Her Christmas Chance (A Christmas Creek Romance, #2)

Her Christmas Chance (A Christmas Creek Romance, #2)

by Rachelle Ayala

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BN ID: 2940154262863
Publisher: Rachelle Ayala
Publication date: 05/15/2017
Series: A Christmas Creek Romance , #2
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 376,712
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About the Author

Rachelle Ayala is an award-winning USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. She writes emotionally challenging stories but believes in the power of love and hope.

Her book, Knowing Vera, won the 2015 Angie Ovation Award, and A Father for Christmas garnered a 2015 Readers' Favorite Gold Award. Christmas Stray was awarded the 2016 Readers' Favorite Gold Award and A Pet for Christmas had an Honorable Mention.

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Her Christmas Chance (A Christmas Creek Romance, #2) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
TeresaKander More than 1 year ago
I'm not usually a big reader of romance novels, but this author has a knack for writing holiday stories which tug at my heart, so I was excited to read this one. Once again, she does not disappoint. It's not often that a romance novel has a heroine like Bella. She was born with cerebral palsy and her family has always made her feel "less than" in most situations. When her twin sister got married, she met the groom's brother, Chance, who seemed to actually enjoy spending time with her, and she definitely enjoyed spending time with him. When they all started living near one another, however, things got complicated. Chance spent years in prison for something no one in his family wants to talk about, and Bella's cat seems to have a vendetta against Chance and the furniture he is restoring. When Chance and Bella begin a relationship, her family is determined to keep her "safe," which is more smothering her. Will secrets and overprotection--and a nasty cat--come between the couple, or will they find their happy ending? I love that this story makes the reader think, and perhaps confront some of our own presumptions about people with disabilities. It has some intense emotional moments, plenty of humor, and even a bit of "magic"---in other words, something for everyone. I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
pughtwins More than 1 year ago
Her Christmas Chance was a sweet heart warming book. I have to say while I really liked Chance my favorite character was Mr. Klutz. I admire Bella's determination to live her life on her terms. I really didn't care for the way her family treated her, even though they said it was out of love. Chance was so easy for me to love. I felt like he was just a truly misunderstood man, who everyone turned into a monster without all the facts. I read this book first and now I really want to go back and read book 1. I would love to see more of Bella, Chance, and of course Mr. Klutz. #MSBB
ruthhill74 More than 1 year ago
I have been a longtime fan of Rachelle's work, and this was such a lovely and beautiful read--what I've come to expect from an author of her caliber. From the first sweet page to the glorious and romantic conclusion, this is a veritable feast for the soul and a celebration of the true spirit of Christmas. While there are a few words that may offend more sensitive readers and there is a very tame bedroom scene, neither one took away from the sweet story and uplifting message of this Christmas tale. More than anything else, the fact that Rachelle chose for her heroine to have cerebral palsy was a bold move for which I applaud her on many levels. While society has become more accepting of those with disabilities, there is still a stigma attached to those who suffer from these kinds of handicaps. Even Bella's sister and brother-in-law have a tendency to remind Bella too much of her limitations and caution her against things that she "shouldn't" be doing. To see Bella overcome her limitations is absolutely thrilling, and I couldn't get enough of her beautiful spirit in this book. On the other hand, Rachelle also makes it a point that prejudices are often experienced by all in some form or fashion. Bella has her preconceived notions concerning Chance and his past, and while he has no physical limitations, in some ways, his past is met with more aspersion and distrust than even Bella has experienced. In fact, Bella herself is guilty of deep-seated beliefs and prejudices that Chance seeks to prove false. Rachelle uses Chance to point out the fact that all of us tend to struggle with a wide variety of biases and assumptions that if left unchecked, lead to us potentially missing cherished opportunities to know people who may impact our lives forever. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to anyone who loves a good romantic story filled with messages that challenge our beliefs and in the end, give us the sort of conclusion that reminds us of the triumph of the human spirit and celebrates everything that is good about the holiday season! I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.
WisReader More than 1 year ago
This book caught me by surprise. I know Rachelle Ayala writes a very sweet love story, with surprises always included. This one has an unusual slant - the two people have "issues" they need to come to terms with within themselves and with each other, or possibly with how other people want them to see each other. It is a story about finding love but also finding your own place in the world. It is sassy sweet. Speaking of sassy - there is this uncontrollable cat. I worried about the cat for the entire book! As if this "odd couple" doesn't have enough going against them, family members trying to influence their paths in life, town gossips, and more, a bit of Christmas magic injects itself. You'll have to decide for yourself what really happens or doesn't. Happily - the cat makes it all the way to the end. I accepted a copy of this book to review
