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The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue

The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue


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With over 1 million copies sold worldwide and translated into 29 languages, Dr. Alex Loyd's international bestselling book is a life-changing program that uses energy medicine to heal mental and physical challenges.

The Healing Code is your healing kit for life-to recover from the issues you know about, and repair the ones you don't. The book also includes:
  • The Seven Secrets of life, health, and prosperity
  • The 10-second Instant Impact technique for defusing daily stress
  • The Heart Issues Finder, the only test that identifies your source issues in a succinct personalized report

Dr. Alex Loyd discovered how to activate a physical function built into the body that consistently and predictably removes the source of 95% of all illness and disease. His findings were validated by tests and by the thousands of people from all over the world who have used The Healing Code's system to heal virtually any physical, emotional, or relational issue.

His testing also revealed that there is a "Universal Healing Code" that will heal most issues for most people. In this book you will get that Universal Healing Code, which takes only minutes to do.

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ISBN-13: 9781455502004
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 09/10/2013
Pages: 300
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About the Author

Alex Loyd, PhD, ND holds doctorates in Pyschology and Naturopathic Medicine. His 12-year search for a cure for his wife's depression led to the discovery of The Healing Codes system to heal the source of virtually any physical, emotional, success, or relational issue.

Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD, was clinical director of the Immune Recover Clinic in Atlanta, GA for several years. He has lectured all over the world about how The Healing Codes work. He is the only MD featured in The Secret.

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The Healing Code

6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue
By Loyd, Alexander

Grand Central Life & Style

Copyright © 2011 Loyd, Alexander
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781455502011


Jordan Rubin

The Healing Code developed by Dr. Alex Loyd is a revelation to all who are desperately searching for answers to the challenges they face in their everyday lives.

During my two-year battle with several incurable illnesses, I visited seventy experts in conventional and alternative health, desperate for a cure. After conquering my own diseases through active faith in God and following natural health principals, I went on a mission to transform the health of this nation and world one life at a time. In my quest to find the most effective foundational keys to unlock the health potential of the body, soul and spirit, I have evaluated hundreds of healing modalities, most with mixed results at best.

I was introduced to The Healing Codes by a friend, and I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical. Once I heard and read the amazing testimonials of changed lives, and found out that The Healing Codes system was discovered after twelve years of prayer, is completely in harmony with the Bible, and is steeped in science, I wanted to learn more. Shortly thereafter I had the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Alex Loyd. If I had any doubts, they were erased: Alex is a walking testimony to the system he developed.

Not only has Alex facilitated his own family’s physical and emotional health breakthroughs, his compassion for those in need and willingness to help people at all costs make him unlike anyone I have ever known. Alex is one of the most contented, giving and peaceful men I have ever met. I have watched Alex Loyd and The Healing Codes dramatically improve the health of friends and family, producing measurable results physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Yet it wasn’t until I was dealing with a great personal crisis that I realized the true power that lies in The Healing Codes. When facing what seemed like insurmountable odds, I worked with Alex daily for a period of forty days and diligently used The Healing Codes to resolve and heal the issues of my heart, many of which I didn’t know existed. During this process I was able to almost effortlessly remove painful past experiences and truly forgive those who had hurt me over the years and, more importantly, seek forgiveness on behalf of those I had hurt. I experienced yet another God-given miracle in my life in body, soul and spirit, and I owe much gratitude to Dr. Alex Loyd and The Healing Codes.

This book is based on that system and gives you the essence of what makes it work. With The Healing Code you have so much more than a just a book. Right now you hold in your hands the keys to unlock your own God-given health potential.

If you utilize the tools in The Healing Code, you can achieve true forgiveness, banish wrong beliefs and heal the issues of your heart that are causing stress, failure and even physical disease in your life. Yet as powerful as The Healing Code principles are, they won’t work by themselves. You must diligently practice the Healing Code techniques and use the tools, such as the Heart Issues Finder. I urge you to take the time to develop your personalized Healing Code program using the tools in Chapters Eleven and Twelve, you’ll be amazed at the quick and effective “Instant Impact” technique that takes 10 seconds to eliminate stress, negative emotions, and increase energy for the day. But it won’t do you any good unless you use it when you need it!

Today in America, we hear a great deal about health REFORM. If you utilize the powerful tools available to you in The Healing Code, you will see your health and life TRANSFORM from the inside out.

I have benefited greatly from the revelation and wisdom I’ve received from Dr. Alex Loyd. Now it’s time for you to begin your own journey to extraordinary health with The Healing Code.

