Hello Color: 25 Bright Ideas for DIY Decor

Hello Color: 25 Bright Ideas for DIY Decor

by Rachel Mae Smith


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Get bold and bright with these 25 easy and fun home decor projects that will liven up your life and make your home space vibrant. 

Whether she’s writing for her blog, snapping pictures for Instagram, or just living her life, Rachel Mae Smith is all about the simple joys of handmaking and bringing brightness to everything. And now beginning crafters, aspirational DIYers, and dorm dwellers can, too! Rachel shares her colorful signature style in each simple and fun step-by-step project like Dip-Dyed Napkins, Pom-Pom Votive Candle Holders, and Geometric Patterned Pillows. Helpful sidebars on decorating, like Staging a Beautiful Bookcase and building Bar Carts for Beginners, give you ideas for perking up pre-fab accessories so that any space can look colorful. Plus how-tos on working with specific materials, ideas for entertaining, and—of course—a guide to shooting pictures. And as a special bonus, tear-out posters in the back make it easy for you to decorate your walls in a snap!

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ISBN-13: 9781683690177
Publisher: Quirk Publishing
Publication date: 05/01/2018
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 1,226,196
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Rachel Mae Smith is a lifestyle writer, photographer, and author of the popular blog The Crafted Life. Her work centers on making fun and colorful projects using accessible items and techniques to help readers create items that convey personal style without stress. She has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Gardens, and Real Simple, among others. When she’s not brushing glitter out of her hair, you can find her exploring and color hunting around the world. Visit her online at www.thecraftedlife.com and on Instagram at @thecraftedlife.

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Table of Contents:

9 Welcome to My Colorful World
11 Color Theory 101

23 Wall Art, Three Ways
31 Party Animal Coasters
35 Catch-All Mini Tray
39 Colorful Planter, Three Ways
49 Fancy Footed Vase
51 Pom-Pom Basket
55 Style Your Space: Bar Carts for Beginners
60 Get Colorful: Amp Up Your Neutrals

67 Two Quick Centerpieces
73 Three Pretty Napkins
81 Embellished Placemats
83 Salt & Pepper Shaker Makeover
87 Painted Chair Set
89 Style Your Space: How to
Set a Charming Table
94 Get Colorful: Warm and Cool Colors

101 Color-Blocked Trivets
103 Rainbow-Scalloped Sugar and Flour Canisters
107 Marble-Dipped Utensil Holder
109 Bright Hanging Planter
113 Rainbow-Stamped Dish Towels
115 Photo Magnets
118 Style Your Space: Creative Ways to Organize Supplies
122 Get Colorful: Bolds and Brights

129 Wooden Hanger Makeover
131 Instagram Wall Art
135 Mini Photo Blocks
137 Colorful Mirror
141 Mini Bud Vase
143 Pom-Pom Votive Candle Holder
147 Geometric Patterned Pillow
149 Mini Bookcase Makeover
153 Style Your Space: Staging a Beautiful Bookcase
156 Get Colorful: Pastels
160 Photography Tips
165 Resources
166 Tear-Out Artwork
175 About the Author
175 Acknowledgments

Table of Contents


Welcome to My Colorful World 9

Color Theory 101 11

Chapter 1 The Living Room

Wall Art, Three Ways 23

Party Animal Coasters 31

Catch-All Mini Tray 35

Colorful Planter, Three Ways 39

Fancy Footed Vase 49

Pom-Pom Basket 51

Style Your Space: Bar Carts for Beginners 55

Get Colorful: Amp Up Your Neutrals 60

Chapter 2 The Dining Room

Two Quick Centerpieces 67

Three Pretty Napkins 73

Embellished Placemats 81

Salt & Pepper Shaker Makeover 83

Painted Chair Set 87

Style Your Space: How to Set a Charming Table 89

Get Colorful: Warm and Cool Colors 94

Chapter 3 The Kitchen

Color-Blocked Trivets 101

Rainbow-Scalloped Sugar and Flour Canisters 103

Marble-Dipped Utensil Holder 107

Bright Hanging Planter 109

Rainbow-Stamped Dish Towels 113

Photo Magnets 115

Style Your Space: Creative Ways to Organize Supplies 118

Get Colorful: Bolds and Brights 122

Chapter 4 The Bedroom

Wooden Hanger Makeover 129

Instagram Wall Art 131

Mini Photo Blocks 135

Colorful Mirror 137

Mini Bud Vase 141

Pom-Pom Votive Candle Holder 143

Geometric Patterned Pillow 147

Mini Bookcase Makeover 149

Style Your Space: Staging a Beautiful Bookcase 153

Get Colorful: Pastels 156

Photography Tips 160

Resources 165

Tear-Out Artwork 166

About the Author 175

Acknowledgments 175

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