Grounded: Leading Your Life With Intention

Grounded: Leading Your Life With Intention

by Nancy M. Dahl

Hardcover(New Edition)

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How do you build the career and life you want—especially with chaos swirling around you, throwing out roadblocks at every turn. Only when you understand that the world isn’t set up to optimize, can you begin the journey to uncover your best and lead your life with intention. Bottom line: life is the ultimate experience model. You don’t come with an operating manual that tells you how to be your best. You just have to figure it out to find the things that work. And the discovery is never done. You have to stay engaged, curious and willing to admit you don’t know everything, so you can learn more to be your best. Dedicating yourself to the lifelong discipline of practice outlined in GROUNDED allows you to see what works and most importantly stay in tune with what grounds you at every turn of your journey. The questions change as people move through their lives. In their twenties, people wonder where to begin. In their thirties, people wonder if they are headed in the right direction. In their forties, they may begin to wonder if this is all there is. And in their fifties and beyond, they wonder what should happen next chapter. This notion of being grounded isn’t about age, it’s about attitude. Your life will have impact. Choices will be made. GROUNDED is dedicated to building the skill so you decide, not someone else. Your life is simply too important to leave it to chance. And if you choose to lead others, GROUNDED is dedicated to inspiring others to be their best because you have done the work to understand how to lead first yourself and now others.

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ISBN-13: 9781545610336
Publisher: MCP Books
Publication date: 11/14/2017
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 294
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Nancy M. Dahl is a nationally acclaimed speaker on leadership and leading change. She draws from more than 20 years' experience leading executive teams of four organizations, serving on both corporate and non-profit boards and her life's journey of living a full and integrated life. She stands apart with her approach to inspire and ignite others to live with intention and reminds her audiences, our lives are just too important to leave to someone else to decide and the power of igniting growth in organizations is in the hands of the people. Her "Lead your life" blog reaches a global audience at

Table of Contents

Foreword xv

Section I Taking Ownership 1

Chapter 1 Being a Student of You 3

Chapter 2 Trying On "You" 11

Chapter 3 Learning to Debrief 23

Chapter 4 Getting Past the Emotion 35

Chapter 5 Navigating Obstacles and Forks in the Road 39

Chapter 6 Understanding Your Framework 45

Chapter 7 Listening-Really Listening 57

Section II Leading Yourself 63

Chapter 8 Putting the Pieces Together 65

Chapter 9 Understanding What Derails You 73

Chapter 10 Learning to Nurture Yourself 77

Chapter 11 Integrating What Matters in Your Life 87

Chapter 12 Charting Your Path 93

Section III Leading Others 105

Chapter 13 Crossing the Threshold 107

Chapter 14 Building Your Leadership Muscle 115

Chapter 15 Putting Your Name on It 123

Chapter 16 Preparing for the Unexpected 127

Chapter 17 Building a Strong Team 131

Chapter 18 Leveraging Your Framework 139

Chapter 19 Sitting in the "Other Chair" 143

Chapter 20 Reframing the Detours 147

Section IV Leading from the C-Suite 153

Chapter 21 Ascending to the C-Suite 155

Chapter 22 Changing the Dynamics of Leadership 165

Chapter 23 Retooling Your Feedback Loop 171

Chapter 24 Leading So Your People Know They Matter 175

Chapter 25 Understanding Tone and the Decisions at the Seams 179

Chapter 26 Leading Innovation and Change 185

Chapter 27 Creating Your Executive Presence 189

Section V Leading from the Boardroom 193

Chapter 28 Knowing When You're Ready 195

Chapter 29 Understanding the Board Member Role 200

Chapter 30 Transitioning to a Board Member Role 205

Chapter 31 Being a High-Impact Director 213

Section VI Sharing My Top 10 Life Lessons 215

Lesson 1 Always Start with the Big Picture 217

Lesson 2 What People See Is What People Think (about You) 221

Lesson 3 Live (and Learn) with Intention 225

Lesson 4 Innovation Starts with the Leader 233

Lesson 5 Don't Skip Rungs on the Ladder to Success 239

Lesson 6 Focus on the Future, but Don't Forget the Fundamentals 247

Lesson 7 Embrace Diversity 251

Lesson 8 Relationships Matter 255

Lesson 9 Leverage Collaborations and Strategic Partners 261

Lesson 10 See around the Corners and Share the View 265

Epilogue 269

About the Author 275

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