Her Avenging Angel

Her Avenging Angel

by Felicity Heaton


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ISBN-13: 9781911485896
Publisher: Felicity Heaton
Publication date: 08/28/2019
Series: Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance Series , #4
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.54(d)

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Her Avenging Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 7) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Robin_Manor More than 1 year ago
This is the Seventh book in the Her Angel Series. I am a major fan of Felicity Heaton and of this series. Her ability to combine her Angel characters with witches, demons, hell hounds , various other Paranormals including an enjoyable take on the devil and his daughter, make this an enjoyable and not to be missed series.The books should be read in order as the storylines and characters cross and build upon each other. That is one of the things I love best about this series is that all the bonded couples and several other characters from the earlier books play significant roles in the books that follow. I really enjoyed seeing the family they have all become, that in itself is its own HEA. Felicity Heaton's attention to background detail, character buildup and mesmerizing world building adds enormous depth to the books, it pulls you right into the stories and keeps you there. This incredible, all encompassing world of earth, heaven, hell, and realms in between, is incredibly well formulated adding to the visual imagery. How awesome is a tropical island sanctuary for these immortals to have as their home base. The creativity of this author never ceases to amaze me. The unlikely hero, a fallen angel, Nevar first appeared in earlier books, and his story really started to take shape in a Her Wicked Angel. Stuck in Hell, having Asmodeus as his new master and the task of being the master of The Great Destroyer (who is supposed to bring about The Apocolypse), Nevar is not a happy camper. He is a conflicted, tortured soul who has pretty much given up on himself. This is his difficult journey of redemption, freedom and love as he bonds to a mysterious female, Lysia. Lysia appears out of the blue and finds her way into a bar for Paranormals (Cloud Nine) She has amnesia, the last thing she remembers is being in a battle and no one knows quite what to make of her. Although Nevar is somehow able to understand her ancient language, neither he nor the group on the island nor Lysia herself are sure of who or what she is. It is evident she does hold a great deal of power. She is also drawn to Nevar from the start. Besides being a strong gorgeous male that makes her have all kinds of new and strange feelings, he makes her feel safe and protected. Where Nevar yearns to be the angel he once was and hates the demon traits he is exhibiting more and more of, Lysia sees this side of him to be one of strength and power. The unique take this book has on good and evil, Heaven and Hell is quite intriguing. Nothing here is black and white as one would expect. Not everything or everyone in Heaven is pure good, there are dark beings and elements as well. Hell is not all darkness and horror either, there are also those with elements of goodness and honor, even a devil with some undevil like emotions (hey, he is a grandpa now).The whole series is addicting and like the other books, this one delivers thrilling suspense, action, twists and turns, romance,hot sexy scenes and lots of emotional highs and lows. Just as important as the Nevar and Lysia's growing love is the bonding and of the characters as a group and eventually a family.One of my favorite books in the series.
KimberleyS More than 1 year ago
I another great book in Angel Series.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars--HER AVENGING ANGEL is the seventh installment in Felicity Heaton’s adult, paranormal/fantasy Her Angel romance series focusing on the angels, fallen angels and demons from Heaven and Hell. This is former angel, and servant of Hell Nevar and Lysia’s storyline.  Told from third person point of view, Her Avenging Angel can be read as a stand alone but for cohesion and detail it would be best to read the series in order. Felicity Heaton does an amazing job revealing background detail and information about the series and our hero throughout Her Avenging Angel. The focus of the story is on former angel Nevar who has been assigned as the guardian and Master of the Great Destroyer. When Nevar escapes to the human realm in search of food, he will meet a demon-a woman known only as Lysia-who calls to his soul. She is lost, without memory of who she is or from where she came.  When Nevar is pulled back into Hell by his demon master Asmodeus he will discover the Great Destroyer has risen. Along with Asmodeus, and Alysia, Nevar goes in search of the beast thought to bring about the next apocalypse.   There is an immediate attraction between Lysia and Nevar, one brought about but a common language and need for blood. Nevar is protective of Lysia and guards her with his life, not quite understanding the pull towards the small but powerful female demon. It is only when four of Heaven’s most powerful angels demand Lysia’s imprisonment does Nevar realize whom it is that calls to his heart. The world building continues as the search for the Great Destroyer continues throughout the series as well as the battles between Heaven and Hell; demons and angels. There is a reason that Hell is so filled with fallen Angels as the disposition and temperaments between good and evil are not dissimilar. The secondary characters include many of the previous storyline couples who come to Nevar’s aid. Nevar believed that when the dark side claimed his soul, he lost the love and friendship of all of his former friends and angels. With the inclusion of the previous storyline characters there is familiarity, cohesion and comaraderie to the flow of the story. HER ANGEL series by Felicity Heaton takes an intimate look at Heaven and Hell; where angels fall in love with demons; where demons are tamed by emotions and love.  Each of the storylines focuses on the impending war between good and evil, searching for a way to prevent the end -an apocalypse of epic proportion. There is action, suspense, mystery, romance and love. Each couple is matched together; their powers compliment one another; and in the end, love does conquer all. Felicity Heaton blends mythology with Heaven’s fallen angels and Hell’s demonic possessions. But when the dark finds the light; when soul mates collide there is little to stop the impending crush of emotions and love. HER ANGEL series is passionate, breathtaking, imaginative and compelling.  Everyone has a dark side-some more dark than others.
