Gone with the Twins (League of Literary Ladies Series #5)

Gone with the Twins (League of Literary Ladies Series #5)

by Kylie Logan

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ISBN-13: 9780425282960
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/07/2017
Series: League of Literary Ladies Series , #5
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 154,304
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Kylie Logan is the national bestselling author of The League of Literary Ladies Mysteries, the Button Box Mysteries, the Chili Cook-Off Mysteries, and the Ethnic Eats Mysteries.

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Gone with the Twins 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
JamesJohnCudneyIV More than 1 year ago
3+ stars to Kylie Logan's Gone with the Twins, the fifth book in the “League of Literary Ladies” mystery series about a woman who owns a B&B on an island between Ohio and Canada and helps the local police solve crimes using her skills as a secret famous fiction author. I was excited to read this book as it was recently released and one of the only mystery series I am current on. While it was a good story and follow-up to the previous books, it wasn’t my favorite and felt a little too easy this go-round. But still worth a read. Story Bea is still upset after finding out a secret about Levi at the end of the previous book, but her heart still wants him. As the story starts out, a rival B&B has opened, taking all of the normal summer guests that would have gone to Bea’s place had the famous Champion Twins not set up camp on the island. Recently thrust back into the spotlight after having been kidnapped, Riva and Quentin Champion have designed their new B&B like Tara from “Gone With the Wind,” which just happens to be the book that Bea and her friends in the literary league started reading. When the local real estate agent who sold most of the homes to the main island inhabitants passes away, her niece, Vivian, takes over and begins making enough enemies that she’s soon found dead in her basement on the evening she was set to meet several people to sell them antiques from her late aunt’s house. When it looks like Chandra, Bea’s neighbor and New Age friend, is the primary culprit, Bea sets out to prove her friend’s innocence. Along the way, she and Levi re-connect and he watches over her when the murderer gets too close. Somehow, it’s all connected and Bea will stop at nothing to figure out what’ at the core of the shenanigans, especially when rumors about her not-true ex-con or ex-psycho status, as well as fake bed bug stories, start popping up all over town. In true Bea style, she dives in with the Chief of Police, Hank, and soon uncovers more connections to her own past than she realized were possible. Strengths Bea’s friends and hijinks are on target. The story incorporates daily life as well as solving the crime, making it a fun and quick read. Her interest in Levi maintains its roller coaster course, providing a good boost of romance, fun and humor. The descriptions of the Twins and their history is something cute to laugh about. And the cast of new characters is vivid and amusing. The story focuses on Chandra’s relationship with her first husband, who was connected to Vivian, the victim in this book. The Twins figure prominently both in the real estate transactions and the fame of Hollywood being brought to the quiet Lake Bass island. Levi appears frequently while Luella and Kate take a bit of a back seat this time. It’s good to focus on different supporting characters in each book, as we get a more well-rounded opinion of the whole shebang! Suggestions The plot was a little too simple in this book. A few red herrings helped create a bit of fun and suspense, but the title gives it away, knowing the Twins have something to do with the mayhem. No spoilers given away here, just mentioning what felt too obvious for a reader. While there were a few potential suspects, the reasons for everyone never felt compelling enough for one of them to want to murder Vivian, but when you find out why, it makes sense. Just a little too loose for me. The story starts off with the death of the elderly real estate agent who sold Bea the B&B. I woul
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read them in order. Good cozy, well written, believable dialogue.
SleepDreamWrite More than 1 year ago
I still love the series. While I like the other books, I did like this one but felt it could of been better. I still had fun reading this though and was surprised by how much I was breezing through it. Also that ending.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts Riva and Quentin Champion were kidnapped as teenagers and now that they have escaped they decide to start over by opening a Gone with the Wind themed B&B that just might force Bea out of business. Chandra also chooses that The League of Literary Ladies read Gone with the Wind as their next book club selection. So as the town get ready to celebrate the B & B’s opening with a Civil War gala, Bea is more concerned with getting customers for her own establishment. Until a local realtor is murdered and Chandra doesn’t have an alibi. She did have a bumpy history with the home seller. She also isn’t helping her case by talking to her friends about where she was and what she was doing at the time of the murder. Bea decides to put her problems aside to try and help prove her friend’s innocence. These ladies have come a long way since the judge ordered them to start their book club. They now really have each other’s backs. Yes, they still have some minor skirmishes but really have grown to care about each other. In this story the twins, Riva and Quentin Champion, are building their lives off the fame they have received since they escaped their kidnapper. In addition to the B & B. They are meeting with a producer about a movie. They also will do anything to get what they want, whether it comes to customers, furnishings for the inn, and even taking over town committees. Chandra is hiding something from the other ladies and that is putting her in the hot seat. Bea and Levi are still sorting out their relationship. Kate and Luella are available to their friends for anything the need but take a less prominent role this time. Kylie Logan brings this set of eclectic characters together is a very fast paced story. I read the whole book in an afternoon. I just couldn’t put it down. The mystery was not as complex as previous installments but had plenty of twists and surprises. Another death plays into the main plot but this death takes place before the story begins. I don’t think this character was mentioned in previous books so we really didn’t get to meet her before her death but this is a minor point. While I had an inkling about the murderer I needed to follow behind Bea right to the end to answer all my questions. I did enjoy the Gone with the Wind theme for this story. In fact, I love that each story ties into a literary classic. This author always gives the reader an entertaining story to escape into. Mayhem and mystery, with humor and romance. I found this story to be a very enjoyable getaway. I wonder what she has dreamed up for The League of Literary Ladies next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well, now I've read all five in the current series. This one was most satisfying (after the lead-in of the other four). Glad I've read them in order. I'll move on to heavier literature for a while, but I'll look forward to another League of Literary Ladies" episode if and when it appears!
