Gross Science Experiments: 60 Smelly, Scary, Silly Tests to Disgust Your Friends and Family

Gross Science Experiments: 60 Smelly, Scary, Silly Tests to Disgust Your Friends and Family

by Emma Vanstone


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Fun Experiments Full of Blood, Bugs, Poop and More

From squirming insects to smelly human bodies, there’s so much to explore with these excitingly icky experiments. Learn about everything from food, bugs, germs and poop to all the weird and wonderful things you’re made of. Taste and tear through a variety of edible models of skin, blood and scabs. Rip open fake stomachs, create blood baths and test your own body to see just how gross human beings can get.

Don’t stop there, though! Get your friends and family involved, and give them bath bombs full of bugs or see how long it takes them to detect different smells from across the room. There are so many ways to disgust and amuse those around you, from smelly cow burps and slimy frogspawn to homemade poo launchers and experiments that explode with fizzy juices. No matter which experiment you choose, you’ll have fun being gross.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781645671145
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publication date: 10/13/2020
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 744,632
Product dimensions: 7.73(w) x 8.93(h) x 0.33(d)
Age Range: 6 - 12 Years

About the Author

Emma Vanstone is the author of This Is Rocket Science and Snackable Science Experiments, and she is the creator behind the award-winning blog Science Sparks. She lives in England with her husband and four children.

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

How to Use This Book Safely 10

How to Think Live a Scientist 11

Pick a Scab 15

Blood Test Time 16

Play Dough Brain 19

Red Blood Cell Cupcakes 20

Blood and Plasma Cocktail 23

Squishly Blood Bath 24

Baffling Bodies 27

Gelatin Skin Model 29

Digestion Model 30

Strong Bones 35

What's in a Stomach? 36

Stretchy Bladder 39

Urine Test Time 40

How Long Are Your Intestines? 43

Earwax Snacks 44

Stinky Smells 47

Smelly Breath 49

Stop the Smell 50

Hold Your Nose 53

Eggs and Farts 54

Cow Burps 57

What's That Smell? 58

Joking Around 61

Where's the Vomit? 62

Pop the Pimple 65

What's in the Pot? 66

Fake Poo 69

Bug Bath Bomb 70

Eat Dirt 73

Frogspawn 74

Disgusting Diseases 77

How Do Germs Spread? 78

Sticky Snot 81

Trap the Sneeze 82

Shooting Sneezes 85

Petri-Dish Bacteria 86

Marshmallow Teeth 89

Why Is Snot Green? 90

Gross Foods 93

Revolting Food Combinations 94

How Many Taste Buds Do You Have? 97

Spit Testing 98

Super Saliva 101

Stomach Acid 102

Rotting Pumpkins 105

Pickled Apple Skulls 106

All About the Poo 109

Brown or Green 110

Whose Poo? 113

Sloth Poo 114

Shooting Poo 117

Where Did All the Corn Go? 118

Bird Poo 121

Bugs and Grubs 123

Worm Hotel 124

Slime Trail 127

Suck Blood 128

How Many Worms? 131

Bug Restaurant 132

Bug Slime 135

Gross History 137

Make a Mummy 138

Toilet Paper Testing 141

Ornaments from Milk 142

Thirsty Leeches 145

Soapmaking 146

Mask the Smell 149

Exploding Bodies 150

Acknowledgments 152

About the Author 153

Index 154

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