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Life is too short and serious to not look at the lighter side. That's what I love about Ms. Ayala, she finds humor in the humorless, magic in the heartbreaking, hope in the unattainable. Her philosophy is anything is possible with a little love, a ton of faith and a lifetime of optimism. Case in point: Her Christmas Chance. For Bella, the world has been a challenging place and her body her worst enemy, but her heart is her greatest asset. Her empathetic nature helps her experience life in a different way. She sees beauty where others find despair. Chance is no hero. He's made one too many mistakes and disappointed the people that love him most, but even when hope is lost, he has a cheerleader waiting in the wings, encouraging him to become a better man. A great story, has basis in realism and Her Christmas Chance deserves high praise for that. Audiobook Review: Her Christmas Chance (A Christmas Creek Romance) by Rachelle Ayala For me reading a story is like watching a movie. In my mind there's an image of how the scene will play out, but it doesn't always end up that way. Her Christmas Chance is like a wonderful gift. It inspires and entertains while waking up even the blackest of hearts. The words were all there, the beauty was evident, all that Bella and Chance needed was the perfect voice to bring their fairy tale to life. Kate Marcin proved the right person for that tough job. It's only fitting that since the author put so much of herself on display that the narrator do likewise. Ms. Marcin made every teardrop worth crying and every smile a well earned reward.
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
I had to read this one because one it's a Christmas romance and two the first line of the blurb says a cat is in the book. There was no way I was passing this up. This one was a little extra special because Bella herself is special. Reading this book shows you what true love looks like in the most beautiful way. It's was so beautiful to watch Bella and Chance. Chance his own secrets and past the brings darkness in him, but Bella brings the light back in his life. Chance fears his past will be too much for Bella to bear. The cat in this one is full of mischief, but as you read on you can see his true mission. I'm so glad I read this one because it's beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. There was one scene that felt like an odd fit for the book, but otherwise spot on for me.
BookMomto6 More than 1 year ago
I have always loved Rachelle Ayala's books. She sets a great plot and always seems to find things that are very life-like to me. For instance, I could see a cat that is allowed inside and outside to wreak the havoc that Mr. Klutz does. Bella is one of my favorite characters I have read recently. The fact that she has a handicap, yet is portrayed as having a normal life, makes me want to give a copy of this book to everyone I know. It is seldom that romance novels actually have physical flaws in their characters. There may be flaws like Chance has - having been to prison. But seldom does a lead character have a physical flaw such as Bella needing to use arm-braced crutches to walk. Bella and Chance worked their ways into my heart with all that was going against them in this book. Bella's family didn't think Chance was for her because of his imprisonment. Chance's family made him feel he wasn't good enough for Bella. At times, Bella's own thoughts went against the two of them. And, at times, Chance felt he was not the right person for Bella. Despite it all, you will find a great romance develops between the two of them. Pick up your own copy of Her Christmas Chance and see if you enjoy it as much as I did. I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
JessicaCali More than 1 year ago
I've been a fan of Rachelle Ayala for a while and have read almost all of her books! They've all been so good, and this one was absolutely NO different! I love books about second chances, especially around the holidays! This book will warm your heart and help inspire you to go after the one you have wanted for so long. Once again, in this book, Rachelle Ayala shows her amazing story telling abilities while drawing the readers attention to conditions (disabilities) that people might not know a lot about. Bella and Chance are the complete opposites, but you know how that saying goes, Opposites attract, and that's completely true in Her Christmas Chance. They compliment each other perfectly and their story shows that love doesn't discriminate!
MikiHope More than 1 year ago
This book had to be extremely difficult to write. Rachel Ayala managed to take the subject of a person who was born with cerebral palsy and show how perseverance and love can overcome even the most difficult of obstacles. Bella was coddled since birth--given every treatment known to man. But she wants some independence so she settles into a cottage behind where her twin sister lives with her husband. She has a little dog who is constantly being bullied by a BIG cat who decided to move in with them. Now this cat is not used to being stuck in a house all day--and he is a roamer! Unfortunately he loves to make his way next door to her neighbors house and destroy his workshop!! The cat did not like this guy at all--but Bella did. He was her escort at her sister's wedding and she thought he was perfect, kind and understanding. Until that fateful day when he came pounding at her door threatening her cat!! Her cat threatened him right back! They started to go out as friends--but not without a whole lot of interference from Bella's overprotective family. Chance began to realize that Bella was a lot more capable then she thought she was-It was beautiful to read. Meanwhile they began to have real feelings about each other---the cat was still destroying that workshop every chance he got! Will these two be able to overcome all the obstacles in their way-and there were many. Would that ornery cat and Chance ever become friends or at least learn to tolerate each other? There are many lessons to be learned within these pages. This is definitely a novel where tissues are needed-but one you will not soon forget, if ever!
