by Les Parsons




Whether or not to teach formal grammar in the classroom is a hot topic. Teachers need help in making sense of the issues. Grammarama! offers a powerful classroom context and practical strategies for helping students cope with all aspects of grammar and language usage. It provides:

discussion of the pros and cons of teaching grammar;exercises that involve students using grammar in fun ways;sentence-combining challenges that strengthen student language usage;examples and activities based on professional writing;creative expressions of grammar usage and how to incorporate them in your teaching;up-to-date details on how grammar and language evolves—from particular word usage to changing grammar "rules" to appropriate terminology for the classroom;a comprehensive glossary that offers capsule definitions of essential terms.

All student activities are accompanied by detailed teacher guidelines that provide background, outcomes, ways of introducing the activities, and an answer key. Suggestions for group work and assessment complement this valuable classroom tool.

Language is constantly changing. This remarkable resource shows you how students can make powerful connections with language that last a lifetime.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781551381718
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
Publication date: 01/01/2004
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 8.38(w) x 10.88(h) x (d)
Age Range: 9 - 17 Years

About the Author

Les Parsons taught a variety of subjects, including English and language arts, for more than thirty years. As an English consultant, workshop leader, and university lecturer, he has worked with classroom teachers at all grade levels. His work with innovative curricular initiatives ranges from implementing response journals across the curriculum and writer's workshop techniques to designing effective evaluation systems and promoting practical equity policies.

Les' latest book, Bullied Teacher: Bullied Student, tackles the controversial issue of how adult and student bullying combine in a school to produce a bullying culture and then details what to do about it.

Here is how Les describes his approach to writing and education:
"I think through writing. During the process of writing, my goal is not necessarily to publish, but try to understand a little bit more about my world and myself. As a lifelong educator, I write to discover the best ways to learn and the right ways to teach. If I uncover a kernel of truth about a unique perspective on an educational issue that I haven't encountered before, I try to publish in order to share what I've learned.

"As teachers, we can make a difference. If we can equip young people with the right tools, skills, and knowledge, and furnish them with an equitable, compassionate view of the people around them, they will make a difference in the world they inherit."

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