Carstairs38 More than 1 year ago
Twin Troubles on South Bass Island Confession time – even though I’ve been a lifelong reader, I’ve never been part of a book group. I realize I’ve probably missed some great books I wouldn’t pick up on my own that way, but I’m usually trying desperately to get through all the books I already know about I want to read. Still, I love visiting the members of The League of Literary Ladies and seeing how the classic they’ve chosen for their next book discussion plays into the events happening on their island. We get to do that again with Gone with the Twins. It’s summer, and the current book the group is reading is Gone with the Wind. It may have been inspired by The Twins. Riva and Quentin are children of movie stars who have become even more famous after escaping from a harrowing kidnapping. They’ve purchased property on South Bass Island and opened it as the bed and breakfast Tara, the southern mansion from the book. Between their status and the theme of their bed and breakfast, it is really cutting into the business run by Bea Cartwright. In fact, her own bed and breakfast has no guests or reservations at the moment. Then there’s Vivien Frisk. Her aunt, the best realtor on the island, has recently died, and Bea is hoping to buy a piece of furniture that her aunt owned. When she arrives to make arrangements for the piece, she discovers Vivien’s dead body in the basement. There are several people with motives, including Bea’s friend and neighbor Chandra. Chandra has no alibi, won’t say where she was, and appears to be hiding something. Can Bea get to the bottom of this latest mystery? Whenever I pick up a book in this series, I know I am in for a fun ride. This latest is no exception, and it had me turning pages until the end. The pacing appeared to be a bit off in spots, but I didn’t really care because I was having so much fun. The climax brings everything together in a very fun way. The characters in this series are what makes everything so much fun. The four ladies who make up the league are very different from each other, and they each add a nice touch to the book, complimenting each other perfectly. Bea, as our main character, is a fantastic lead, and now that her secret is out to us, it provides some added fun to the narration. The new characters are just as much fun, and they hold some secrets of their own that Bea needs to uncover before the book ends. If you haven’t read this series yet, I highly recommend you read it in order. I mentioned Bea’s secret already. If you don’t know what it is, you’ll have to trust me that half the fun of the series is discovering it along the way. Plus, there’s how secrets affect her love life. And yes, long time readers will be glad to learn that Levi has another delicious secret up his sleeve. You may have noticed that I used fun a lot in this review. That was on purpose, and that’s because it really is the best word to describe the book and the series. Fans of the series will love Gone with the Twins, and if you are new to the fun, start this series from the beginning today. NOTE: I received a copy of this book.
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Gone With The Twins is the fifth book in the A League Of Literary Ladies series. Another entertaining visit with Bea and the Literary Ladies book group on South Bass Island. With the literary ladies having chosen Gone With The Wind might prove to be a mistake for the folks of South Bass Island. Bea has new competitions for her B&B when a set of twins, who had been reportedly been kidnapped as young teenagers and open their own B&B, Tara, leaving Bea with empty rooms. Real estate agent Vivian Frisk is selling off her late aunt’s estate and Bea goes to pay for an antique piece that the aunt had said she could buy on her passing. When Vivian doesn’t respond at the people waiting continued knocking, they find a door unlocked and enter, only to find the lifeless body of Vivian. Bea soon finds that there is quite a list of people that might have wanted to end her life. First, is the former suitor who only the day before had a boisterous confrontation with Vivian and ended be pouring a bucket of water over her. Also, there is an auto mechanic that thinks Vivian is interested in him and has been seen sneaking around her home. But the one person she is hoping it isn’t is her friend neighbor and literary lady member, Chandra. Years before Chandra had been married and Vivian had stolen her husband. As Bea is investigating finds Chandra sneaking about where Vivian body was found. Looking forward to the next book in the series hoping that once again Bea has a B&B full of guests.
LisaKsBooksReviews More than 1 year ago
With a book like this, Scarlett O’Hara would have given up scheming and taken up reading! It's very clear to see why this series has the following that it does. Author Kylie Logan consistently writes tales that are quick witted and clever, and that holds true once again with, GONE WITH THE TWINS. A fast paced story, this whodunit contains more than just one mystery. Readers will have to keep on their toes trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together. I’ll admit, I was a few pieces short of guessing it all myself. And even after everything was solved, the author threw in one more twist. With a cold soda on the table next to me, and a peaceful house to myself, GONE WITH THE TWINS was a fun way to spend an afternoon. I look forward to seeing what Kylie Logan has in store for her ladies, and us next. Fans of the League of Literary Ladies Mysteries, you may just have a new favorite in the series with this one.