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Hacking Happiness: How to Intentionally Adapt and Shape the Future You Want

Hacking Happiness: How to Intentionally Adapt and Shape the Future You Want

by Penny Locaso
Hacking Happiness: How to Intentionally Adapt and Shape the Future You Want

Hacking Happiness: How to Intentionally Adapt and Shape the Future You Want

by Penny Locaso


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Learn to love uncertainty—and shape the future you want

You have a successful life; a professional career, nice home, maybe kids or even a dog, so why are you so damn unhappy? Spread so thin at work, nothing gets the attention it needs; tasked with leading others through rapid change, you’re not sure where you’re heading yourself. Disruptive technology, catastrophic global events and increasing mental health problems means your secure and linear pathway to happiness no longer exists.

Success today is not about the perfect plan to achieve more, manage change and mitigate risk. Our brave new world is calling us to throw out any rulebook and leap into what we fear most—the unknown.

That’s exactly what Penny Locaso did when she turned her life upside-down to tackle our happiness-deficit problem. She emerged as the world’s first Happiness Hacker and the inventor of the Intentional Adaptability Quotient®: a quantifiable method for individuals and organisations to become more skillful at, and even relish, adapting to rapid change.

Welcomed by business leaders worldwide, IAQ® catapulted Penny to prominence as a TedX Talk star and faculty member at the acclaimed Singularity University by showing that in our highly disruptive present we must embrace instability and complexity to achieve clarity, purpose, and the sense of meaning that brings real joy.

  • Learn how experimentation, danger, and even failure are crucial to happiness and success
  • Take courage and focus on what you’re avoiding, not what you’re missing
  • Reskill yourself and others to accept—and even enjoy–uncertainty
  • Explore your IAQ®: focus, courage, curiosity, accountability, connection, experimentation and reflection

This book is an opportunity to look at work and the world through a new lens and see that by surfing on the edges of our comfort zone we—professionals, leaders, everyone—can intentionally adapt to create a successful and fulfilling future.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780730384991
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/05/2020
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 0.61(w) x 0.90(h) x 0.05(d)

About the Author

PENNY LOCASO is one of the most influential female entrepreneurs in Australia and the creator of the world's first educational program and measurement tool designed to humanise the future, the Intentional Adaptability Quotient®. Penny is the world's first Happiness Hacker and is a faculty member at Singularity University and an acclaimed TEDx and keynote speaker.

Table of Contents

About the author vii

Gratitude ix

Introduction xi

How to maximise your journey xix

Part I — The Happiness Poverty Problem 1

1. Why success is a shit sandwich 3

2. Screw the plan; embrace the uncertainty 21

3. From reacting to adapting 33

Part II — Hack Your Happiness 51

IAQ Skill 1 — Focus 53

4. Focus: Busy = Bullshit 55

5. Focus: From doing to being 79

IAQ Skill 2 — Courage 107

6. Courage: Fear is your future 109

7. Courage: Brave discomfort to shape change 131

IAQ Skill 3 — Curiosity 149

8. Curiosity: Embrace the unknown 151

9. Curiosity: To be, not to do 169

Perfection doesn’t live here, practice does 197

Continue your hacking happiness journey 201

Resources 203

Index 207

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