The Heart of the Lion

The Heart of the Lion

by J. M. Barlog


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ISBN-13: 9780983145318
Publisher: BAK Books
Publication date: 10/05/2012
Pages: 378
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.84(d)

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Heart of the Lion 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
MedievalLady More than 1 year ago
2 1/2 stars... This was in between a "Meh" and an "It's okay". These are the thoughts I wrote while reading the first 3/4 of the story: Story Jumps around too much. Having a hard time connecting emotionally at all. I'm seeing nothing in my mind outside of the words I am forcing myself to read. The last 1/4 of the story, here were my thoughts: FINALLY! I'm finding some interest in the story. Still reads disconnected but there is enough going on that it's got me feeling I can complete the story. Feeling some anger that the people I want to see live are dying. It at least got some feeling out of me. I was so hopeful when reading the book's description. Love this time period, love the Plantagenets. This book has a sequel but I'm not sure I want to spend the time reading it. I have noticed others really enjoyed this and have given 4 and 5 stars so please don't let my feelings sway you to try it if you love Medieval Historical Fiction.
Stachia More than 1 year ago
Set during the reign of King Richard the Lionheart, the book is about Richard's journey home from the Crusades and Prince John's plot to steal both crown and kingdom.  As we all know, Richard is captured and held for ransom (this is not a spoiler, anyone who knows their history, or even the legends of Robin Hood, knows King Richard was held for ransom and Prince John was trying to abscond with all of England). The book follows three separate groupings of characters: King Richard and his travails, Sir Rynhawker and Thomas, and Princess Joanna and those at the castle.  Well written with plenty of intrigue, mystery, politics, courage, loyalty and heartbreak this book is a must read and lead to far many nights reading until 2 am. In full disclosure, I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago