by Kennedy Ryan


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ISBN-13: 9781544073392
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/02/2017
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 571,370
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.85(d)

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Grip 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Tangled Text More than 1 year ago
Grip was magical. I love a story that can encompass you completely. After my first day reading till 2 AM, I had a few chapters left and was mad I would have to wait through an entire day of work to get back to it. I skipped lunch to get home early so I could have some quiet time to finish before everyone got home. I might have turned on the TV as a brain fart thinking I'd get to watch the rest of the movie, forgetting the medium this story line was portrayed through. This plot was vividly intoxicating. There were many points where I would have to look away from the pages, take a breath, then continue reading. I love and I hate when that happens, but I was getting ahead of myself. I was having to calm down because the anticipation to know what was going to happen next was killing me. I'd get so wrapped up in the scenes that I needed to know that instant what was happening, I needed to see the response and I couldn't read fast enough. I love a book that can make me need to know. The music element in this series is stellar. It's a big part of the magic happening in the plot and it is not just some complementing background element. The board room meetings and release parties are brought into the story in a way that feels like you are in the meetings with them. There is not so much technical jargon that makes it just go straight over your head. The element is brought in and handled very naturally and is eloquently incorporated. I felt a part of every aspect of this plot not just passionately tangled up in the love scenes, but was able to understand the stress, struggle, decisions, and interactions that have to be made in Bristol's position as Grips manager. I don't know if there was one aspect I loved above the rest, but a favorite was the focus on Grip, which makes sense now that I think about it. This book was alternating perspectives, but the depth you got out of his side of things was unique. I'm used to the girl admitting her fears and self-conscious, inner intentions, but with this book you got that out of the male. It was great to get inside a man's head and have it not be the typical vulgar spew normally sponsored, but him trying to read a girls reaction, trying to get her attention and understand what is holding her back and being patient. It was beautiful. Kennedy Ryan quenched my thirst. She covered every angle I could possible think that this story could lead and conquered each of them. I applaud her because I have no idea how she did it so effortlessly. She never skimped on any one angle and completely explored each twist. I'm still a bit in awe wondering how she fit that all into one book. I multiple times considered if a detail that was introduced would make an appearance again later and it always did. This plot was so well thought out and brilliant. No stone was left upturned and every detail was brought to light immaculately. This story was so much more than love, yet there were aspects of love in everything. I realized I was too deep into it when I cried. It wasn't necessarily a sad or happy part, but I choked up with empathy and with pride for Bristol when she stood up to Grip's mom at a Sunday meal. After that instant apparently I had let my wall down and these characters into my heart because I cried about five more times after that. It was pathetic and please laugh because it was ridiculous how connected I got to these characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved everything about this story and these characters. Fantastic read.
SexyVixenReader More than 1 year ago
A swoon-worthy epic love story. Grip & Bristol story is beautiful, heart-wrenching and totally intoxicating, I just couldn't put this book down until I finished and then still took some time to put my feelings into words how much I loved it. Love Love Loved this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can not, even if I tried, Love Marlon aka GRIP more than I do - My heart is completely full. He is absolute PERFECTION!!! In soo many different ways. I'm just "Whoa" #woo #swooned #LoveGrip4Life AND--- Although she kinda got on my nerve (a little. from time to time) I Love Bristol!!!! I totally understood her once 'It' came to light. I was like "Omg...Yes, that makes sense. I get it" #girlpower #strongwoman #loyal Bristol and Grip are my absolute favorite couple. Phenomenal characters! This story has touched all my feelings and the deepest part of my heart and mind. The development of Marlon & Bristol's relationship was fascinating. I was not only enamored but was also given food for thought. The real life struggles they endured as a couple and also as individuals was empowering. I feel like a better person after reading this. This entire story beginning with FLOW book #0.5 has been quite a page turner for me. I'm onto book 2 STILL ?