Jordan S. Rubin, NMD, PhD

New York Times bestselling author of more than 20 health and wellness books

Host of the Extraordinary Health television program

Founder and CEO, Garden of Life


The Seven Secrets to Life, Health and Prosperity


Secret #1: There Is One Source of Illness and Disease

In order to see the door we’re now ready to walk through, let’s take a look at the path that brought us here. Let us tell you in advance that the door we see before us has been predicted by the greatest scientific minds of our time for decades, and in some cases even centuries. So this door that we’re ready to walk through is a golden door that science has searched for, and what is on the other side is going to change the world of health forever. To say that this is a paradigm shift is an understatement.

As I (Ben) mentioned earlier, I was healed of Lou Gehrig’s disease after using The Healing Codes for less than three months. I was so impressed with this program that I have begun lecturing all over the country about The Healing Codes and how they work. This also led to my being the only MD featured in the popular DVD, The Secret. One of the things I lecture about is the Five Eras of Healing, because it gives us important background as to where we have arrived at this point in history and may also explain why The Healing Codes could not have been discovered before now.


There are five main eras we’ll speak about here. The first era was prayer. Before human beings knew or understood nutrition or any type of medicine, all they could do was pray. This may seem a strange place to begin the history of medicine, but let’s think about Man in the beginning. When humankind experienced ill health, all they could do was seek the deities for healing. History is replete with idols, religious practices, and ceremonies for healing. In Greek mythology, Apollo was believed to be the primary source of healing, and he transmitted his powers to his son Asclepius, who not only prevented people from dying, but even raised some from the dead. In northern Peru, healing ceremonies are still performed by women called curanderos. The curanderos use prayer and sacred objects, cleanse the patient with holy water, and call on the spirit power to help them discover the cause of the affliction and to cleanse and heal them.

Today, God is still sought as the sole source of healing by many cultures, religions, and individuals. Some people through the years have believed that the power of prayer was in the praying itself, while others have believed the source of the power to be supernatural intervention by a greater power. Recently, many scientific studies have indicated the effectiveness of prayer in the area of healing. Dr. Larry Dossey, MD, has written several books on the power of prayer in healing (Healing Words: The Power of Prayer in the Practice of Medicine; Miracles of Mind: Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness and Spiritual Healing; Reinventing Medicine: Beyond the Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing, etc). Studies called “The Mantra Study Project” have been conducted at Duke University (Horrigan, 1999) and found that patients with angina gained the most benefit from receiving prayer. People through the ages have prayed because they believe in a higher power. Another theory is that healing flows from belief in healing itself. Science has also proven that belief itself is a very powerful healer. Medicine has dismissed this and even disparaged it, calling it the “placebo effect.” Nevertheless, the effect is very real and not to be discounted.

On a more physical level, it didn’t take long to figure out that certain leaves, twigs, roots, or bark were valuable in healing. So we began a long history of herb use. This fell into brief disrepute and decreased usage in Western civilization during the twentieth century. However, it has made a tremendous comeback. You can hardly drive down the street without seeing an herb or nutritional shop. In our recent travels lecturing around the world, we hear people talking about vitamin, mineral, and herbal alternatives everywhere we go. This resurgence has been all the more remarkable because it’s not the backwoods uneducated, but the very sophisticated intellectuals who have come to the same conclusions about herbs and supplements that others have known for centuries. China has been using herbs from time immemorial—as long as there has been recorded history.

Western civilization has upped the ante on Chinese medicine by trying to concentrate certain parts of plant foods, which has resulted in a huge vitamin/nutritional industry. Bookshelves are full of the findings of modern miracles from plants. Nutrition shops have hundreds of products that have been extremely beneficial to people with virtually every disease.

However, this is coming to a screeching halt. A new law has been passed called “CODEX,” promoted by the World Health Organization, that will limit concentrations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential oils to levels that would fall short of the healing effects that we’ve experienced for decades. Anything above this will have to be prescribed by a physician and be purchased at a dramatically higher price. You may think that I’m talking about some future event, but any government that has ratified the WHO agreement is already under that law. Even countries like the U.S. with extremely strong constitutions find themselves under this law because treaty law can override constitutional law. CODEX met in Rome in June of 2005 and affirmed the drug-industry-imposed standards in a Codex guidance document entitled “Vitamin and Mineral Guideline.” It has already taken effect in Germany, where you can now only get vitamins in significant doses via prescription from a physician. I predict that many governments will move slowly to regulate this industry so that there will not be an outcry from the public. I believe they will try the “frog in the water” approach. This is particularly disturbing when considered in light of the far greater danger of pharmaceutical drugs—especially in this circumstance, over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs—that with CODEX in effect would be much easier to obtain than vitamins.

One might wonder why governments would pass a law like this, which makes vitamins, minerals and nutrients illegal over the counter but lets much more toxic pharmaceuticals remain restriction free. The pharmaceutical industry does not profit when someone gets well; they only profit when someone treats symptoms month after month and year after year.

