Green Smoothies For Dummies

Green Smoothies For Dummies

by Jennifer Thompson
Green Smoothies For Dummies

Green Smoothies For Dummies

by Jennifer Thompson


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Sip your way to ultimate nutrition and feel better than ever

Whether you're looking to detox, lose weight, or just add more veggies to your diet, green smoothies are the way to go. Easy to prepare, portable, and endlessly customizable, green smoothies are the trendy new beverage in everyone's cup. Think you don't like kale, collard greens, or watercress? Try them in a smoothie and you'll never see them the same way again. Green smoothies are the easiest, most painless way to add more nutrients to your diet, so you can feel better than ever before.

Green Smoothies For Dummies is your beginner's guide to the world of drinkable greens. Author and international smoothie guru Jennifer Thompson explains the benefits of green smoothies, and provides over 90 recipes that will make you start craving your vegetables. You'll get to know the flavors and properties of each ingredient, and how to combine ingredients for complete nutrition.

  • Replace meals with green smoothies without sacrificing nutrients
  • Boost your nutrition even higher with protein and fiber supplements
  • Reduce hunger and feel full longer with the right smoothie blends
  • Customize your smoothies to your personal nutritional needs

Before too long, you'll be experimenting and coming up with your own favorite combinations. Your vegetable intake will skyrocket, and you'll look and feel fantastic. How often does something so good for you taste so delicious? Green smoothies help you fill the nutrient gaps in your diet so you can experience optimal health and well-being. Green Smoothies For Dummies is your guide to all things smoothie, and will get you started now.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781118871164
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/02/2014
Series: For Dummies Books
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,102,036
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Jennifer Thompson has been working with raw food, juices, smoothies, and detox for over two decades to help people heal. Today, she shares her expertise worldwide, offering lectures, workshops, training, and one-on-one consultations at various health and detox retreat centers. She shares fantastic recipes and time saving lifestyle tips on her site

