Great Writers on the Great War Revolt in the Desert

Great Writers on the Great War Revolt in the Desert

by T. E. Lawrence


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Revolt in the Desert is the extraordinary story of the war in Arabia between 1916 and 1918, written by one of the war's most extraordinary characters, Lawrence of Arabia. It tells of his adventures and life amongst the Arab tribesmen, the daring raids on the Turks, the demolition of railway lines, the attacking of desert outposts, and of the opening of 'the road to Damascus' and eventual overthrow of the Turks in the inhospitable landscape of the Middle East. Few had made headway with the Bedouin and Arabs before Lawrence, but his strength of character and his personality suited this war perfectly and he was soon considered to be hugely important in the fight in the Middle East both by his superiors and by the Arabs who rallied around him. This is his story, from his viewpoint. T.E. Lawrence truly was a great writer on the Great War.

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ISBN-13: 9781445635781
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Publication date: 09/02/2014
Series: Great Writers on the Great War
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 4.80(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

T. E. Lawrence should need no explanation. From his early days as an academic to his death at the controls of his Brough Superior motorcycle, via Revolt in the Desert, the RAF and the Tank Regiment he has assumed almost mythical status today.

Table of Contents

Publisher's Note 7

Foreword 9

Chapter 1 Storrs Goes To Jiddah 10

Chapter 2 Riding Up To Feisal 18

Chapter 3 Feisal And His Levies 29

Chapter 4 Checks Around Yenbo 38

Chapter 5 Feisal Strikes North 49

Chapter 6 Tactics And Politics 62

Chapter 7 Setting Out For Syria 75

Chapter 8 The Veritable Desert 84

Chapter 9 Feasts Of The Tribes 92

Chapter 10 Nomads And Nomad Life 101

Chapter 11 Fighting To The Sea 112

Chapter 12 Akaba, Suez, Allenby 121

Chapter 13 Reforming Ourselves 127

Chapter 14 Pricking The Enemy 131

Chapter 15 Mines In The Railway 140

Chapter 16 Victory And Loot 146

Chapter 17 Making Up Our Minds 155

Chapter 18 Across The Line Again 160

Chapter 19 Services And Sermons 167

Chapter 20 Racing To The Bridge 175

Chapter 21 To Catch A Train 184

Chapter 22 Return To The World 191

Chapter 23 Fighting For Tafileh 200

Chapter 24 Winter Shuts Us Down 211

Chapter 25 The Siege Of Maan 223

Chapter 26 Dawnay Attacks Shahm 232

Chapter 27 Transport And Supply 236

Chapter 28 Buxton And The I.C.C. 244

Chapter 29 Washing Our Linen 256

Chapter 30 In The Advance Guard 260

Chapter 31 We Cut The Main Lines 270

Chapter 32 Fighting Up And Down 281

Chapter 33 Royal Air Force Help 287

Chapter 34 The Turks Crumple Up 295

Chapter 35 Joining The British 306

Chapter 36 Entry Into Damascus 312

Chapter 37 Jerry-cabinet-making 317

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