Gripped Part 3: The Fallout

Gripped Part 3: The Fallout

by Stacy A Padula


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Eighteen-year-old Marc Dunkin has received word from a detective that his oldest brother Taylor is a person of interest in a highly confidential case headed by the Boston Police Department. They know Taylor’s clean; they know he wants out of the game; and they want to help make that happen. However, their “help” will come at a cost—one that may put Taylor and his entire family in grave danger.

Twenty-three-year-old Taylor Dunkin is trying to get his life back in order after an opiate addiction wreaked havoc on his once promising athletic future. Getting clean was a difficult feat, but breaking free from the Bilotti crime ring will present an even greater challenge.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781733153621
Publisher: Briley & Baxter Publications
Publication date: 11/05/2019
Series: Gripped Series , #3
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Stacy A. Padula, a native of Pembroke, Massachusetts, has accrued years of experience working with adolescents as a private educational consultant with extensive experience in the fields of college counseling, tutoring, and standardized test preparation, as well as a mentor, life coach, and youth group leader. For roughly eight years, she was the director of an education company in the metrowest of Massachusetts, where she managed a staff of thirty tutors and developed all company curriculum. In 2016, she left the metrowest and founded South Shore College Consulting & Tutoring based in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 2019, she founded another company: Briley & Baxter Publications, named after her two miniature dachshunds (who are far more popular on Instagram than her - ha!).

Awards: Stacy Padula was featured in Marquis Who's Who in America (2018) for excellence in literature and education, Marquis Who's Who in the World (2018 & 2019), and Cambridge Who's Who for Young Professionals (2009). In 2018, she was awarded the Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2019, the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP of New York, NY) chose Stacy Padula as its "Top Educational Consultant of the Year." Each of her novels have risen to best seller status in a variety categories on Amazon from 2010-2019. From February through March of 2019, "Gripped Part 1" was the #1 New Release on Amazon Kindle in its category. As a teenager, Stacy was a high honors student who graduated in the top 10% of her class at Silver Lake Regional High School in Kingston, Massachusetts. She was in National Honor Society and Who's Who Among American High School Students. She earned the Maxima Cum Laude/Silver Medal in the National Latin Exam, three Varsity letters, and the Louisa May Alcott Writing Award. Stacy was also a top-ten finalist in Miss Teen Southern New England, and she was awarded the Academic Achievement Award for having the highest GPA out of all 83 contestants.

Background: Stacy was a Presidential Scholar and on the Dean's List at Wentworth, where she studied Architectural Engineering and Interior Design. After graduation, she worked at an architecture firm in Boston from 2006-2008. Although she enjoyed her work, she felt something was missing-she wanted to spend more time helping people grow academically and spiritually. For close to a year, she split her time between tutoring, writing, and working at a design firm in Plymouth. When she fell in love with tutoring, she left the A&D industry completely and took a full-time position with a private education company. She attained tutoring certification in 2009 through The International Tutor Association. Her career took off, and within one year, she was promoted to Program Director. Stacy knew she had found her niche! During her eight years with that company, she received multiple promotions and held a variety of titles, including Manager of Curriculum & Instruction and Director of Operations. In 2016, Stacy founded South Shore College Consulting & Tutoring. Then in 2019, she founded Briley & Baxter Publications-a publishing company that uses part of its monthly proceeds to support animal rescues. Stacy is currently enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School's online Entrepreneurship Specialization to pursue her passion for business. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, attending Bruins games, reading about psychology, taking her dogs to the beach, and spending time with her family, husband Tim, and friends. Stacy writes young adult novels in the hopes of preparing teens to face the "war zone" that is high school-to help kids deal with the stress and peer pressure and to encourage them to "steer a straight path, pursue God, and not fall for the false promises of the world."

