Greatness Is a Choice

Greatness Is a Choice

by Ethan Penner
Greatness Is a Choice

Greatness Is a Choice

by Ethan Penner


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A battle-tested guide on how to live a great life

In Greatness Is a Choice, Wall Street legend Ethan Penner presents a jewel box filled with thoughts and ideas that challenge readers by stimulating a higher level of awareness and critical thinking. Penner’s forthright style makes the book invaluable to a broad range of readers. Each chapter is a guidepost for today’s challenging societal issues, but the words are also rooted in timeless thinking culled from Penner’s considerable personal and professional experiences. Greatness Is a Choice asks readers to consider new ideas and strategies as critical tools in the pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families.

Greatness Is a Choice is also a compendium of values and ideals anyone can adopt to achieve greater personal and societal fulfillment. Penner writes about kindness, respect, and faith, along with a healthy reverence for family and legacy. Penner challenges readers to see the natural interconnectivity of politics, finance, economics, ideology, faith, nature, and music. Readers will:

  • Discover new ways of thinking about how to define and attain personal success.
  • Be reminded of the American principles that contributed to the nation’s rapid ascent and still serve as a beacon of hope, equality, and prosperity.
  • Learn how choices to pursue a life of personal growth also benefit society.
  • Be challenged to think and take action to do their part in creating a more peaceful and productive future.

Greatness Is a Choice is a must-read for anyone with the courage to be intellectually challenged, consider and adopt new ideas, and think deeply about choices that lead to better lives for ourselves and our children. It is an ideal book to share with others to help establish a better intellectual framework for our future.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781394185757
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/31/2023
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 165,589
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

ETHAN PENNER is widely recognized as a pioneer in the fields of real estate and finance, with 30 years’ experience in those areas. In 2011, he was selected as one of the real estate industry’s 65 Living Legends by Real Estate Forum.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Julius Erving xv

Prologue – Greatness Is a Choice xvii

Part One: The Greatness in You

Chapter 1 You Must Admire Yourself 3

Chapter 2 What Is Your Life’s Purpose? 5

Chapter 3 Prayer Is Powerful 7

Chapter 4 Be Human 9

Chapter 5 Risk Is Life 11

Chapter 6 The Specter of Death 15

Chapter 7 Time Is Everything 17

Chapter 8 The Ground Beckons 19

Chapter 9 Sacrifice Is a Prerequisite for Greatness 21

Chapter 10 We Must Honor Our Body 23

Chapter 11 You Have the Potential for Magic 27

Chapter 12 Life Is Hard for a Reason 29

Chapter 13 Work Is Not a Four- Letter Word 31

Chapter 14 Personal Responsibility 33

Chapter 15 The Steep Price of Dishonesty 35

Chapter 16 The Bubble of Joy 37

Chapter 17 Don’t Share Your Unresearched Opinions, Please 41

Chapter 18 Fulfilling Potential Is Fulfilling 43

Chapter 19 There Is No Discipline, Only Faith 47

Chapter 20 Qi 51

Chapter 21 Music Is Eternal 53

Chapter 22 Finding Peace and Joy in Nature 57

Part Two: Finding Your Greatness In the World

Chapter 23 Choosing Whom to Share Your Life With 61

Chapter 24 The Debilitating Effects of the Victim Mentality 63

Chapter 25 Duality 65

Chapter 26 Honor Your Ancestors and Your Legacy 67

Chapter 27 Take Care of Each Other 73

Chapter 28 There Will Always Be Hatred 75

Chapter 29 Everyone Is a Philosopher, Teacher, and Student 77

Chapter 30 Giving Advice Is Senseless 79

Chapter 31 Life Is an Improv 81

Chapter 32 Kindness and Generosity Are the Highest Levels of Selfishness 83

Chapter 33 Mastery Is Simplicity 85

Chapter 34 The Best Ideas Survive Open Debate 87

Chapter 35 The Ripple Effect 89

Chapter 36 Sexuality and the Importance of Sexual Energy 91

Chapter 37 Emotions Often Block Truth 93

Chapter 38 We All Screw Up 95

Chapter 39 The Kid in the Playground 99

Chapter 40 The Unique Love of a Parent 101

Chapter 41 Comfort in the Herd 105

Chapter 42 Inertia Destroys, Always Go 107

Chapter 43 More Is Not Better 109

Part Three: the Foundations of a Great Society

Chapter 44 The Importance of Timing 113

Chapter 45 Trusting Our Instincts 115

Chapter 46 Freedom 117

Chapter 47 Most of Us Never Notice 119

Chapter 48 Pro-Cyclicality Can Be Crushing 123

Chapter 49 Racism and Discrimination Are the Domain of the Dumb 125

Chapter 50 Democracy Depends on Education 127

Chapter 51 Physical Safety Is the Cornerstone of a Healthy Society 129

Chapter 52 The Hunger for Security 133

Chapter 53 Integrated Systems and Intersections 135

Chapter 54 Earth Is a Giant, Challenging, and Diverse School 139

Chapter 55 Government Is Inherently Dangerous 141

Chapter 56 Equality Is Not the Point 145

Chapter 57 Government Is a Company and Taxpayers Are the Investors 147

Chapter 58 The Persuasion Industry 149

Chapter 59 The World Is Self- Correcting 151

Chapter 60 Teaching People to Fish 153

Chapter 61 The Treadmill of Life Is Moving Too Fast 155

Chapter 62 The Truth About Money and Finance 157

Chapter 63 Capitalism . . .  161

Chapter 64 . . . Not Cronyism 163

Chapter 65 The Limitations of Capitalism 165

Chapter 66 Canaries in the Coal Mine 167

Chapter 67 Class Envy Is a Dangerous Poison 169

Chapter 68 The Basis of Cynicism: The Milgram Study 171

Chapter 69 A Final Thought . . . The World Won’t End 173

Acknowledgments 175

About the Author 177

Index 179

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