lenorewastaken More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars — This is another review that I left for like a month with only a few notes, so it’s going to be disjointed and lacking. Heck, at this point I don’t even remember if I’d wanted to round up or down! :S I think it was down, but honestly I need to get better at being on top of things. I was so excited to start this one after reading Flow. Bristol and Grip were both really intriguing characters, and the chemistry between them was amazing! I was curious how their relationship was going to play out, especially considering this book was starting out quite a few years later than I had been anticipating. For some reason I thought perhaps the story would start up again when Bris moved back to California, but it was even a few years after that. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I feel like I missed something in the interim…although a lot of that was my curiosity about Bristol’s twin Rhyson, and what happened with him. I loved seeing that he got his HEA, but I kept wondering if he had a book, and if he did I really want to read it! OK, so back to our main players. I actually got really frustrated with Bristol quite frankly… I definitely understood her reservations to a point, but it almost went on too long. And poor Grip, he just wore his heart on his sleeve and didn’t get basically anything in return. She done him wrong! She punished him for her parents mistakes. Again, I understand to a point, but… Bristol was also really hard to love because she was so brittle, but I did end up loving her anyways. And more than that, I was worried for her. And not just wrt the creepy guy (whose name I have totally forgotten, whoops)…and dude, was he ever freaking creepy. I know he was supposed to be, but wow. But in a broader sense I was worried for Bristol. I was worried she wasn’t going to figure things out and learn to love herself and be loved, you know? As for Grip…can I just start off by saying he was hot AF? Like SERIOUSLY. Wow. And I’m not just talking in a physical sense. It’s just everything that makes him up. How he holds himself, how he interacts in the world. And most importantly, his inner self. I LOVED Grip’s raps and his words. They were SO effecting. I also loved that he just wouldn’t give up on Bris. Not that he didn’t have his dumb moments, and not that there wasn’t a point where he got fed up, but that doesn’t diminish the rest. Though I will admit I got worried at one point, b/c I felt like Grip was almost victim blaming Bristol about her getting taken advantage of. WAS NOT IMPRESSED with that. It was just slight, but I’m sensitive to it. But then when they FINALLY get together?? HOOOOOOWEEEEE!!!! Dude. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Just, mmmmm…. One of the things I LOVED about Flow were the great conversations about race, and that continued to be one of my highlights in this book as well. I really felt like I understand exactly what it would be like to be pulled over for driving while black. Seeing it through Grip’s eyes made it so real for me. I also enjoyed the conversations with Grip’s Mom, and the way the author showed the struggle of black women. I thought that was explored tastefully and realistically. However, I was a bit annoyed with Jade, even knowing what got her there…but I appreciated that she didn’t have some miraculous turnaround…just seemed to be trying. Also, shoutout to Greg at the end for making me cry in public…good going Greg. I’m intrigued by wh
bribookishconfessions More than 1 year ago
Man. Where do I even begin with this book?! One of my best book friends has been raving about this book for months and has been PUSHING me to read it. I'm surprised she didn't drive to my house when I originally read Flow to force me to read Grip. ;) Seriously. I'm already mad at myself for having waited this long to read it. This book was so much more than Grip and Bristol's story. Something I'm now understanding especially after hearing my friend talk about this book and how much she absolutely adores it. Seriously guys, if you haven't read Flow/Grip yet, what are you doing with your life?! Honestly, I think this is my first time reading an interracial love story. I don't know why this was my first, but seriously. I can't gush about this book enough. I'm dying to start Still and see what happens next with them! I'm glad this doesn't end in a cliffhanger!
MMRNY More than 1 year ago
Food for the Soul!! Holy Smokes this book will knock you off your feet!! Wow!! What an emotionally powerful book Grip is!!Kennedy Ryan did not hold back in telling the story of Marlon aka Grip and Bristol. This book puts it all out there...the struggles and obstacles that these two had to overcome to be with each other, which includes not only their own biases and hangups, but also those around them, and yes, that includes family and friends. And let me tell you, Kennedy Ryan kept it real when it came to all of the struggles and obstacles that Grip and Bristol would have to face as an interracial couple. There is a scene, actually, there are many, but this one scene in particular, is so emotionally gripping and potent that it brought tears to my eyes and made my heart race, because it showed just how rough things can get when you fall in love with the "wrong" person. There are books that you just read and enjoy, and then there are books that nourish your mind, make you think, and challenge your outlook on things. Grip is that book. Grip is food for the soul. Kennedy Ryan's writing draws you in and it makes you makes you question your perceptions and perspectives about race, music, love, relationships, family, and friendships. I have never read a book more thought-provoking and soul-enriching than Grip. Wow!! This book truly blew me away. All I can say is that I truly hope Grip and Bristol's story is not over yet. Kennedy Ryan has a fan for life in me. Let me just say, Kennedy Ryan CAN WRITE A STORY!! She is a brilliant storyteller. What a brilliantly told and masterfully crafted story. Everyone should read this book.
13835877 More than 1 year ago
I could not get enough of Grip and Bristol's story. Bristol has such a big heart and is fiercely protective in ways that remind me of myself. Grip is strong and sexy and the man has a special way with words that should probably be illegal because he could easily drive a woman to do some crazy things. Together Grip and Bristol are a force to be reckoned with. Not only is Grip a spectacular story, but it is an important one as well. This book discusses so many uncomfortable and highly debated topics that are affecting our nation right now. Kennedy Ryan doesn't shy away from the hard topics. The topics most of us are hesitant to discuss and I think that is what makes this book so unique and important
bookbruin More than 1 year ago
This book was simply amazing. It was emotional and powerful, but also eye opening and so relevant to the world we live in today. Grip can be read as a stand alone, but I strongly urge you to read the prequel, Flow, before diving into this so you can get the full impact of this beautiful story. I both loved and hated Grip and Bristol through the course of this book. There were times I wanted to throttle them both and just make them tell the truths that everyone else could see so clearly. They are both so perfectly imperfect though, that even when they make decisions that make you want to hurl the book across the room, you truly can't fault them for their choices. They're doing what they truly feel is right and for the best, even when it's the exact opposite of what they desire and need. Yes, the angst was extremely high at times, but it only made the reward so incredibly sweeter. And holy hotness, were the faithful rewarded!! I felt so many emotions while reading experiencing this story. The characters, their interactions, the blunt honesty of the words, transforms you. The truth in Grip's song "Bruise" was so unbelievably moving. You don't have to have first hand experience to feel it. To understand the raw emotion fueling the words. Being in Grip's mind too, during some of the more heart wrenching scenes, nearly slayed me. I loved having both Grip and Bristol's points of view. It helped make every moment more - more profound, more emotional, more gut wrenching. You feel the highs, but you also get dragged down lower than you ever thought possible. And just when you think you can't possibly go on, the words heal and lift you. You're left hopeful and your eyes just a little more open. That's the sign of an amazing book. When the words transcend the page and open your mind (and heart) to things that you may have missed or misunderstood before. I truly can't say enough wonderful things about this book. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. "My heart broke loose on the wind."