Hess and the Penguins: The Holocaust, Antarctica and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess

Hess and the Penguins: The Holocaust, Antarctica and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess

by Joseph P. Farrell


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Pursuing his investigations of WWII machinations, secret international agreements, breakaway civilizations and hidden wars in Antarctica, author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell examines the continuing mystery of Rudolf Hess, his sudden flight to Scotland, his supposed imprisonment at Spandau Prison in Berlin and how his flight affected affairs in Europe, Israel, Antarctica and elsewhere. Farrell looks at Hess' mission to make peace with Britain and get rid of Hitler–even a plot to fly Hitler to Britain for capture! How much did Göring and Hitler know of Rudolf Hess' subversive plot, and what happened to Hess? Why was a doppleganger put in Spandau Prison and then "suicided"? Did the British use an early form of mind control on Hess' double? John Foster Dulles of the OSS and CIA suspected as much. Farrell also uncovers the strange death of Admiral Richard Byrd's son in 1988, about the same time of the death of Hess. What was Hess' connection to Antarctica? It is Farrell at his best–uncovering the special operations and still-secret activities of WWII and the breakaway civilization.

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ISBN-13: 9781939149855
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
Publication date: 09/18/2017
Pages: 288
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About the Author

Joseph Farrell is an Oxford-educated historian who specializes in alternative history, World War II and secret technologies. Raised in Kansas, he has held a wide variety of jobs and is currently a full-time author and researcher. His many books include: The Giza Death Star Trilogy; Hidden Finance; Reich of the Black Sun; The SS Brotherhood of the Bell; Nazi International; Secrets of the Unified Field; Roswell and Reich; The Cosmic War; Grid of the Gods; Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops; Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations; Thrice Great Hermetica and the Janus Age; and others. He lives in Tuls

Table of Contents

Table of Contents i

Acknowledgements and Dedication vii

Forewarned is Forearmed ix

Part 1 The Hess Mess

1 Spandau Ballet (and No, We Don't Mean the 1980s Rock Group) 1

A The Harvey's Barn Methodology: The Hess Mess as an Epistemological and Historiographical Puzzle 5

1 The Questions that lead to The Question 7

B In My End is My Beginning… 10

1 A Death in Spandau 10

2 But What Kind of Death? 12

a The First Bit of Debris in the Hess Mess 12

b Abdallah Melaouhi and Wolf Rüdiger Hess: The Problems with the "Suicide" Explanation Begin 15

(1) The Delaying Tactics of the British and American Guards 18

(2) The Scene of the Crime: "Americans" in Ill-Fitting Uniforms 21

(3) Hess's Physical Inability to Perform the Tasks Required for His Suicide According to the Official Narrative 24

(4) Miscellanies: Champagne Parties, Tampered First Aid Kits, and a Familiar Pattern of the Destruction of Evidence 25

(5) Melaouhi's Assessment of the Motivations: the "Gorbachev Hypothesis" 27

C The Autopsies 30

1 The Magical Year of 2017: Weeding the Files 33

2 A Strange Remark in Melaouhi's Recovered Letter from Hess 34

2 The Son Speaks About the "Suicide" 35

A Anomalies Noted by Hess's Son, Wolf Rüdiger-Hess 38

B The Pre-Planned Protocols for Hess's Death, vs. What Actually Happened: The Autopsies Again 42