Cowgirl2Fireman More than 1 year ago
A charming and hopeful story of romance and love! Her Christmas Chance is a fantastic love story including a disability that you hear of but is not necessarily well known. Rachelle does such a great job with the aspects of disabilities that she either knows about it personally or does a lot of research. She does a great job in portraying all the little things that most people take for granted and don’t realize that individuals with a disability face on a day to day basis. I can’t imagine the struggles that Bella has to go through on a daily basis. Yet Bella is a strong and independent woman that learns it is okay to lean on someone while still being independent. Her Christmas Chance is an intriguing and well-written story. The characters are well developed, realistic and engaging. Rachelle Ayala does a great job of intertwining the different characters in the series throughout each book. This author is one who knows how to write a book that will capture your emotions and keep a hold of them to the very end. My attention was captured from the very beginning; I couldn’t put the book down. When you finish this book, you will have confidence and hopefulness in love along with a sense of understanding and compassion for people that go through struggles daily. This is one of several books that I have read by Rachelle Ayala and will certainly not be my last. I have not been disappointed yet! Rachelle Ayala takes her research and knowledge and creates books that will capture your heart and leave you on an emotional high. I recommend Her Christmas Chance to anyone that enjoys reading a unique and delightful romance.
ebookaddictsuk More than 1 year ago
I have read a few of Rachelle Ayala's books in the past and have so many I want to read, but this one really stood out for me. Bella is a young woman, living on her own with a manic cat, she is also a twin to her sister Tally. They may be sisters, they may be twins but one thing makes them different from each other - Bella has cerebral palsy. This story is all about her breaking free from her sisters shadow, standing on her own two feet and showing the world that she can make it on her own despite her disability. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would fall in love with the bad boy next door though! Chance Martin, he is Bella's brother in law, and not only that but he has spent time in prison, the reason as to what he was in for is being bantered about the town as gossip and whilst it is not initially known, Bella accepts him for who he is and in Chance's own way he accepts her for who she is as well. Chance came over as a bit of an numpty acting all gruff and mean, but really deep down he didn't think he was deserving of anyone's love, let alone Bella's. I loved their interactions with each other, and their story and how strong Bella was as a character in overcoming her overbearing family who although they were only looking out for her best interest they were treating her almost like a child due to her disability - but boy did she prove them all wrong.  Bella & Chance are the complete opposite yet compliment each other perfectly, their story shows that love doesn't discriminate. I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
Shadowplay4u More than 1 year ago
"Heartwarming Redemption" Where does Her Christmas Chance rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far? Her Christmas Chance rates high among my favorite audio books because this is a wonderful story that highlight just how powerful and life changing love truly is. The audio version of this book made an even stronger impact on my heart and had me in are of just how incredible these fantastic characters are and how beautiful the storyline is. What did you like best about this story? I loved how Chance and Bella saw each other for who they really are. They didn't see the devastating disability or the dark past.Love allowed them to see the beauty and the potential that the other had to complete them and make them happier then they ever dreamed. Chance and Bella opened their heart to the other and never denied the comfort and joy that the other brought to their cold, dull life. Watching these two blossom was a breath catching sight to behold. Which character – as performed by Kate Marcin – was your favorite? Bella wa my favorite character because she never creased to amaze Chance with her limitless well of love, courage, and determination. She never gave up on Chance when he gave up on himself. She finally found love and hope in a bright future, and she wasn't giving Chance up for anything for anyone. She wanted him, and she fought for him until he finally saw in him what she saw ever time she looked at him. If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be? The beauty of the heart can never truly be understood by the mind. It can only be cherished, treasured, and savored. Any additional comments? This is a powerful and fantastic addition to this wonderful series by Rachelle Ayala. I can't wait to see what she creates next!