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Gripped Part 3: The Fallout 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous 6 days ago
Gripped part 3 is yet another great addition to the Gripped Series. The book tackles many complex issues including substance abuse, relationships, and the difficult time that is high school and middle school. The story follows many different story lines, which not only makes the book an interesting read, but also allows for multiple different perspectives. Gripped Part 3 is especially effective at representing the root of substance abuse. Nearly everybody can recognize an addiction, however, this book focuses specifically on the root of these issues, which is rarely discussed with kids in the middle to high school age range. This story is perfect for all teens and their parents. The book offers unique perspectives on complex and relevant issues to teens today. Teens, and parents alike can learn from the book, and prepare for situations in which they – or their children – may be put in. Overall, Gripped Part 3 is an interesting read, that very effectively continues on the series, and sets up part 4. I would easily give this book a 5/5 and encourage all teens and their parents to pick up any book in the Gripped series. - Michael Farinacci St. Sebastian's class of 2020
jenniferos 13 days ago
As a high school student, I would definitely recommend Gripped Part 3 to any young adult, and his/her parent as well. I think that this book gives a realistic, insightful view into the world of substance use and abuse. This book shows the effects of experimenting with drugs on any level and shows through many of its characters that the effects of this experimentation are overwhelmingly negative and while some characters think that they can use drugs when they choose and not become addicted, it is apparent that this is almost always nearly impossible. Gripped Part 3 allows young adults to see the effects and signs of drug usage without having to experience it on their own, and it allows parents to be more aware of what their children may be doing and aware of the fact that a lot of the time, a change in behavior or the sudden interest in destructive habits may stem from something deeper, which they could potentially help solve. This book shows teenagers that anyone can fall prey to substance abuse and addiction, especially at a low time in their lives. Gripped Part 3 also shows readers that people abusing substances are likely suffering from something more serious, and offering to help or reaching out is crucial. Lastly, Gripped Part 3 features a character’s story of becoming sober, which shows teens that although mistakes can happen, it is important to try to change bad circumstances and surround yourself with people who will support your journey. The important messages in this book are endless and I think that each person that reads this book will discover these meanings and more. For this reason, I highly recommend this book to people of all ages!
Anonymous 13 days ago
Gripped Part 3: The Fallout, by Stacy A. Padula, is a sobering look at how teen drug use can be a destructive force in their lives. Throughout the story, we see the teens make bad choices which lead to other harmful behaviors. Jason and Cathy, two of the main characters in the story, continually use drugs in an attempt to solve other problems in their lives. The drugs not only fail to solve their problems, but ultimately end up causing them even more turmoil. After digging themselves deeper and deeper into their addictions and damaging behaviors, many of them, through the help of family and friends see that drugs are not the solution. By the end of the story we see a turn around in Jason, Chris, Cathy, Jordan and Taylor. They vow to surround themselves with the right friends and escape the disastrous life of drug use. The story, although controversial in its discussion of the rampant drug use among teens is a must read for almost anyone in today’s society. Gripped 3: The Fallout is a five star read that shows teens it is never too late to turn your life around.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Gripped Part 3 by Stacy Padula is a book that showcased significant shifts in relationships within Montgomery. In this novel, Chris is still continuing to stay away from drugs and parties, but that has come with the question about whether he should hold onto Courtney or not. Cathy and Jason also come up to having some problems, as we see complete shifts in Jason’s nature when he is drunk or high, which disconnects Cathy from him. Finally, Alyssa and Jon begin to butt heads after she begins to experiment with certain substances, which results in many fights scattered throughout the book. This novel is an engaging and easy read that is ideal for Middle School and High School students, while also being very applicable to adults wanting to know more about teenage drug abuse. Part 3 shows the negative effects that drugs can have on certain relationships and really brings up the question about whether the short-term benefits of substances are better than the long-term drawbacks. In all, I rate this book a 5/5 and would recommend reading it. I loved this book both because although there was a lot going on, it was relatively easy to follow each character. - Review by Kyle Banker, University of Miami, Class of 2023