Heaven's Consciousness A Near-death Experience: with Relevant Poetry

Heaven's Consciousness A Near-death Experience: with Relevant Poetry

Heaven's Consciousness A Near-death Experience: with Relevant Poetry

Heaven's Consciousness A Near-death Experience: with Relevant Poetry


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Heaven’s Consciousness A Near-death Experience is vividly engaging and will resonate with wide applications that even secular readers might take to heart ~ "KirkusReviews."

“This is a compelling and inherently fascinating read from beginning to end. I highly recommend this as an addition to any personal and academic library Metaphysical Studies and Religion/Spirituality reference collections ~ "Jim Cox, Midwest Reviews."


GO BACK IN TIME TO THE CENTER OF CREATION to the origin of our life. Discover how our soul is our spiritual dna created in heaven to guide us to our intended destination. Using scientific studies Rhonda explains in a way that we all can understand.

She describes how our consciousness is in connection with our Heavenly families and our Creator Lord. We were intelligently designed in Heaven to spiritually evolve with our Heavenly relationships now and forever throughout our living universe. Take a journey through levels of Heaven. Tour Rhonda’s mansion towering over the Garden of Life where our friends and pets are watching and waiting on our arrival.


and our purpose here on earth. The cares of this life are understood with a new sense of happiness. Discover that in your participation with the Holy Spirit in Heaven’s consciousness you are fulfilling your own destiny.

Born in the hills of Arizona, Rhonda Nell Dooley grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today, Rhonda is a Life Spiritual Coach. In her twenties, she worked five years as a full-time missionary caring for orphans and the homeless. Thirty years ago, Rhonda spent forty minutes in Heaven.

She shared these experiences with her closest friends through poetry and painting. They finally convinced her to express her Heavenly insights in writing.

While these experiences are often difficult to articulate, Rhonda has done an outstanding job of capturing and explaining them. And her readers will benefit from the reflections, poetry, and the scriptures that provide a deeper, inner knowing of God.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780996939102
Publisher: Rhonda Nell Dooley
Publication date: 01/15/2016
Series: Heaven's Consciousness , #1
Pages: 182
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.39(d)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Part I Near-death Experience
Chapter 1: Life before Death
Chapter 2: Out of Space and Time
Chapter 3: Light-years Away
Chapter 4: The Dark Side
Chapter 5: Blue Tunnel-White Light
Chapter 6: Watching over Me
Chapter 7: Heaven's Garden of Life
Chapter 8: My Spirit
Chapter 9: Before I Was Born
Chapter 10: One Life Review
Chapter 11: Exploring Paradise
Chapter 12: My Heavenly Neighbors
Chapter 13: Time Traveling: Levels of Heaven
Chapter 14: Heaven Is Orchestrated by Music
Chapter 15: Sometimes We Call Them Saints
Chapter 16: Beginning with Heaven
Chapter 17: The Center of Creation
Chapter 18: Looking past Earth's Chaos
Chapter 19: Entering Earth's Galaxy from Paradise

Part II Life after Death
Chapter 20: Spiritual Awareness
Chapter 21: Mission on Earth from Paradise
Chapter 22: God's Breath of Life
Chapter 23: Science Has Come Full Circle
Chapter 24: Prayer: A Challenge for Science
Chapter 25: Trusting My New Paradigm
Chapter 26: Our Conclusion Is Heaven's Consciousness

Relevant Poetry
1. From Dust to Paradise
2. God's Vantage Point
3. Trust
4. Overcoming Fear
5. Near-death Experience
6. Welcome Home
7. Paradise Memory
8. Harmony with Heaven
9. Love Your Neighbor
10. Free Will Decides
11. Faith?
12. Deep Love
13. You Light Up My Life
14. A Jewel
15. Growing in Grace
16. Who Am I
17. River of Life
18. The Worldly Phase
19. Boldness Breathes Light
20. Divine Love
21. Opportunity Accepted
22. Timing
23. My Key
24. Intelligence
25. Precious Souls
26. The Mind of the Spirit
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