Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution: A Mystic's Guide to the Afterlife & Reaching Your Highest Potential

Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution: A Mystic's Guide to the Afterlife & Reaching Your Highest Potential

Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution: A Mystic's Guide to the Afterlife & Reaching Your Highest Potential

Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution: A Mystic's Guide to the Afterlife & Reaching Your Highest Potential


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When we think of heaven and the hereafter, we think of the moment when we die. Yet the Great Beyond is so much more. Heaven is the foundation to your spiritual unfoldment here in physical life. It is the master key to the spiritual mysteries.

Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution inspires you to make your soul's growth an even stronger priority in your life. Based on fifty years of clairvoyant experience, Martin and Moraitis take you on an extraordinary journey through the many dimensions that exist in the world of spirit. They offer a clear picture of how spiritual growth is the process of evolving through the many inner realms of life, what the road to heaven looks like, and how the destiny of every soul is to reach the spiritual pinnacle. Learn effective meditations with Divine Light to increase your connection to the heaven worlds, unlock your creative potential, and accelerate your spiritual unfoldment. Complete with full-color illustrations by fine artist Jonathan Wilshire, the breadth and splendor of the spiritual worlds come vividly alive in this life-changing book.

• The process of evolving to the heaven worlds and to your ultimate destination.
• What the various spiritual realms are like including the astral, mental, causal, and etheric as well as the heavenly dimensions.
• How you are receiving inspiration from the heavenly realms now.
• Practical guidelines and meditative exercises to better align with your spiritual growth and the incredible Divine Plan you are part of.
• The role reincarnation, angels, Divine Light, and your auric field play in the evolutionary process.
• Ways to avoid psychic dangers and pitfalls on the spiritual path.
• Answers to such questions as:
• What is life like in the hereafter?
• How do I climb up the spiritual ladder?
• Do my actions here really determine what my life will be like on the other side?
• Are there cultures and societies on the other side?
• Do we see loved ones? Do we see God?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781954944022
Publisher: Spiritual Arts Institute
Publication date: 10/20/2021
Pages: 292
Sales rank: 654,858
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Barbara Y. Martin was born with the gift of seeing the aura in all its subtleties. She is a pioneer in the field of metaphysics, having been one of the first to lecture in-depth on the human energy field. She is considered one of the foremost clairvoyants and metaphysical teachers in the world. She is affectionately known as the “Mozart of metaphysics” because of her numerous spiritual gifts. Barbara Martin and Dimitri Moraitis are authors of a series of award-winning books that include the international bestseller Change Your Aura, Change Your Life.

Dimitri Moraitis is an accomplished metaphysical teacher, writer and healer. After originally pursuing a successful career in motion pictures and television, he redirected his life pursuit to dedicate himself to the path of metaphysics. Dimitri has been instrumental in making Spiritual Arts Institute the premier metaphysical school it is today. He is an eloquent speaker on spiritual topics. Dimitri is the co-author with Barbara Martin of Change Your Aura, Change Your Life, Communing with the Divine, Karma and Reincarnation, and The Healing Power of Your Aura.

Read an Excerpt

Chapter 1 – You Don't Go to Heaven, You Grow to Heaven

“The life so short, the craft so long to learn.” – Chaucer

There is a home, an everlasting house, where the tributaries of life gather together. It is a place where life flows in its fullness, where love, peace and joy reign supreme and justice prevails; where you are creative, strong, healthy, vibrant, and alive as can be. No matter where you are, how far you travel, this home is there for you. When you feel lost, sad, desperate or forgotten, the everlasting house is there to warm the heart and stir the soul. Shadows of the past fade in this eternal place. You are where and who you are meant to be.

We call this blessed place heaven. Many of us build our life on the principle there is a great beyond and that our actions on earth determine what kind of life we have in the hereafter. Heaven gives us purpose. It reaffirms that our actions have meaning, and life is not random or happenstance. Of course, there are those who say heaven is but human fallacy, a superstition we sustain to deal with the difficulties and ambiguities of this world. At best, we make our own heaven or hell by the way we live our life. And then there are others who feel heaven is a question that can only be answered when we die.

No book can prove (or disprove!) heaven exists. That is something every person must come to terms with, in their own way. What I can share with you is what metaphysics teaches on this timeless topic and what my own clairvoyant experiences over the course of a lifetime have taught. As these pages illustrate, not only is heaven real, it's the key to attaining all the potential that is in you as a human soul. Heaven is not just a place; it's a state of consciousness. To be part of heaven and the consciousness that heaven embodies, you must unfold your spiritual potential.

