Have You Discovered Your Assignment with Destiny?

Have You Discovered Your Assignment with Destiny?

by Anthony Ugochukwu Aliche


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Have You Discovered Your Assignment with Destiny? by Anthony Ugochukwu Aliche

The subject of destiny has attracted various explanations from diverse schools of thought. While some believe in and espouse the philosophy of predestination, others hold that man is the architect of his own destiny-and still others fail to believe in the concept at all. Even among those who believe in the concept of destiny, there is lack of consensus about its definition and its workings given the critical nature of the subject of destiny. There is a need for man to clearly understand and employ the knowledge in his journey from mortality to immortality.

In Have You Discovered Your Assignment with Destiny? author Anthony Ugochukwu Aliche thoroughly examines the concept of destiny and seeks to guides others to an understanding of how this important aspect of our existence functions.

The journey begins with Aliche's lamentation of man's inability to acknowledge and define his destiny with particular reference to his assignment with himself, his obligation with his environment, and his assignment with the Creator and the entire cosmos. He believes that life lived without discovering one's assignment with destiny is life lived without putting God first-and consequently a life tragically wasted. He opens our eyes to the fact that so many lives could make a quantum leap if only they could turn to God and nature for the discovery and manifestation of our destiny.

The world would be a better place if we all discovered that we have a role to play individually and collectively that we can only achieve if we strive to discover our assignment with destiny.

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ISBN-13: 9781475936643
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/25/2012
Pages: 276
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Have You Discovered Your Assignment with Destiny?

By Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-3664-3

Chapter One

What is destiny?

Since the dawn of consciousness, the subject of destiny—its importance, origin, and power, and the illumined wisdom it contains—has remained a critical and controversial issue which even the best academicians and experts in various fields have not been able to address. From mortality to immortality, man has not been able to discern whether his life is driven by destiny. This is why just a few of the humans who have come into this world have been able to realize their assignments with destiny.

These people are defined and honoured as the Twelve World Teachers; they fall into different categories including cosmic messengers, super mystics, metaphysicists, illumined philosophers, innovators, and inventors. This is why I accepted the task of writing on this serious topic; it was a monumental assignment from the Infinite bank of Mother Destiny.

As commonly understood by millions of humans all over the world, destiny is God in action, when man decides as a vessel of destiny to comply with the ingenious directives of the Creator. The dynamic function of destiny defies explanation; it is beyond ordinary expression. Since the dawn of consciousness, humans have not been able to understand that all our actions—particularly those that help develop the global family—are planned, driven, conceived, and developed by destiny.

Destiny can be defined as nature's greatest and most complex concept, involving the use and application of psychological, spiritual, and meta-transcendental factors. Life is destiny-driven; hence, when our activities are planned under the canopy of destiny, we discover that our lives involve little or no struggle—because destiny is a power and a wisdom mightier than any human engineering.

In this respect, when our life is ordered and governed by destiny, we discover that we naturally become co-creators, authorities in our field even if we have little academic training. Case studies of this are the lives of Jesus Christ, the Prophet Muhammad, Lao-Tse, or Akhenaton. Destiny made Plato develop a metaphysical community that has not been equaled since the dawn of consciousness.

As I write on the subject of destiny, consider these important questions:

* Have you discovered your assignment with destiny?

* Do you know that you are an image of destiny?

* Are you aware that destiny does not work with ego, discrimination, and self-centredness?

* Are you aware that the entire universe, which is a canopy of divine grace, is the province of enlightened destiny?

* Are you aware that "I can try" is a maxim developed and put into practice from the ingenious bank of destiny?

* Do you know that every objective author borrows his words from the consummate pen of destiny?

* Do you know that our lifestyle is determined by creations of destiny that we have not known or put into practice?

A look at these questions makes us understand that destiny is real, it is practical, and it is beyond words and thoughts. This is why it is naturally devoid of all acts and concepts of negativity and speculation.

It is unfortunate that people do not realize that as we have a dual mental system, destiny functions on both the spiritual and physical levels. For example, the application of physical destiny makes people excel in material creativity—in research and inventions, technology, engineering, and science. But spiritual destiny develops our innermost being to think of things divine—to show love, to be our brother's keeper, and to understand that life is a pilgrimage, involving things that tally with the Ten Commandments.

In this respect, we can now appreciate that the dynamic and technological achievements of Michael Faraday, Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Dr. Walter Russell were manifestations of material destiny, while the victory of Jesus Christ, the achievements of Plato, the mission of Lao-Tse, and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad were manifestations of spiritual destiny.

