Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths

Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths

by Alyssa Couture
Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths

Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths

by Alyssa Couture


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'I think HEALTHY FASHION is a wonderfully fresh approach to fashion and I applaud the author's attempt to open a whole new paradigm here.' Dreamweaver Founder/Owner of Sapien Medicine, Enlightened States

We all want more ways to feel and look healthy. Fashion can do just that, and Alyssa Couture is here to show you how. There’s so much pain and suffering in the world, but fashion can be the tool to promote and create healing, health, and overall balance and harmony.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781789045932
Publisher: Collective Ink
Publication date: 12/01/2021
Pages: 328
Product dimensions: 5.64(w) x 8.56(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Alyssa Couture is an author, fashion designer, and fashion entrepreneur. She is currently focused on her fresh-inspired Healthy Fashion Campaign in conjunction with promoting her upcoming fashion book. Alyssa is a fashion industry expert with over 15 years of fashion industry experience in a number of roles. Some of these include fashion business, fashion designing, creative directing, styling, merchandising, journalism, fashion retailing, and fashion show production. Apart from fashion, she has a spiritually driven lifestyle, having previously lived in several ashrams and monasteries. She is currently writing and promoting her upcoming soon-to-be-released fashion book. The book establishes an alternative, modern approach to clothing; Fashion deemed medicinal. She lives in Weed, CA.

Table of Contents

Introduction: About Healthy Fashion 1

Part 1 Healthy Fashion for the Mind, Body, and Spirit 17

Chapter 1 Healthy Fashion for the Physical Body 19

The power of plant-tech fashion

Fashion biomimicry 34

Four element fashion 36

Ergonomic fashion 41

Fashion and tactile therapy 54

Fashion that supports the body's oxygen levels 57

Healing fashion 60

The natural health food industry trends and their relation to the fashion industry trends 63

Chapter 2 Healthy Fashion for the Mental Body 70

Universal fashion

Social ethics in fashion for global balance 73

The fashion politics of social classes 77

Fashion as a language 82

The fashion archetype model: a modern fashion concept 84

Fashion in performance art 97

Chapter 3 Healthy Fashion for the Emotional and Energetic Body 100

Healthy fashion supports the emotional body

Fashion and textiles as visual art 105

Color therapy in fashion 110

Healthy fashion for the energy body: the frequency and vibration of fabrics and textile dyes 112

Protecting and keeping the human aura healthy with fashion 118

Chapter 4 Healthy Fashion for the Spirit Body 122

Spiritual fashion is healthy fashion

Galactic-inspired fashion 127

Sacred holy symbols worn 133

The dress of the Ascended Masters 136

Part 2 Unhealthy Fashion 143

Chapter 5 Unhealthy Fabrics 145

Fashion gone rogue

The toxicity of synthetic fabrics 148

Unhealthy fabrics and their negative side effects 151

Synthetic fabrics are bacteria producing 157

Animal-based fabrics and materials: their disadvantages 160

Chapter 6 Unhealthy Fashion Technologies 167

Greenwashing demystified

Unhealthy apparel and accessories that suppress and restrict the body 171

The issues of certain digital fashion tech 174

Chapter 7 Unhealthy Fashion for Mind, Body, and Spirit 180

Exploitation in fashion

Self-objectification found in fashion 185

Anti-fashion: fashion, that goes against the human 192

Part 3 Plant-Based Fabrics and Dyes 199

Chapter 8 The 36 Plant-based Fashion Fabrics for the Present and Future 201

A plant-based fabric future

The 36 plant-based fashion fabrics 206

Chapter 9 Plant-based Fabric Dyes 234

Fabric dyes for the future

Types of natural, botanical, herbal fabric dyes 240

Natural plant-based mordant used in the plant-based textile dyeing process 244

Fabric treatments/infusions 246

Part 4 The Plant-Based Fashion Guide: A Healthy Wardrobe and a Healthy Fashion Industry 249

Chapter 10 What to Wear in Transition: The Transition from Conventional Fashion, to Sustainable Fashion, to Healthy Fashion 251

What fabrics to wear in transition

The plant-based fashion guide: healthy wardrobe alternatives 254

Ancient fashion meets modern fashion: inspirational, plant-based fashions from ancient cultures around the world 260

Apparel and accessory healing modalities in fashion as specific forms of therapy 265

Healing plant- and mineral-based beauty and hygiene products 267

Natural clothing care 270

A feng shui wardrobe 274

Healthy fashion wardrobe and style essentials 276

Chapter 11 A Sustainable Future for Modern, Healthy Fashion Businesses 279

Eco fashion for human health

Healthy fashion business strategies 283

The modern meaning of luxury fashion 287

Slow fashion versus fast fashion 290

High fashion versus low fashion 292

A Final Note 294

Bibliography 296

About the Author 310

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