This leads into our next era of medicine, the drug/chemical era. Why do I call them chemicals? Very simply, that’s what they are. The way most drugs are developed is to find an herb that has a benefit. They then try to break it down and find out the “active” ingredients. Now, this is still not patentable. And remember, there is no profit without exclusivity. So the next step in the process of making a drug is that we have to alter the “active” ingredient so that it’s not natural.

Now we have a chemical. You would think that’s not so bad, but understand that the organic systems of the body are designed to deal only with organic materials. So we have a substance, a drug that the body can no longer break down. This is called a toxin. We have a whole industry that is built around manufacturing toxins when we could be using natural organic materials that work much more efficiently with the physiology of the body and all of the natural components that are part of the original organic substance or plant. Example: One of the top-selling drugs in history is called Valium. It is taken from the Valerian root. This root is one of the best natural sedatives and anti-anxiety agents. There has never been one case in history of a person being addicted to Valerian root. However, no company can patent the Valerian root. It occurs naturally in nature. The synthesization of the Valerian root, in order to create a more powerful and patentable drug, has resulted in the need for Valium addiction clinics all over the world.

To continue our journey, next we’ll take a look at surgery. Mankind has dabbled with surgery for centuries. However, it remained very crude until the discovery of anesthesia. Prior to this, physicians could only perform what people could tolerate based on their level of pain or how many people you had to hold them down. Alcohol was occasionally used as a general anesthetic. The purpose and value of surgery was to remove something that was life threatening. For instance, if someone had gangrene of the foot, the surgeon would have the person held down and take a hack saw and cut off the leg. Fire was initially used for cautery. Needless to say, we have come a long way in our surgical techniques. However, now not only is surgery used for life-threatening situations, but some would even say it is used frivolously in cosmetic surgery, a booming industry. While statistics indicate that a significant number of surgeries are performed unnecessarily, surgical trauma medicine has been a great gift to civilization and is responsible for the saving of countless lives.


Now for what you’ve been waiting for: the golden door. What the greatest scientific minds of our time, starting with Albert Einstein, have predicted has now been discovered, validated, and made available to the general public. Many other great scientists have spoken to this subject, but we will leave this for the Second Secret later in the book. I will begin with a quote from one of those great minds:

“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body.”

– Professor William Tiller, Stanford University

That’s right, energy is the final frontier. It is the ultimate form of healing. Medicine has been dabbling in it for some years, and even unwillingly been dragged into it, but irresistibly it has arrived. We haven’t always known that sunlight had a healing effect. Madame Curie helped us to enter this era with the discovery of radium and X-rays. She also discovered how damaging energy could be. You will learn more about what “energy” is, and how extremely damaging or healing it can be, in the coming chapters. You will also understand why it is the future of health and healing.


The way almost all health problems are diagnosed and treated today is based on what is called a “symptom complex.” The symptom complex is used not only in traditional medicine, but also in alternative health care, and it has been used for hundreds of years.

The way a symptom complex works is much like it sounds. The doctor or health care practitioner, problem solver, counselor, or helper, takes note of all the symptoms that a person has. Once they’ve identified the symptoms, they then consult a book, a chart, or their experience to determine what is the most likely problem based on that particular set of symptoms. Once they’ve determined what most likely the problem is—this is called a diagnosis—they then move on to treatment, asking, “What is the best way to treat that problem within the standard of practice?” Treatment is largely determined by the methodology of the practitioner. Traditional medical doctors use surgery, medications—things like that. Alternative health care providers use herbs, minerals and vitamins, not to “treat” disease, but to support optimal health. Counselors and therapists teach and advocate thinking about the problem differently and using behavioral techniques, or simply provide the support of a kind ear.

So the symptom complex basically involves three stages:

  1. Presentation of symptoms.

  2. Diagnosis based on the presenting of symptoms that comes from experience, schooling, or a book.

  3. Actual intervention, therapy or treatment of the problem based on the diagnosis.

There are literally thousands of possibilities for each of these three stages. When you talk about health issues, you have physical health and mental health. Other problems would include relational problems, career problems, and peak performance issues (as in athletics, achievement, speaking, and sales). Each of these issues has different possibilities depending on what the issues are that you’re dealing with and the methodology of the practitioner. In other words, this process can become extremely complicated and even controversial, because different experts disagree on what the diagnosis should be, and even more so regarding the intervention, therapy or treatment that is needed.

If you want to get an idea of how frustrating this issue can be, go to the Internet and type any health issue into a search engine. It doesn’t matter what it is—pick a disease, pick a mental health issue, pick headaches, whatever you want. You’ll probably find a lot of interesting information, but you’ll also find a tremendous amount of disagreement, not only about what causes the problem, but especially what to do about it. You may very well come away a little bit disillusioned, realizing how much the experts disagree. So if the experts disagree, how in the world does the person who’s not an expert, who’s just a person with a problem, ferret out and determine what is the best course of action for them without wasting a tremendous amount of time or money; or in the worst case, possibly losing their life because of trying a solution that is not the right one for them?

