Grow Wherever You Work: Straight Talk to Help with Your Toughest Challenges

Grow Wherever You Work: Straight Talk to Help with Your Toughest Challenges

by Joanna Barsh


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ISBN-13: 9781260026467
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 10/18/2017
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 549,088
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Joanna Barsh is a director emerita at McKinsey & Company, where she has worked for more than 30 years. She has deep experience leading growth strategy, performance improvement, organization effectiveness, and leadership development projects. An in-demand speaker, she has given keynotes and workshops in over 100 companies and organizations. Joanna has also worked closely with Lean In, the International Council on Women’s Business Leadership, and other groups as an advocate for women’s advancement. She is the bestselling author of How Remarkable Women Lead and Centered Leadership.

Table of Contents



Chapter1: When Work Holds No Passion

  • Not All Who Wander Are Lost
  • What Happens After a Wrong Turn
  • Answering the Call
  • A Matter of Perspective
  • Self-doubt Guards the Treasure
  • Taking on Your Passion Challenge

Chapter 2: When the Pressure Threatens to Overwhelm

  • Moving to the Driver's Seat
  • Opening Night with a New Script
  • Without Limits
  • Drawing the Line
  • The Tipping Point
  • Taking on Your Pressure Challenge

Chapter 3: When Your Mistake Feels Colossal

  • Promising the Impossible
  • Caught in the Headlights
  • The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow
  • Recovering from a Whopper
  • The Day it Hit the Fan
  • Still Standing
  • Taking on Your Mistake Challenge

Chapter 4: When Your Performance Review Whacks You

  • It's Not Funny
  • I'm OK, and You're OK Too
  • The Gift of Unfairness
  • The Brutal Facts
  • With a Little Help from My Friends
  • Taking On Your Review Challenge

Chapter 5: When People Don't Come on Board

  • A Fish Out of Water
  • Winning Over the Skeptics
  • In His Shoes
  • Listening Like You Mean It
  • Sharing the Burden
  • Taking On Your People Challenge, Part I

Chapter 6: When You're Working with an Office Villain

  • The Jerk Who Threw a Tantrum
  • The Monster Who Turned Gold into Dust
  • The Mean Girl Who Interfered
  • The 24/7 Critic
  • The Boss with a Bad Rap
  • Taking On Your People Challenge, Part II

Chapter 7: When You Need a Sponsor

  • But for the Love of Sponsors
  • The Master Apprentice
  • Will You Be My Rabbi?
  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  • It Takes One to Know One
  • Taking on Your Sponsor Challenge

Chapter 8: When You Dare to Challenge

  • At a Loss for Words
  • Shattering Career-Limiting Silence
  • Standing Up for Yourself
  • The Rewards of Independence
  • Thinking for Yourself
  • Taking On Your Leadership Challenge

Chapter 9: When Risk Taking Feels Like Jumping Off a Cliff

  • Heading Gladly into the Unknown
  • After the Fall
  • Living and Working in Technicolor
  • A Fighter and an Underdog Walk into a Bar
  • Failing for a Living
  • Taking on Your Risk Challenge

Chapter 10: When You Have to Be a Superhero

  • The Quiet Hero
  • The Citizen Leader
  • The Cowboy Sheriff
  • Crisis Avenger
  • The Demon Slayer
  • Taking On Your Superhero Challenge

Chapter 11: When Everything Sucks

  • Preparing for the Day
  • A Simple Twist of Fate
  • Putting Out the Fires
  • Bringing Your A Game to Plan B
  • Escaping the Black Hole
  • Taking On Your Suck Challenge

Chapter 12: When Work Doesn't Feel Worth It

  • Should I Stay, or Should I Go
  • Stuck on Perma Hold
  • Breaking the Cycle
  • Waking Up
  • Time to Go
  • Taking on Your Work Challenge



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