Archaeolibrarian More than 1 year ago
I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review. Nevar has been through hell, quite literally. He has spent what seems like an endless amount of time trying to find ways in which to defeat his master, Asmodeus. He made a mistake though when he tried to exploit Liora as Asmodeus' weakness and ended up nearly killing her. This in turn leads to a series of events which sees him on guard duty, bored and hungry. So he decides to create a portal which takes him to Cloud 9 so that he can eat and drink. While he is there, a dark haired beauty catches his attention, along with every other male there. Unfortunately, whilst she can understand most languages, she can only speak in one and no else seems able to. Apart from Nevar that is, and Asmodeus when he turns up looking for Nevar. This story is about growth, friendship and personal responsibility inasmuch as it is a love story. All our males grow upon finding their female and none so much as Nevar. He has quite the learning curve to go through but with Lysia by his side, he is convinced that he can do it. Of course, their path doesn't run smooth but Nevar finds a family that he never before acknowledged, prepared to help him and fight beside him. All of our favourites are still here and still as brilliant as ever. Asmodeus and Veiron remain my favourites, especially in one of the last scenes where they are making fun of Nevar (but I won't say more than that so that I don't spoil anything!) There are some interesting leads made in this story which makes me believe that the following stories in this series will continue with the smexiness, action and humour that makes them so enjoyable. Definitely recommended for all fans of PR.
notrow1 More than 1 year ago
This is the seventh book in Her Angel Romance series. I loved it! Nevar is a wonderful character. I really didn't know him very well when he was first introduced in Her Demonic Angel as Erin's Guardian Angel, but I am now glad for the opportunity to get to know him better. Now more demon than angel and under servitude of The King of Demons, Asmodeus, Nevar is struggling to come to terms with his actions of awakening the Great Destroyer, as well as his addiction to Euphoria, a mixture of demon blood, demon poison and alcohol. When a mysterious woman walks into his life, Nevar finds he will move Heaven and Hell to keep her safe. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this book. This is the first series I started to read from this author, and the angels and demons in these stories have become my friends as the series has progressed. This book quickly captured my attention from the first page; I read this book in one sitting, because I couldn't put it down. Nevar felt a bit self-pitying to me in the beginning, and I wanted to shake him to get his head out of his you-know-what. I can understand him being angry at Asmodeus though, so I can totally see why he would want revenge. But revenge is best served cold, and Nevar is too hot headed and impulsive to truly think things through properly. Thus, his impetuous attack on Asmodeus at the end of Her Wicked Angel, which now sees him being made the master of the Great Destroyer.  This story is full of emotional ups and downs, as well as several twists and turns. The scenes and characters are well described and I felt like I was in the midst of the action and part of the group. I loved meeting Lysia. She is a character I felt great empathy for. She has not had an easy life. However, I was left wondering why someone would create a being that would destroy all three realms (Heaven, Earth and Hell)? If all life in these realms were destroyed, what would the Great Destroyer do or go next? Would she cease to exist too? Anyway, that's a discussion for another day - back to the book! There is a wonderfully described battle scene, which was epic in scale! I also loved the prison escape scene in Heaven; Asmodeus's first visit there was quite amusing too. The attraction between Nevar and Lysia is magnetic and hot. Their passion fairly set the pages on fire! I also loved meeting Erin and Veiron's young son, Dante, who has everyone wrapped around his little fingers; even his Grandfather - the Devil. I wonder if his story will be told one day? This book is actually the end of the series, but there were some new characters that were introduced that will be starring in a new series, which I am now looking forward to reading. Felicity Heaton is number one on my Favourite Authors List. I love her fast paced writing style - it is extremely fluid and flows beautifully! I am in awe of her talent to weave stories with characters that come alive on the page. I felt like I could bump into them whilst doing my shopping! Due to the explicit scenes in the story, I do not recommend this book to younger readers under 17. However, I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love erotic paranormal romance or stories with sexy angels and/or demons! This story could be read as a standalone, but I would highly recommend that you read the other 6 books too, to get a fuller understanding of the complex relationships between the characters! - Lynn Worton
Flowergirlzmom1SW More than 1 year ago