Let’s talk some more about the expense of time and money. Let’s say that you did do that Internet search and found that there were ten different suggestions for how to go about dealing with your problem. Let’s say you tried six of them before trying the one that benefited you most. In this case you probably wasted a great amount of money and time on the first five that did not help your problem.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were one source of all problems? If there were one source of all problems, you could simply address that one thing that is the source in order to solve whatever your problem was. This would have several advantages. You wouldn’t waste so much time and money, because you’d only be working on one thing! If there’s one source of all problems then it also has to be the source of your problems, so you could feel confident that if you’re healing that one source, then you’re improving in all directions. You might even go so far as to say, “If I’m healing the one source, then I know I’m doing what is best for my problem.”

You could have peace of mind because you know that you’re doing what’s best—you’re working on the one source. You could have peace of mind because you know you’re almost definitely saving a lot of money. You could have peace of mind because you know you’re saving a lot of precious time and energy because you can go directly to addressing that one source.

The final reason may be the biggest one of all. That is, if there were one source of all problems, and if you have ten problems, you could relieve all of them at one time, because they all go back to that same one source. If you heal that one source, you could actually be healing all ten of the worst problems that are keeping you from having the life you want to have, having the relationships you want to have, having the peace, the prosperity, and the success you want to have. You could be dealing with all of them at the same time rather than having to do it the old way by treating one of them at a time and going through that symptom complex and using a different intervention for each one of them.

So there would be multiple advantages to having only one source of all health problems.

Well, get ready to celebrate, because the one thing that most people in the health field agree on is that there is one source of almost all health problems. That’s our first Secret!


Let’s go back to our example of doing a Web search on a health problem. Remember our frustration because the experts disagreed on how to treat the problem? Well, the one thing that just about everyone does agree on is that almost all health issues originate from one problem—STRESS! In fact, over the last 10-15 years this has become so universally accepted that even the United States federal government has come out publicly in agreement.

As we stated earlier, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta says that 90 percent of all health issues are related to stress. Dr. Bruce Lipton, on the other hand, in research released in 1998 out of Stanford University Medical School, disagrees with the CDC. Based on his laboratory work, Dr. Lipton believes that over 95 percent of all illness and disease is linked to stress.

The major media regularly covers the topic. The New York Times online Health Guide points out that “stress can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or anxious. What is stressful to one person is not necessarily stressful to another.”

Back in September 2004, Newsweek devoted the cover and major issue of the magazine to “The New Science of Mind & Body.” Articles covered “Forgiveness and Health,” “Stress and Infertility,” “Clues to Heart Disease” and more. We’ll get back to the idea of “Forgiveness and Health” later on.

Another prominent news magazine, Time, on its cover called high blood pressure “the stealth killer” that was spinning out of control. Stress has been identified as a cause of high blood pressure again and again.

I have pages and pages of research on how stress is the source of illness. One article in USA Today from May 30, 2004, called “Manage Stress, Manage Illness,” cited sources from Harvard, Arizona State University, University of North Carolina, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, Michigan Technological University, the American Medical Association (AMA), Tulane University, Indiana University Cancer Center, and the Department of Health and Human Services. Other studies are from the Mayo Clinic, Vanderbilt University, the Yale Stress Center, Harvard Medical School, the CDC, the Anderson Cancer Center, the National Academy of Sciences, Boston University—the list goes on, and is added to every week as new research comes out.

So what does all this mean? It means that the very first question we should be asking ourselves based on the latest research is this: “What is the stress that’s causing this and how can I fix it?”

Before we can answer this question, we need to answer another question, “What exactly is stress in the body?”


What exactly is stress? Is it getting a bill in the mail? Having an argument with a neighbor? Things not going as we planned at work? Concern about our health? You name it, and yes, it can be stressful. However, there is a critical difference between circumstantial issues that we normally think of as stress and physiological stress that results in illness and disease.

Physiological stress, simply put, is when our nervous system is out of balance. The central nervous system can be described using the analogy of a car. If you continually floor the gas pedal, you’ll end up breaking something. Likewise, if you ride the brakes, you will end up breaking something. The car is designed to work properly with the gas and brakes working harmoniously in balance. The same can be said of the central nervous system. This system has two parts, just like the gas and brakes on the car. The gas is similar to the sympathetic nervous system (amping things up), while the parasympathetic nervous system works similarly to the brakes (slowing things down). The state-of-the-art test in mainstream medicine for measuring physiological stress is called “Heart Rate Variability” (HRV), and measures the balance or lack of balance in this system. We’ll talk more about this test later.

