Add a Letter, 64,
Word Search, 65,
Who Am I?, 66,
Distorted Covers 1, 67,
Distorted Covers 2, 68,
Distorted Covers 3, 69,
Distorted Covers 4, 70,
Distorted Covers 5, 71,
Distorted Covers 6, 72,
Distorted Covers 7, 73,
Distorted Covers 8, 74,
Distorted Covers 9, 75,
Spot the Difference, 76,
Spot the Difference, 78,
Spot the Difference, 80,
Spot the Difference, 82,
Spot the Difference, 84,
Spot the Difference, 86,
Spot the Difference, 88,
Spot the Difference, 90,
Snapshot Covers 1, 92,
Snapshot Covers 2, 93,
Snapshot Covers 3, 94,
Snapshot Covers 4, 95,
Snapshot Covers 5, 96,
Snapshot Covers 6, 97,
Kriss Kross, 98,
Odd One Out, 100,
Path Finder Puzzle, 101,
Crossword, 102,
Word Search, 104,
Add a Letter, 105,
Location, Location, Location, 106,
Word Wheel, 107,
Path Finder Puzzle, 108,
Word Wheel, 109,
Kriss Kross, 110,
Word Wheel, 112,
Word Search, 113,
Kriss Kross, 114,
Crossword, 116,
Add a Letter, 118,
Word Search, 119,
Kriss Kross, 120,
Crossword, 122,
Path Finder Puzzle, 124,
Word Search, 125,
Kriss Kross, 126,
Cross Out, 128,
Add a Letter, 129,
Add The Vowels, 130,
Word Search, 131,
Crossword, 132,
Add a Letter, 134,
Word Search, 135,
Crossword, 136,
Word Search, 138,
Word Search, 139,
Crossword, 140,
Kriss Kross, 142,
Answers, 144,
British Library List, 159,

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