Healthy Living: How to Purify Your Body in a Polluted World: Healthy Living Book

Healthy Living: How to Purify Your Body in a Polluted World: Healthy Living Book

by Gina 'The Veggie Goddess' Matthews


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Healthy living is a way of life, that embraces a multitude of lifestyle choices. While healthy living often starts with a decision to undergo a detox cleanse regimen, and clean eating nutrition plan, it also encompasses clean living, green cleaning and green household practices.

This healthy living book is divided into two sections. Section one explains how we become toxic, as well as what to expect when undergoing detox cleanse protocols. Section one continues on to outline a multitude of detoxification and cleansing methods, allowing the reader to mix and match any of the described approaches. This allows the reader to create a detox cleanse program that suits their individual needs, increasing the likelihood of a successful dextoxification process and experience.

Section two of the book, covers expanding your detoxification efforts to include healthy body care practices, as well as green cleaning and green household practices.

Ready to start your get clean-live clean lifestyle? Here's what you'll find inside "Healthy Living: How to Purify Your Body in a Polluted World":

Section I - Coming Clean - Let's Detoxify

Chapter 1: How We Become Toxic

Chapter 2: Understanding the Healing Crisis

Chapter 3: Heat Therapies for Detoxification

Chapter 4: Additional Detoxification Methods

Chapter 5: Cleansing Through Nutrition and Supplements

Chapter 6: Liver Cleansing - Your Life Depends on Your Liver

Chapter 7: Fasting - A Juice vs. Water Fast

Section II - Staying Clean - Detoxifying Lifestyle Practices

Chapter 8: Juice Recipes That Release Toxins, Stubborn Fat and Cellulite

Chapter 9: Toxin Trapping Food

Chapter 10: Whole Body Detoxification and
Cleansing through Skin Brushing

Chapter 11: Flush Toxins with These Detoxifying Bath Recipes

Chapter 12: How Exercise Detoxifies the Body

Chapter 13: Mercury Fillings - A Constant Source of Poisoning

Chapter 14: Purify Your Home's Air Environment with Plants

Chapter 15: 15 DIY, Chemical-Free Green Cleaning Recipes

In addition to being a blogger and author of vegetarian cookbooks and vegan cookbooks, Gina Matthews is also a holistic therapist by trade. Gina provides a multitude of holistic Asian-based therapies and detoxification programs for her clientele, as well as educates them on healthy living and good nutrition practices.

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