The larger part of the nervous system is called the autonomic nervous system (ANS). “Autonomic” means “automatic,” because we don’t have to think about it. It happens automatically. In fact, 99.99 percent of everything going on in the body at any given moment is under the autonomic nervous system’s control. We have about five trillion bits of information coming into the brain every second. We are only aware of about ten thousand bits.

For instance, you don’t think about the food that you ate for lunch in your small intestine. You don’t have to think about moving it on to the next segment of the bowel. You don’t have to think about adding amylase to break down protein. Or adding lipase to break down fat. You don’t have to think about increasing insulin to handle excess sugar. You are not thinking about your kidneys getting rid of the excess sodium because you added extra salt to your food. You’re not thinking about your liver detoxifying the pesticides that were on the vegetables, nor about your immune system fighting the bacteria that came in with the food. We could keep on going, but you get the idea. Almost everything that is happening in your body, including your hair growing, is being done automatically. You don’t have to think about it. And isn’t that wonderful? There wouldn’t be enough hours in the day if you had to consciously think about all those things happening!


There are two parts to the ANS, and again, it’s all about balance. There is the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which is in charge of growth, healing, and maintenance. It encompasses most of the automatic things we were just talking about.

Then there is the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). It’s designed to be used much less frequently, yet it plays a huge role in health and sickness. The SNS is what we call the “fight or flight” system. It is the fire alarm. It is intended to save our lives at any given moment, very much like when you’re out on the highway in a car. You use the gas most of the time but the brakes may save your life every time you drive.

When we go into fight or flight, many things happen. Blood flow completely changes. It’s no longer going to the stomach to digest food. It’s no longer going to the frontal lobes of the brain for creative thought. It’s no longer going to the kidneys and liver. The lion’s share of the blood is now going to the muscles because your body thinks that it is going to have to fight harder or run faster than whatever is threatening your life. So you don’t need to digest that food in the bowel or clear the toxins from the liver, balance the electrolytes in the kidneys, or have creative thought, because if you don’t survive the next few minutes, all of that doesn’t matter. Again, these things happen automatically.


Although they are designed to save your life, these changes, sustained over time by continual stress, can cause damage to organs, especially and directly affecting the immune system. That’s what’s going on at an organ level. Let’s talk for just a minute about what is happening on a cellular level. I have a good friend who is a PhD in nutrition and a naturopathic physician. She had never understood why many people didn’t get well or heal when she gave them the proper nutritionals, vitamins and minerals. Now make no mistake about it, she was giving them the right ones. She’s a very good doctor. What she didn’t fully understand was the effect of stress on a cellular level.

In the Navy, when a ship is attacked, all maintenance, repair, and normal activities cease. Even crew that are sleeping or eating have to “man the battle stations.” When the fire alarm (the SNS) goes off, our cells cease their normal growth, healing and maintenance. Why? The fire alarm is only supposed to go off in an emergency, and all of those activities can wait a few minutes while we run or fight to save our lives. The cells literally close up, like a ship battening down the hatches in a time of attack. Nothing is going in or out. You don’t see a tender ship coming up beside a battleship to give it food or to unload the garbage during a battle. In the same way, our cells don’t receive nutrition, oxygen, minerals, EFAs, etc., nor do they get rid of waste products and toxins while under stress. Everything stops except what is necessary to survive. This results in an environment inside of the cell that is toxic and doesn’t allow for growth and repair. In fact, Dr. Bruce Lipton says that this is exactly how we get genetic illness and disease. On the flip side, the same research at Stanford found that cells that were open and in growth and healing mode are literally impervious to illness and disease. Let me state that again, because it is the most significant statement that I’ve heard from the medical field in a long time. “A cell in growth and healing mode is impervious to disease.” That’s huge!

As you can see, fight or flight is a necessary response to save our lives in emergencies, but should not be maintained for long periods of time. The problem is that the average person is staying in fight or flight for long periods of time. When that happens, there is one inevitable result. Eventually something breaks and shows up as a symptom. When we get a number of symptoms, we call this a disease. A disease is simply where the weak link in the chain broke under the pressure called stress.


Doris Rapp, MD is considered by many people to be the premier allergist in the world. She’s written multiple books, especially on allergies and children. Dr. Rapp coined a theory that she called “the stress barrel.” In Dr. Rapp’s theory, all of us have an internal barrel that is the amount of stress we can deal with before something breaks. As long as our barrel is not full, we can have new stressors come into our lives or our bodies and deal with them quite effectively so they don’t affect us negatively. Once our barrel overflows, the weakest link breaks.

When the fire alarm gets pulled, a direct message goes out from the brain to the immune system through cells that are directly connected to the ends of nerves. They are called dendrites. When I was in medical school, we were taught that these were immune cells. And indeed, they are. Then the neurologists claimed them because they give off nerve transmitters, the same transmitters that nerve cells use. So now they’re called “neural immune cells” because both are true. They are part of the nervous system, and they are the direct link to the immune system. Their message is, “shut down,” “stop.”