It is the mission of this chapter to invite researchers, academicians, and other experts in various fields of human endeavor to investigate what destiny is all about, to appreciate its origin, and to include it in the curriculum of universities around the world. This will help students understand where they belong and appreciate what they are meant to do, because when a student is taught to appreciate his destiny, he will certainly become a great scholar and a genius.

This book is intended to invoke deep and positive thinking, positive action, and positive creativity. The subject of destiny might seem controversial, but it's a great topic which challenges everyone to recognize that we can do nothing when our life and destiny is in slumber. This is why the definition of destiny is best understood by those who appreciate that evolution and civilization are the modest and dynamic outcome of human growth and development.

What is destiny? The question asks us to understand that genius is inherent within us, while mediocrity is self-inflicted. The choice between the two rests with our individual desire. This is why the mandate of this book is to enlighten people, motivating them to work on and cooperate with their assignment with destiny, without which all endeavours become vanity upon vanity. Destiny, in this context, is defined as the living and monumental wisdom of all ages.

A lot of people do not understand the real meaning and purpose of destiny. This is why they have lived their lives without contributing anything meaningful to their generation.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), destiny is defined in the following way:

What happens to somebody or what will happen to them in the future, especially things that they cannot change or avoid.

When the OED was originally published more than four hundred years ago, this was an accepted definition. But this book will reveal that the original definition is no longer valid.

Webster's defines destiny in a bit more detail:

State or condition appointed or predetermined; ultimate fate; doom; lot; fortune; destination; destiny as men are solicitous to know their future destiny.

Invisible necessity, fate, a necessity or fixed order of things established, as by a divine decree, or by an indissoluble connection of causes and effects.

In You Can Control Your Destiny, Mike Omoleye defines destiny as

the channel through which each person realizes the daily experiences of life.

He goes on further to say that an individual's destiny refers to the action of man's will or that freedom of action granted to him by nature to shape his life according to his own desire.

A look at these definitions from different perspectives reveals that none of these authorities was able to capture an impeccable definition of destiny. The author of this book, from the ingenuity of his inspired wisdom that he has adopted as a business necessity and revealer, is empowered and authorized to define destiny as follows:

Destiny is God's supreme gift or light or favour or power or providence, which is naturally and spiritually irrevocable.

Destiny is God's consummate authority which, when properly utilized by the beholder, extols him as a co-creator, reveals him as a lover of truth, and inspires him to do things that will help humanity grow.

Destiny is the spiritual current which, when properly utilized, ennobles one to serve the Creator according to the absolute grace which was bestowed upon him.

Destiny is the anatomy and foundation of any great success. This is why its recognition and application will serve humanity while extolling the person beyond his era and above his age and educational level. This is why destiny is defined as God when employed in objective and creative action.

A case study of destiny is found in the story of Solomon, the world's wisest man. He began as a mediocre man with vast material wealth, but later he developed great wisdom through the use and application of destiny.

We can be so many things at a time without realizing our assignment with destiny, without beholding our destiny, without knowing the purpose for which we were created. This is why the ancient thinkers were applauded for their objective use of destiny.

In this respect, destiny can be defined as the science and employment of God's gift for effective service of the universal family. This is why all those who serve honestly are highly ennobled, blessed, enriched, and immortalized—because the pinnacle of destiny is anchored in immortality.

Solomon defined destiny as "God and man in action," while I define destiny as God, man, nature, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ in effective cooperation and noble occupation.

A look at the mysteries and wonders of destiny reveals that all of us are blessed and enriched, but our problems lie in not adhering to the rules and regulations that will help us tap into and utilize our destiny for the betterment of all.

I think of destiny as a wonderful housewife who unconditionally loves her husband. He is the head of the family, his wife is the neck, and the two work together for the benefit of the family, to the wonder and envy of their friends and neighbours.

In this respect, destiny with its objective utilization is the foundation of creation; it has served man as the beginning and culmination of his faith and his mission. The following chapter will reveal the do's and don'ts of destiny, and it will reveal why some people are better off than others financially or spiritually.

