by Steven Brust, Megan Lindholm
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Paperback(First Edition)

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Gypsy 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
anne_jindra More than 1 year ago
Random and Little Known Fact: Megan Lindholm is Robin Hobb's actual name. Using the ways of these traveling people, three brothers have gone their separate ways to both see and tell the world in a way that others can't fathom. They have three different ways of walking and names or titles to go with each. As you wander the Romano Drom, the world seems to change in a way that makes art have more meaning and gives music special power. A rare and seamless collaboration that took place by the simple exchange of a manuscript every time there was a bend in the road fostered a forward flowing style that follows true gypsy tradition- never retrace your steps and keep weaving the thread of the story. Wandering into and out of time, Csucskari becomes entangled in a modern day murder investigation- but for one with his feet on the gypsy road, it's impossible to stay for too long and this event simply becomes another point in the otherworldly narrative of his life as he pursues the devil- or perhaps she pursues him. As the dance increases in heat and urgency, his brothers start to sense the problem, but love pulls the youngest in both directions. Will he sacrifice his existence again? Or move fully into the modern world and take a settled life of his own? The Gypsy moves you. You won't be able to resist.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Lakota, Ohio, someone murders a liquor store clerk for the sum of $179 and change. Police Officer Mike ¿Step¿ Stepovich arrests the Gypsy, a street wanderer who can¿t remember anything. However, the police are forced to release the Gypsy. --- Not long afterward, someone kills an elderly female fortune teller in a dumpy hotel; near the crime scene Step notices the Gypsy. Taken off the case by his superiors and over the objections of his partner Durand, Step continues his inquiries trailing the Gypsy. Soon Step finds clues that do not rationally appear logical, but lead to the enigmatic Fair Lady. She spins webs to ¿capture¿ people for her evil use; Step¿s teenage daughter Laurie and her friends seem caught by her alluring spell. Knowing he is out of his depth as the Fair Lady reaches beyond the normal, Step has no idea how to stop her. Only three brothers (the Raven, the Owl and the Dove) working in concert can, but they are nowhere in sight. Instead Step turns to an ancient drunk the Coachman, who knows what must be done when he is sober, a rare event.--- THE GYPSY is an interesting urban police procedural horror tale that will remind readers of Stephen King¿s earlier works as the story line contains seemingly supernatural elements within the who-done-it. The gritty investigation is cleverly done especially when Step keeps following a trail of death that appears illogical to him as if he investigates homicides in the Twilight Zone. Though the Gypsy and the Fair Lady passages remain vague and unconnected until late into the tale, readers will appreciate this tense collaboration that asks the audience to ponder what are life and death.--- Harriet Klausner