Why would the brain send such a message to the immune system? Well, think about it. What’s the purpose of the SNS? It’s to save our lives. And the immune system? What’s its purpose? To fight bacteria, viruses, fungi, make repairs, and destroy abnormal (cancer) cells. Does any of that have to happen in the next 5 minutes? Of course not. Also, the immune system uses a huge amount of energy. Remember, we want all of our energy and resources to go for one purpose for the next few minutes—to save our lives! So everything that is not essential for the next few minutes gets shut down.

Well, that’s fine if our immune system doesn’t fight bacteria or fungi for 5 minutes, and it’s fine if that food doesn’t get digested for another 5 minutes. The problem today is we live in a continual state of fight or flight. As we have traveled around the world doing Heart Rate Variability testing, a fascinating and relevant phenomenon has emerged. When doing these tests, we would ask each person one question: “Do you feel stressed today?” About 50 percent would say “yes,” and about 50 percent “no.” Of the 50 percent that answered that they did not feel stressed, over 90 percent, when tested with HRV, were found to be in physiological stress—the kind of physiological stress that can lead to illness and disease.

I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a car the other day. It read, “If you have it, a truck brought it.” Now, I hate trucks. I think these big trucks on the highway are very threatening. At least, they kick me into fight or flight. I think all of that freight should be on a railroad track. Still, I had to admit that everything in my home came on a truck—including my home itself! I actually had it built in a plant one piece at a time and hauled to the building site on a truck. If you have a health problem, it came from physiological stress—all health problems, every time.

We received a call from a gentleman who had attended one of our seminars recently. He called to tell us that after hearing this information in our seminar, he went home and did a Web search on stress. He found 67 million-plus websites that at least had the word “stress” in them. If you scan through those sites, what you will likely come away with is that if you have a health problem, it came from stress. This being true, every time you have the sniffles, any time you have an ache or pain you can’t identify, if your doctor drops the dreaded cancer word on you, in short, no matter what happens to you negatively from a health perspective, you should be asking yourself, “What is the stress that caused this and how can I eliminate it?”

So why aren’t we asking that question? Because up until now, we haven’t had a consistent, reliable, validated way to deal with stress. What works for some people and some problems does not work for other people and other problems. The reason is that there has been a missing piece of the puzzle. And it is Secret #3 that we will get to in a few minutes.


Stress is controlled in the central nervous system. In particular, physiological stress is created through the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (H-P-A). The hypothalamus and the pituitary were both at one time thought to be the master glands. Actually, the pituitary is a release interface with the blood so that hormones can be secreted into the bloodstream. The hypothalamus serves as a central processing unit for the whole brain. It has connections to all of the limbic system—the emotional centers of the brain. In fact, it has nerve connections to virtually every part of the brain and connects to the rest of your body through the hormones that it manufactures and releases through the pituitary. Here is a short list of some functions the hypothalamus controls:

  1. Arterial blood pressure

  2. Body temperature

  3. Regulation of body water by thirst and kidney function

  4. Uterine contractility

  5. Breast milk

  6. Emotional drives

  7. Growth hormone

  8. Adrenal glands

  9. Thyroid hormone

  10. Sex organ function

Physiologically, the effects of stress result in change in all of the above organs, especially in the adrenaline, cortisol, glucose, insulin, and growth hormone release.

How do we measure stress in the body? We can measure individual levels of the above; however, a test called Heart Rate Variability (HRV) has become the standard for measuring physiological stress. It is extremely valuable because it reflects the balance in the autonomic nervous system. In medical science the best tests are simple, reliable, easily reproducible and measure what you are trying to test. The Heart Rate Variability test is a beautiful example of this. In design, it is simple in that it measures the increase and decrease (variability) of the heart rate in relationship to breathing patterns. It is reliable in that it is a “gold standard” test. It is the best medical test that we have for measuring the autonomic nervous system.

The balance of the ANS equals growth and healing which adds up to health, whereas imbalance or stress in the system leads to disease and ill health. That balance is what we are able to change and scientifically measure with The Healing Codes, and The Healing Codes can do it consistently. Our commercial-grade HRV program was quite expensive when we bought it, but you can now buy inexpensive HRV testing equipment and programs for use on your home computer for under $1000 and prove it to yourself.


How does the body manifest stress? In what we call diseases or symptoms. Why so many different symptoms or diseases if there is only one cause? The answer is simply that we have broken the weakest link. This may be a genetic predisposition or the result of a toxin we have ingested or from prior physical injury.