History is full of celebrations of great successes, and these celebrations can inspire all of us to learn and work toward our destiny. When this book states that genius is inherent in every man, while mediocrity is self-inflicted, it serves to emphasize that the choice to be destined lies within us, the reason to succeed lies within us, and to strive for success is our mandate. The statement that destiny is a supreme vessel that drives all ingenious creativity is not an angry statement or a mockery of truth. Instead, it is a simple acknowledgment that no human can succeed in life without understanding why he was created, the purpose of creation, the meaning of service, and the wonders and mysteries of God. This is why, in attesting for the water of destiny, which flows directly from the fountain of divinity, I hereby confirm with authoritative wisdom and ingenuity that the principle that determines the definition of destiny lies in, with, and for man.

Destiny is best defined as man in action when the Creator is in purpose-driven motion—man in agreement with the Creator when he submits himself wholly to the controlling power of the Holy Spirit. This is why destiny can be thought of as an eternal and supreme current, right from the foundation of universal creativity.

For the record, destiny is both created by God and creative. It is enduring and empowering. All these qualities make God what He is. Man, too, deserves to cooperate with the owner of destiny, for there is no other way he can realize his spiritual mandate without steadily beholding himself in the mirror of the Creator. Destiny, therefore, is God in action when man is in effective cooperation with his Creator. That is why this book begins with the question, Have you discovered your assignment with destiny?

Think ...

"Destiny is the spiritual current which, when properly utilized, ennobles one to serve the Creator according to the absolute destiny which was bestowed upon him." Anthony U. Aliche

"Every people should be the originators of their own designs, the projector of their own schemes, and creators of the events that lead to their destiny—the consummation of their desires." Martin Robison Delany

"Discover your passion; find out that which makes you happy. Work on it, groom it, and follow that direction. In that lies your destiny." Rejoice Adiele

Chapter Two

The origin of destiny hereby revealed and examined with the use and application of inspiration, which maintains a spiritual and business purpose with destiny

Our concept of creation has come of age. The science of evolution has revealed that everything has an origin, every origin has perfect and immortal roots, and every root is natural, not magical. Even phenomena that have been defined as magic are materially created. Nature has revealed that she follows an order, that she has a leader.

Nature also has shown that without the power of that leader, she cannot function. As our civilization evolves, one of our greatest scientific challenges is to better understand—and to appreciate on a deeper spiritual level—the origins of natural life.

Like any other thing in life, destiny is created out of an ingenious dominant gift from the supernatural intelligent being—created, in fact, from the monumental rhythm of supernatural intelligence.

It is important to note that the origin of all things is perfectly and absolutely unique, a direct product of the Creator. This is why the universe depends on the Universal One: destiny depends on its supreme origination. It is here that the science and gift of destiny intersect, and the Creator becomes the consummate Monad.

Many people do not understand that destiny is our supernatural gift, part of our inherent nature. It is the ultimate ingenuity that determines what we are going to be, whether we will succeed, when our success will manifest itself, and the power and purpose of its manifestation. Destiny is the supreme answer to the question, What makes great men?

Evolution is no longer understood strictly in terms of religious teachings, theological dogmas, and cultural traditions. The time has come when man and science should acknowledge the Creator's role in evolution so that we will understand what makes Him the consummate super Monad.

The biblical story of creation reveals that destiny has its supreme origin in the abundant ingenuity of the Creator. Its origin is as old as the Creator's celestial statement "Come let us make man in our image."

Therefore our success, our position in life, our well-being—all that makes us a living and cardinal image of God—is spiritual. We are an embodiment of our destiny as anointed by the Creator.

Science was able to separate the Creator from His creations simply because it never made any efforts to seek Him, to seek the purpose and destiny of science, to seek the ingenuity of spirituality and the Super-Genius Monad.

But our life cannot be complete if our destiny is not aligned with our creations, our actions, our reactions, our well-being, and our service to humanity.

The destiny of Jesus Christ, the light of the destined world, is a big lesson for all of us, proving that destiny is strong. In fact, the power of destiny is more lasting and creative than the power of talent.

Destiny is the greatest of God's gifts, which are irrevocable. When harnessed and used well, it makes you a lord over so many other ingenious creations. Talent, on the other hand, is manifested in a single product, an iota of the monumental works of destiny.

Many people have discovered their talents and then used them to create material empires for their own benefit and that of their families. But any man who discovers his assignment with destiny creates original wealth and abundant services for the welfare of the world. This is what we see in the lives of the Twelve World Teachers, great co-creators who used their destiny in service to humanity, in service to God, and in exaltation of themselves. This book encourages you to emulate those teachers by accepting the following spiritual advice:

When praying, always ask the Creator to help youto discover your assignment with destiny, not just your talents.

