The Healer of Los Olmos and Other Mexican Lore

The Healer of Los Olmos and Other Mexican Lore


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ISBN-13: 9781574411089
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
Publication date: 04/01/2000
Series: Publications of the Texas Folklore Society Series
Pages: 139
Sales rank: 917,808
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Wilson M. Hudson was the editor of the Texas Folklore Society from 1963 to 1971 after becoming associated with the Society when he began teaching at The University of Texas.

Table of Contents

Charm in Mexican Folktales1
Don Pedrito Jaramillo: The Curandero of Los Olmos9
Why This Was Written9
The Life of Don Pedrito Jaramillo: Benefactor of Humanity11
Dionisio Tells of His Cures18
An Early Memory of Don Pedrito20
Don Juan and Don Pedrito20
How Senora Tomasita de Canales Was Cured22
Tomas Flores Had No Regrets24
The Bewitched Woman25
An Ax in the Hand and Faith in the Heart27
Mabel Sutherland Remembers Don Pedrito28
Borrowed Shoes31
Chat Vela and the Brujo31
When One Brings a Lie32
Cured with a Lemon33
Without Looking Back34
Baths and Beer35
A Sure Cure for Migraine Headache36
The Growth That Vanished36
An Epileptic Is Cured37
Cure of a Horsebreaker38
Various Cures39
A Grassburr in His Throat40
A Citizen of Leon, Mexico, Visits Texas40
The Namesake in New Mexico41
The Night of the New Moon42
From the North42
Without the Doctor's Knowledge43
A Hot Bath for Fever44
Half a Glass of Tepid Water45
Three Leaves of Prickly Pear45
Escape from a Mad Dog46
The Cure of a Horse46
Mysterious Money47
The Marvelous Cure of a Shepherd49
Cured of Drinking49
Don Pedrito Sings50
At Midnight in a Lake50
The Cripple51
Diego Was Cured52
The Spade and the Hoe52
To Be Well in March53
God Cured Him54
Asthma for Life54
Complete But for One Son55
Not a Turkey Egg55
A Vaquero Who Failed to Follow Directions56
Faith Healed Him56
Soldier Herb57
Susto Cured by Susto57
Nine Onions and Nine Baths58
Little Petra59
The Church Bell60
From the Town of Refugio62
The Vow Fulfilled62
The Spirit of Don Pedrito Gives Hope63
Senora Maria Saenz65
Don Pedrito's Spirit in Monterrey65
The Stranger at the Grave66
Copies of Written Prescriptions67
A Backward Glance68
Mexican Folklore From Austin, Texas71
Conditions of Collection71
The Weeping Woman73
The Return of the Gardener77
The Fat Man78
The Wandering Prince80
Ratoncito Perez81
The Real84
Tales of the Devil86
The Stranger86
Lidia and the Devil86
The Ball of Fire88
The Spotted Pooch89
The Sow in the Plaza90
Ghost Tales90
The Cold, Clammy Hand90
La Esperanza91
A Visit with the Dead92
The Midnight Call93
Indian Rendezvous94
A Dead Man Speaks94
The German Girl95
Tales of Buried Treasure96
Treasure at the Hacienda de los Albarcones96
Horses' Hoofbeats99
The Smugglers' Treasure99
A Strange Animal100
A White Light100
The Stagecoach101
Saints' Miracles102
Innocence Proved102
The Saint Who Disappeared102
"El Nino Perdido"103
The Protection of the Saints103
St. Anthony Performs a Miracle104
The Virgin104
The Traveler105
Benito Casarez106
Beliefs and Superstitions114
Proverbs and Sayings118
To Whom God Wishes to Give He Will Give128
The Fisherman and the Snake of Many Colors132
The Marvelous Cure of a Shepherd48
The Weeping Woman75
Ratoncito Perez82
The Fisherman and the Snake of Many Colors133

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