Let’s walk this out step by step. Let’s say you have a problem with a disease by the label of “acid reflux.” You experience stress. Stress decreases muscle tone around the lower esophagus, because that requires blood and energy, which we are using to fight or flee. Now the acid in the stomach washes back up into the esophagus, damaging the lining of the esophagus. These cells get repeatedly damaged, causing pain and eventually ulcers or cancer. But they only do that because they’re not in growth and healing and repair mode, or they could protect themselves from the acid bath. So you manifest the disease “acid reflux.”

The medical solution is to give a purple pill to stop the acid. This works quite effectively for reducing the acid, but the problem is that the acid is needed to digest food. Acid also functions to kill bacteria that we have ingested with the food. In masking our symptom, we’ve created two new problems. The extra bacterial load burdens the immune system. The food remains in the stomach longer until the stomach finally produces enough acid to digest it, but now there’s a longer exposure period of the acid to the esophagus. It becomes a vicious cycle. So, do we want to mask the symptom or heal the source?

Obviously, we would rather heal the source, and as we have clearly shown, the source is stress.


As mentioned, the Heart Rate Variability test is the best medical test in existence for measuring physiological stress in the autonomic nervous system. It has been used for over 30 years in mainstream medicine and is in the same category as CT scans and MRIs, in that it does not respond even 1 percent to the “placebo effect,” which basically means, “it’s all in your head.”

When I first discovered The Healing Codes, I looked for ways to test it because I wanted to make sure, first of all for myself, that it was “the real deal.” I had been familiar with the HRV test and, in fact, had used it to test other modalities such as chakra balancing and acupuncture points—what is called the meridian system. Many people do find relief with these modalities that usually involve tapping or rubbing on acupuncture points, meridians, or chakras, but our experience was that the people got “out of balance” (which indicates stress) an hour or two after therapy.

In fact, here are the actual results. From 1998 to 2001, I did four different HRV tests on modalities using the chakra/acupuncture points system. Between 5 and 9 out of 10 people remained in balance according to the HRV after one session (depending on the group). However, after 24 hours the number who remained in balance (normal state or lack of physiological stress) dropped dramatically—only about 2 out of 10.

In contrast, when people have been administered a pre-session HRV test, done a Healing Code, and then had a post-session HRV test, 8-9 out of 10 people were in balance after one Healing Code session (i.e., in 20 minutes or less). After 24 hours, 7-8 out of 10 people remained in balance.

In 1998 in a book titled Stopping the Nightmares of Trauma, Dr. Roger Callahan reviewed 30 years of use of Heart Rate Variability tests and stated that there were only two modalities cited in the literature that had been found to take the autonomic nervous system from out of balance to in balance consistently. Both of them took a minimum of six weeks to accomplish this balance. One was performed on humans and one was on dogs. Clearly, the autonomic nervous system is very resistant to rapid change. This is why it can be so difficult to change your metabolism or lose weight.

Compare this with people who have been tested with The Healing Code who go from “out of balance” to “in balance” in 20 minutes or less. This means that in 20 minutes or less the person’s immune system is going from not operating the way it’s designed to, to being able to function normally and able to heal whatever needs to be healed.

One of the things that so astounded me (Ben)—and other medical doctors will confirm this, along with HRV manufacturers and experts—was that our results are not only unprecedented in the history of medicine, but until we did them repeatedly, they would have been considered by many doctors to be impossible.

Although these HRV test results were not a formal study, clinical, controlled or double blind, they certainly provided a piece of evidence we needed to show open-minded people that The Healing Code can remove stress from the body in a way that is needed for long-term healing, and in a way that had never been measured before. In fact, Dr. Callahan stated that “by and large, double blind studies are to show that a treatment is making a difference, when nobody can tell if it’s making a difference.” If it is obvious that the therapy or treatment is making a difference and doing no harm, the need for double blind studies is greatly diminished.

Also according to Dr. Callahan, the need for double blind or controlled studies is not nearly as critical when dealing with Heart Rate Variability because HRV is not even 1 percent susceptible to the “it’s all in your head” placebo effect. That is the main factor that makes double blind and controlled studies necessary—to rule out placebo. Many experts agree that using HRV automatically means that you’ve ruled out the placebo effect.

The other piece of “proof” was provided by our clients’ actual results, which were both consistent and predictable.

Here’s what happened at one conference we did, as reported from the director:

Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson were keynote speakers at our most recent PQI International Conference in Ixtapa Mexico. There were hundreds of people there from all over the world. Over a three-day period Dr. Loyd worked with 142 people who had something bothering them physically or non-physically. Dr. Loyd gave each person the appropriate Healing Code for the cellular memory connected to the thing bothering them the most. All 142 people self-reported that the memory had gone to a zero within a few minutes—a 100 percent success rate! All three days there were people laughing, crying for joy, and waiting in line around The Healing Codes booth. People even reported dramatic physical healing resulting from self-administering one Healing Code. The word miracle was the word heard most often. One lady from Montreal, Canada who called it a miracle had remarked before doing The Healing Code that “if that memory went to a zero she would put posters of Dr. Loyd in every room of her house.” As many healings like this one occurred, word spread through the conference that you could have a life changing experience at The Healing Codes booth. I think at one point they had over one hundred people on a waiting list for personal Healing Codes. Dr. Loyd and Dr. Johnson also spoke five times at the conference and we had to turn people away from several of those [sessions], as word had spread about The Healing Codes.