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About This Book 2

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 3

Beyond the Book 4

Where to Go from Here 4

Part I Getting Started with Green Smoothies 5

Chapter 1 Reaping the Benefits of Green Smoothies 7

Understanding the Nutritional Value of a Green Smoothie 7

ChlorophyII: Drinking the green blood of plants 7

The pH factor: Getting alkaline 8

Enjoying enzyme energy 9

Calling fiber your friend 9

Boosting your mineral intake 9

Increasing vitamins for vitality 10

Picking green protein 10

Getting variety with greens 11

Smoothies versus Juice 12

Toasting to a Healthier You 12

Boosting immunity 13

Fighting fatigue 13

Living longer and better 13

Improving memory 14

Strengthening digestion 14

Losing weight naturally 15

Radiating Beauty from the inside Out 15

Improving your skin 16

Reversing gray hair 16

Strengthening nails 17

Brightening eyes 17

Tackling Effects of and Risks for Various Maladies 18

Heart disease 18

Diabetes 18

Cancer 19

Autoimmune disorders 19

Anxiety and depression 20

Chapter 2 Choosing the Best Equipment for Green Smoothies 21

Picking a Blender 21

Thinking about blender type 22

Not panicking over price 24

Looking for specific blender features 24

Location, location, location: Surveying your storage needs 26

Making Smoothies without Killing Your Blender 27

Storing Your Smoothies 28

Factoring Juicing into the Equation 29

Chapter 3 Shopping and Preparing for Your Green Smoothies 31

Knowing What to Look for in Smoothie Ingredients 31

Debating organic versus non-organic 323

Avoiding genetically modified fruits and vegetables 34

Buying Your Produce 35

Making a list 36

Starting with local farmers' markets 36

Finding produce on a budget 37

Caring for and Prepping Your Produce 39

Washing 40

Storing 40

Freezing 41

Part II Making Your Green Smoothie Taste Great 43

Chapter 4 Choosing Your Greens 45

Getting the Lowdown on Adding Greens 45

Introducing the Top Greens for Health 46

Kale 48

Spinach 48

Swiss chard 49

Watercress 49

Collard greens 50

Celery 50

Bok choy 51

Dandelion greens 51

Mustard greens 51

Turnip greens 52

Beet greens 52

Alfalfa sprouts 53

Fresh herbs 53

Lettuces 54

Using Green Powders Rather than Fresh Greens 55

Incorporating Wheatgrass 55

Eyeing wheatgrass's health benefits 56

Getting the most out of adding wheatgrass to a smoothie 57

Measuring out the right amount 58

Chapter 5 Deciding What to Use for Fruits and Sweeteners 59

Boosting Smoothie Nutrition by Adding Fruits 59

Beyond an Apple a Day: Picking the Top Fruits for Your Smoothies 60

Banana 61

Apple 61

Grapes 61

Avocado 62

Pear 63

Lemon and lime 63

Orange 64

Kiwi 64

Grapefruit 64

Berries 65

Peach and nectarine 66

Plum 66

Apricot 67

Papaya 67

Pineapple 68

Mango 68

Cantaloupe 68

Watermelon 69

Pomegranate 70

Persimmon 70

Cucumber 71

Tomato 71

Bell pepper 71

Considering Other Natural Sweetening Options 72

Raw honey 72

Stevia 73

Dates 73

Agave nectar 73

Avoiding Artificial Sweeteners 74

Chapter 6 Adding Superfoods, Medicinal Ingredients, Liquids, and More 75

Looking at the Pros and Cons of Eating Superfoods 76

Making a case for adding superfoods to your diet 77

Balancing superfoods with the rest of your diet 78

Examining Top Superfoods for Green Smoothies 79

Spirulina 79

Chlorella 80

Aloe vera 80

Acai powder 81

Bee pollen 81

Flaxseed 82

Coconut oil 82

Cinnamon 83

Goji berries 83

Maca powder 83

Adding Other Supplements 85

Letting your food be your medicine 85

Deciding when to use extras and what to use 85

Figuring Out Which Liquids Are Best for Your Smoothie 87

Hailing hydration: Water is best 87

Going cuckoo for coconut water 87

Getting the skinny on vegan milks 88

Knowing What to Leave out of Your Green Smoothie 90

Ditching dairy: Yogurt, milk, and cottage cheese 90

Refusing refined sugar 90

Ignoring ice 91

Putting the brakes on protein powders 91

Chapter 7 Adjusting Smoothie Ingredients to Suit Your Taste 93

Adding Greens, Fruit, or Water to Get Your Smoothie Just Right 93

When to add more greens 94

When to add more fruit 95

When to add more water 96

Incorporating the Right Parts of Your Produce 97

Debating skin-on produce 97

Using or losing fruit cores and seeds 98

Tossing stems and leaves in or out 99

Making use of leftover ingredients 99

Part III: Green Smoothies for Every Day 101

Chapter 8 Morning Green Smoothies 103

Getting a Healthy Start to a Good Day 104

Chapter 9 Midday Green Smoothies 111

Getting That Afternoon Energy Boost 111

Chapter 10 Evening Green Smoothies 119

Considering the Sense of an Evening Smoothie 119

Chapter 11 Green Smoothies for Kids 127

Perfect Transition! Making Green Smoothies Baby's First Food 127

Trying Toddlers' Green Smoothies 134

Healthy is Cool! Gearing Green Smoothies toward Teens 140

Part IV: Green Smoothies to Meet Your Individual Health Needs 145

Chapter 12 Green Smoothies for a Healthier You 147

Cooling the Burn of Acid Reflux 148

Eating Your Way to Fabulous Skin 156

Finding Relief from Constipation 163

Achieving Goals with Weight Loss 171

Chapter 13 Green Smoothies for Chronic or Serious Medical Conditions 179

Winning the Battle with Inflammation 180

Minimizing Heart Disease Risk 188

Navigating Diet Choices When You Have Diabetes 194

Healing after Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation 201

Chapter 14 Green Smoothies to Maximize Your Workouts 205

Gatting Nutrition before and after Workouts 206

Benefitting from a pre-workout smoothie 206

Recovering with a post-workout smoothie 207

Chapter 15 Green Smoothies for Fertility Pregnancy, and Beyond 213

Using Smoothies to Boost Fertility 214

Meeting Nutrition Needs with Smoothies during Pregnancy 220

Packing Smoothies with Calories and Nutrients while Breast-Feeding 226

Chapter 16 Green Smoothies for Detoxification 231

Cleaning Your Body from the Inside Out 232

Catching common signs you need to detox 232

Recognizing why getting rid of excess toxins is important 233

Green Smoothie Detox: One Day per Week 234

Green Smoothie Detox: Simple Three-Day Cleanse 235

Making your detox shopping list 235

Walking through the detox day by day 236

Sticking with it for three days 237

Managing your reactions 237

Common questions about the three-day green smoothie detox 238

Part V The Part of Tens 245

Chapter 17 Ten Green Smoothie Myths Debunked 247

Green Smoothies Are Too High in Calories 247

Green Smoothies Are Too High in Iron 248

Green Smoothies Have Too Much Oxalic Acid 248

Green Leafy Vegetables Are Toxic 249

You Can Overdose on Votamins A and K in Smoothies 249

Chewing Your Foods Is Better for Digestion 250

Green Smoothies Require an Expensive Blender 250

The Blender's Heat Destroys the Enzymes in a Green Smoothie 251

A Store-Bought Green Smoothie Is Just as Good as a Homemade One 251

Some People Shouldn't Drink Green Smoothies 252

Chapter 18 Ten Common Questions about Green Smoothies 253

How Can I Lose Weight on Green Smoothies? 253

How can I Gain Weight on Green Smoothies? 254

How Do I Get More Protein, Iron, and Calcium in My Smoothies?254

Why Do I Feel Gas and Bloating after My Green Smoothie? 255

Do I Have to Use Greens in My Green Smoothie? 255

Can I Use Powdered Greens instead of Fresh Greens 256

Which Is Better: A Green Smoothie or a Green Juice? 256

Is It Possible to Drink Too Much Green Smoothie? 257

Do I Need to Take a Daily Vitamin if I'm Drinking Green Smoothies? 257

Do Green Smoothies Work against Cellulite? 258

Appendix: Metric Conversion Guide 259

Index 263

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