'I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review' Nevar used to be a guardian angel. Until Asmodeus - The King of Demons forced Nevar into a contract with him. Now he feels that he is pure evil and has no good in him anymore. Then he meets Lysia. She walks into the Demon Bar that he frequents naked and speaking in a language that no one seems to understand but him. The more time that Nevar spends with Lysia, the more he falls for her and begins to have hope. Hope that he is not as evil as he thought and that there is someone that might be able to love him. When they find out who and what she is he vows to do everything that he can to keep her safe. Lysia doesn't know where she is at first. She just knows that she is hurt and hungry. She needs to find blood somewhere and where she finds it is in a place where she see's both Demons and mortals go. Once inside everyone seems to look at her funny and no one seems to understand her. Except for the one that she seems to be drawn to. After a short period of time with him she knows that she loves him. She also knows that they wont be able to be together. Once she remembers her past she knows that she has always been alone and will always be alone. Will Nevar be different? My Opinion: I am absolutely obsessed with this series and I am so glad that Nevar finally got his story. I have been a fan of Felicity Heaton for a long time. Book 1 in this series was the first book by Felicity that I have read and since then I grab her books whenever I can. Books 1-3 can pretty much be read as stand alones. To read this book you really want to read books 4-6 first. As starting at book 4 they are all connected and you will be lost if you only read this book as they all kind of run together. If you have read these books then I highly suggest reading this one as this is a GREAT addition to this wonderful series. 'Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews'
Tamib13 More than 1 year ago
Her Avenging Angel is the latest in the wonderful Her Angel series by Felicity Heaton. This book is about Nevar, her heroes always have the coolest names! Nevar is possibly the most conflicted of all the angels. He hates all the deeds he has done and knows there is no way to redeem himself. The war between Heaven and Hell rages on. Can the mortal realm survive? There is a good reason why I have read all of Felicity’s books. She is a brilliant paranormal story teller. Great characters, danger, love and sexiness. Many of the characters’ from the previous books make appearances. You will love this latest book. It is exciting, heartfelt and steamy. Don’t plan on doing much else after you start this book because you won’t be able to put it down! Bring on book 8!!!
24Pixie7 More than 1 year ago
The paranormal genre has to be my favourite of all that I read and Demons & Angels hold a place in my heart..... probably why the HER ANGEL series by Felicity Heaton is such a winner for me!! We met Nevar previously in the series when he was Erin's guardian angel. Following an altercation in hell with Asmodeus, he was bound in a contract to the King of Demons after which he fell from grace and became lost & kinda evil, though lets face it, a lot of that was his own doing as he embraced the darkness that was taking him over and through this he became fairly self-destructive .... I have to admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of Nevar in either 'Her Demonic Angel' - due to the fact that for most of the time he was an annoying goody-two-shoes angel - or in 'Her Wicked Angel' - as he was a total git, so twisted and set upon revenge that he would stop at nothing to get to his 'Master' regardless of what he had to do or who he had to hurt in the process.... Which lead us to where we meet him in Her Avenging Angel . Having stirred the Great Destroyer, Nevar now needs to guard the chamber under which it rests, keeping watch to see if the beast wakes - not forgetting that this awakening would signal the apocalypse and the beginning of the end for all 3 realms - which he does, of a fashion, until he gets bored and hits the mortal realm for sustenance and escape (with the added bonus of really hacking off Asmodeus into the bargain!!). While he's out of hell he meets Lysia in a demon bar - and wow, what a meeting that is!! Those who have read Felicity's books before know that she has a way of making you fall for the bad boys - especially the busted and broken ones and boy does she succeed with Never. Within about 4 pages of starting HAA I found myself liking the fallen angel and hoping that things worked out for him.. Didn't count on that happening - at least not so quickly! Throughout the book we see Nevar battle his demons while trying to regain some of the angel/man he was. Lysia is adorable, in a badass, oh hell kinda way.. She has no recollection of where she has come from or who she is but she is drawn to Nevar and trusts that he will help her. There is a spark between these 2 from the outset and I loved how their story and relationship developed. It didn't come as a great surprise to find out what role Lysia played in the story but that, for me, didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book in any way. We meet up again with the rest of the gang as they try to decide what to do about Lysia and how best they can (or even if they should) help her. Once again they do battle with good & evil and show us just what a formidable force they are. The Devil himself makes an appearance (I really do like him - even if I shouldn't - I especially enjoy his verbal sparring with Veiron!) and there's a new demonic body that I was delighted to be introduced to!!! We are introduced to some new angels who are very interesting and have me torn as to how I feel about them - least said about them the better - you'll get to make up your mind about them soon enough. Her Avenging Angel is my 2nd favourite book in the series - Her Demonic Angel is in top spot as Veiron and Erin are always gonna be my #1 couple. With great writing, some gut wrenching & emotional events, a healthy dose of red hot sex, more trouble-making and meddling from both heaven and hell, some laugh out loud interactions and as ever, a terrific cast of characters, Her Avenging Angel is a fantastic action packed adventure that culminates in a heart stopping battle and is a great way to round off the series. A solid 5* read and a book that I will definitely go back to again in the future!!! If you haven't yet read the other books in the Her Angel series I would say that you should do so before you read Her Avenging Angel to allow you to fully understand and enjoy the story.