Dr. Ellen Stubenhaus, PQI Board Member

This is why we say confidently that The Healing Code addresses the source of illness and disease in the body.


Recently we had a testimonial come in from a gentleman who actually purchased The Healing Codes package for someone else. He got home, looked through the manual, and decided to try it on his own problem before he gave it to his friend. He had multiple skin lesions all over his body. In fact, he had already talked to his medical doctor about having them cut off and doing plastic surgery. He had a lesion on his forehead and a number of others on his back and one on the top of his head. He started doing The Healing Codes, and in a relatively short amount of time, a matter of weeks, the lesions had flaked off until finally, when he called us, they were all gone except the one on his head inside his hairline. By that time, about 90 percent of it was gone and he was confident it was going to go away, too.

Well, how in the world can something that physical, like multiple skin lesions, heal in a period of weeks? Because stress is at the root of this problem, and The Healing Codes heal stress. Once stress is removed, your immune and healing systems are capable of healing just about anything. Normally when we think about trying something like The Healing Codes, we think about emotional issues, but stress is at the root of every problem, emotional and physical.

Please understand: All of the physical and non-physical problems that we’re talking about—diseases, mental and emotional issues, headaches, fatigue—The Healing Code does not “treat” any of those. None. Never has, never will. The Healing Code only heals issues of the heart, which reduces or eliminates physiological stress in the body.

That’s Secret #1: The one source of illness and disease in the body is physiological stress, and The Healing Codes have been found to eliminate this kind of stress in the body in a way that is unprecedented in history.


Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson were the keynote speakers at our annual Scholars’ Reunion this past year. They taught everyone The Healing Codes, did before and after HRV tests to show their effectiveness, and taught the Healing Codes advanced training material. Of the fifty people that were at the conference, there were only two who were not in HRV balance after one Healing Code session. Six of these same people retested twenty-four hours later and all six were still in HRV balance with no additional intervention. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that—when asked at the end of the conference to raise their hands if they had experienced physical or nonphysical healing over the weekend as a result of doing The Healing Codes—all fifty people raised their hands. There were participants with major diseases, some in great health, and just about everything in between. The Healing Codes worked for everyone.

—Bill McGrane, McGrane Institute, Inc.

I attended one of your unbelievable sessions. My HRV was so low you were concerned for me. I did only the Code you taught us then. My depression has lifted, and I have been so well I forgot about doing them. Oooooops!


In 2003, I attended some training that was being done in Kansas City for coaches. At one point, volunteers were asked to come to the front of the room to be observed by the class as they were monitored by HRV while thinking about an issue that caused intense emotions. I volunteered because I had found myself to be in an increasing state of fight or flight over a business decision I had made a few weeks earlier. I was feeling extreme financial pressure at the time and the image of walking out to my mailbox to retrieve what was sure to be a stack of bills for the startup, was a trigger that had been putting me in an absolute state of panic.

The most disturbing part of this was that I had done my due diligence before making the decision, had felt very good and had even established clients for my services. I had nothing to regret at that point. I knew that the knot in my stomach and the crippling fear wasn’t founded on anything going on presently.

When summoned to the front of the room at the training, I sat down on a chair. The large screen was out of my view but the people in the room were able to observe the results of my HRV. Dr. Loyd had me close my eyes and relax as he began doing The Healing Code on me with the intention of healing the pictures associated with my issue. I was pretty oblivious to what was going on in the room and on the screen. I found myself focusing on the physical feeling of anxiety and wondering if The Healing Code would work in this situation. I kept seeing that image of walking to the mailbox with a sense of dread. I was trying to keep the image out of mind so I could relax but the sense of doom and gloom was very prevalent.

An amazing thing happened. I’m not sure how long it took but I suddenly noticed that the knot in my stomach was melting away. I found my thoughts drifting to memories of other endeavors that had been successful. A sense of confidence came over me. The realization that I had initially taken the proper steps to be successful led to the conviction that I just needed to get to work and follow the plan I had set for myself. The panic I had been feeling almost seemed comical as a sense of peace came over me, because I realized how unfounded the panic was. Two days later, I was still feeling very balanced as I thought about going to the mailbox, and the HRV reading showed proof that I was still in a balanced state.

—Teri, Nashville, Tennessee


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