Keep in mind that the power of destiny is limitless, revealing our spiritual connectivity with the Infinite Trinity.

Man and destiny share the same divine origin. That is why destiny is more supreme than talent. Destiny is an anointing from the spiritual love bank of the Creator.

Destiny's living presence in us makes us more active, more creative, more functional, and more dynamic, with pragmatic ideas and concepts. When one discovers his assignment with destiny, he is living in heaven on earth.

The power of destiny is the power of love, light, life, truth, and enabling. Since the dawn of consciousness, only a few humans have discovered their assignment with destiny, and only a few countries have been able to discover their assignment with destiny.

So the question, then, is "Are you different from these humans who have discovered their assignment with destiny?"


Excerpted from Have You Discovered Your Assignment with Destiny? by Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche Copyright © 2012 by Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


About Truth Is Universal Publishers....................x
Global Praise for Professor Aliche and His Works....................xii
A. U. Aliche's Exaltation and Celebration of Wisdom....................xviii
Quotes from the Destined Bank of Anthony Ugochukwu Aliche....................xxiv
Foreword 1....................xxvii
Foreword 2....................xxx
Watch Your Thoughts....................xxxiii
The Philosophy of This Book....................xxxix
What Can be Accepted as the Original Wisdom of this Book?....................xliii
What is the purpose of this book, with its ingenious ontology?....................xlvi
Chapter 1 What is destiny?....................1
Chapter 2 The origin of destiny hereby revealed and examined with the use and application of inspiration, which maintains a spiritual and business purpose with destiny....................9
Chapter 3 What is the power of destiny?....................14
Chapter 4 What informed the wisdom and power of destiny, causing it to be purpose-creative?....................19
Chapter 5 Why is man a subject and object of divine destiny?....................23
Chapter 6 Has man known these divine facts, which represent great knowledge?....................29
Chapter 7 Have you discovered your destiny?....................33
Chapter 8 How have you used your destiny for creative achievement?....................38
Chapter 9 Whom have you benefited through the use and application of your destiny?....................44
Chapter 10 Why do some people waste their destiny rather than using it to live an honest, purpose-driven life?....................49
Chapter 11 What are the purpose and the philosophy of Africa's assignment with destiny, if any?....................55
Chapter 12 What practical lessons are to be derived from this assignment?....................63
Chapter 13 How and why does the discovery of your destiny make you a co-creator with the universal creativity?....................68
Chapter 14 How and why is Jesus known as the consummate star and the monument of ingenious destiny?....................74
Chapter 15 Why did Solomon in his wisdom designate destiny as the original root of his knowledge?....................78
Chapter 16 What is the position of destiny in regard to our parents and upbringing?....................82
Chapter 17 Do the scriptures give a genealogical account of men who discovered their assignment with destiny, and how are those genealogies chronicled?....................87
Chapter 18 Can any person discover his destiny without being in tune with the Infinite?....................93
Chapter 19 Why is destiny defined as the spiritual strength of our success?....................98
Chapter 20 How can you affect others in order to help them discover their assignment with destiny?....................103
Chapter 21 Why is destiny known as the original root, resource, and power of the secrets of light?....................108
Chapter 22 Why is destiny known as a mission that must be fulfilled through honest accomplishments?....................112
Chapter 23 What can constitute delays in the actualization of our destiny?....................117
Chapter 24 What are the main lessons to be learned from these delays when they occur?....................122
Chapter 25 Can the success of one's destiny be celebrated—and, if so, how and why?....................127
Chapter 26 Why is the destiny of Christmas known worldwide as the subject of the Infinite Trinity?....................132
Chapter 27 How does destiny reveal the story of birth and rebirth in a simple and humble way?....................139
Chapter 28 How and why is your destiny formed by the spiritual power of God?....................143
Chapter 29 What informed the celestial teachings surrounding mankind's beginning, the spiritual manifestation of your destiny?....................147
Chapter 30 How does the discovery of our destiny bring us gloriously to the wisdom of all ages?....................152
Chapter 31 Is it true that the power, wisdom, and knowledge of destiny are more useful and fruitful than the wisdom of academics?....................157
Chapter 32 Why is destiny known by the Orientals as the apostolic expression and manifestation of God's ingenuity?....................161
A General Overview of This Book....................167
Other Quotes from the Mighty and Enriched Bank of Destiny....................170
Published Books....................185

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