Metaphysics teaches you don't go to heaven just because you have been a good person; you grow to heaven through the gradual, majestic process of spiritual evolution. To become a citizen of heaven, you must first unfold all that you are capable of becoming. You learn to express every goodness, every talent, every character strength and all your spiritual power. Like grades in school, as you unfold who and what you really are as a soul, step-by-step, you grow spiritually. As you experience life in its great variety, the soul gathers up wisdom which helps to unfold its power and potential. Mystics call this spiritual growth an ascent—

Table of Contents

Dedication v

Foreword Dimitri Moraitis 1

Introduction Barbara Y. Martin 3

Part 1 Your Spiritual Ascent

Chapter 1 You Don't Go to Heaven, You Grow to Heaven 13

Defining Heaven

A Celestial Experience

Heaven Is about Human Potential

How These Things Are Known

A Quick Metaphysical Primer

Chapter 2 Your Cosmic Story 27

The Pilgrimage Begins

A Cosmic Vision

Where Is Heaven?

Spiritual Cosmology

Heaven Is Without, Heaven Is Within

Chapter 3 How the Hereafter Relates to Life Here and Now 43

General Conditions of the Spiritual Worlds

Activities and Lifestyle on the Other Side

How Your Actions Here Relate to Life on the Other Side

Bringing Inspiration from the Spirit Worlds to Earth

Chapter 4 A Historical Understanding of the Hereafter 57

Ancient Heavenly Traditions

Abrahamic Traditions of Heaven

Heaven in the Eastern Spiritual Traditions

Part 2 Growing through the Spiritual Worlds

Chapter 5 Beginning Your Spiritual Ascent-The Road Already Traveled 83

The Astral Worlds

Acclimation-The First Astral Plane

The Dream State-The Second Astral Plane

Conscious Awareness-The Third Astral Plane

Chapter 6 Awakening to the Spiritual Life-The Fourth Astral Plane 95

Beginning Your Physical Incarnations

Visiting the Fourth Astral Plane

The Spiritual Awakening

Chapter 7 Unfolding the Higher Self-The Fifth and Sixth Astral Planes 107

Understanding the Higher Self

Building Character-The Fifth Astral Plane

Reaching the Higher Self-The Sixth Astral Plane

Chapter 8 The Realm of Enlightenment-The Seventh Astral Plane 125

Chapter 9 Preparing for Heaven-The Interplanetary Worlds 135

Building Your Full Soul Power

The Mental World

The Causal World

The Etheric World

Chapter 10 The Glory of Heaven 149

The Seven Heavenly Perfections

The Heavenly Incarnations

Spiritual Etheria-The First Heaven

The Kingdom of Light-The Second Heaven

The Kingdom of Creation-The Third Heaven

Chapter 11 The Higher Heavens and the Celestial Laboratories 169

Focusing on God

The Kingdom of the Gods-The Fourth Heaven

The Kingdom of the Inner Light-The Fifth Heaven

The Kingdom of the Spirit Light-The Sixth Heaven

The Kingdom of the Seven Spirits-The Seventh Heaven

Chapter 12 Returning Home-From Heaven To God 185

The Divine Reunion

Working with Souls from The Kingdom of God

Assimilation and the Great Rebirth

Part 3 Pitfalls on the Path

Chapter 13 Your Ascent Is Not a Straight Line Upward 195

What Can Cause You to Fall Off the Spiritual Path?

Reclaiming Your Spiritual Heritage

False Prophets

Chapter 14 The Netherworlds 213

The Animal, Beast, and Brute Netherworld Kingdoms

The Demonic Realms and the Darkest Places in Creation

Part 4 Exercises to Accelerate Your Spiritual Development

Chapter 15 Your Passport to Eternity is the Light You Earn 225

Make Spiritual Growth Your Priority

Apply Truth in Everything You Do Until It Becomes Wisdom

Pursue Quality Spiritual Education

Transform Distresses into Blessings

Ten Keys to Success in Your Spiritual Growth

Chapter 16 Meditations to Connect with the Spiritual Worlds 237

The Higher Self Meditation

Receiving Spiritual Inspiration

Accelerating Your Spiritual Growth

Overcoming Tests and Challenges on the Spiritual Path

Chapter 17 Sleep and Traveling to the World of Spirit 253

Facilitating Nighttime Spiritual Blessings

Chapter 18 The Road to Heaven is Paved with Love 269

Acknowledgements 273

Index 275

Author Biographies 283

About Spiritual Arts Institute 284

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