C Was Rudolf Hess Suicidal? 43

1 A Prior Attempt on Hess's Life? Or an Interrupted Mind Control Procedure? 44

2 The First Attempt at Murder-by-Medical Emergency: The Prostate Surgery Affair 48

D The South African Affidavit 50

E A Brief Note on German Reunification 53

3 A Brief Biography 55

A Early Life and World War One (1894-1914) 56

B Wounds: Hess Becomes a Pilot (1914-1918) 57

C Post-War: From Putsch to Power (1919-1933) 59

1 The Haushofers and Hess 59

a Hess and the Freikorps von Epp 59

b 1919: Hess, the Haushofers, "Geopolitics," and the Thulegesellschaft 62

(1) The Thulegesellschaft 62

(2) Hess, The Haushofers, and "Geopolitics" 70

(a) Mackinder, Kjellén, the Heartland, and "Lebensraum" 73

c The Spartacist Coup and the Beer Hall Putsch 77

d Landsberg Prison: Hitler, Hess and Mein Kampf 79

D The Stellvertreter: Hess's Power within the Nazi Regime (1933-41) 82

1 The Nuremberg Indictment and Hess's Power 82

2 The Moral Ambiguity of Hess, and the Hess-Bormann Relationship 85

4 Flight of Fancy, Peace Proposals, Doubles Dilemmas, Difficulties with Dukes, and Nonsense at Nuremberg 87

A Nonsense at Nuremberg and Difficulties of Doubles 88

1 Foretastes of MK-Ultra: Allen Dulles and Hess at Nuremberg 88

2 "Hess's" Strange, Buffoonish Behavior at Nuremberg: "Brain Poison" and Hess's "Jewish-Bolshevik Mind-Control Conspiracy" 93

3 Picknett's, Prince's, and Prior's Assessment of "Hess's" Nuremberg Speeches 104

B More about the Doubles Dilemma 109

1 War Wounds, Missing Scar Tissue, and Magic Bullets 109

2 Anomalous Corroborating Behavior and Other Miscellanies 113

3 Picknett, Prince, and Prior Weigh in on the Doppelganger Dilemma 117

a The Actual War Wounds, and the Implications: The Real Hess Parachuted into Scotland 119

b The Secret Measurement of Hess for a Duplicate Uniform: Substitution and Assassination Theories 122

C The Flight of Fancy and Hess's Capture 124

1 The Strange "Shoot Down" Order and Conveying the News of Hess's Flight to Hitler 124

a The Hess Flight in Some Standard Histories 124

2 The Flight Itself and Its Implications: British and German Air Defenses 133

a The Strategic Positions of Britain and Germany in the Spring of 1941 and the Oft-Overlooked Factor: the Atomic Bomb 134

(1) A Speculation on the "Lure" Hypothesis 137

(2) Churchill's 1942 Address to the House of Commons: Conspiracy Confirmed 138

3 "Sealing the Deal" 139

a Harris and Wilbourn's Examination of the British Constitution 139

b The "Haushofer Letters." The German Side: No Peace with Churchill; The British Side: No Peace with Hitler 142

(1) The 1938 Army Plot and the 1939 Göring-Dahlerus Peace Effort 148

4 The Aircraft: Messerschmitt Bf 110 150

a The Fuel Tanks and Drop Tanks 150

b The Oil Tanks 152

c The Maps, Flight Plans, and Their Implications 153

d The Response of the British Air Defenses, and the Difficulty of Dungavel 157

D The Difficulties with the Dukes 159

1 The British Peace Faction 159

2 Anglo-American Union, Altered Speeches, and Strange Messages 165

3 Was the Peace Plan also a Coup d'Etat Plan? 170

4 The Coup Hypothesis and Hess's University Essay 175

5 "Hess" in Britain, 1941-1945: More Mind Manipulation, Ducal Difficulties, and Doubles Dilemmas 177

A Capture and Immediate Aftermath 178

1 The "Manifestation" of Morris and McBride 178

a The McBride Anomalies 180

b The Inventory of What Hess Brought with Him: A Strange, and Old, Irish Manuscript? 182

c Major Graham Donald Identifies Hess by Means of Another Absurd Conversation about Beer 185

2 Anomalies: A Glaring Absence, and a Polish Officer Talks to Hess 186

3 Telegrams, Coville's Strange Statement, and the Marx Brothers 191

B From the Tower to Maindiff 194

C Ducal Difficulties, Royal Protection and Reception Committees 197

D A Short but Necessary Final Tangent: The Hess Flight and the Rise of Martin Bormann 203

6 Sacrifices, Surrenders, Statements and States 207

A Israel, Hess, and the Grand Dame of Conspiracy Theory 210

1 The Israelis and Hess 210

2 Hess, Halifax, Chamberlain, Churchill, the Reichs-Kristallnacht, The Balfour Declaration, and the "Jewish Question" 212

3 Lord Victor Rothschild, MI-5, the Communists and Colonel Pilcher Again 216

B The Holocaust Hypothesis and the Hess Peace Plan 223

C The Nordau Quotation and Its Implications for the Hess Mess 226

D Taking Stock 229

Part 2 The Penguin problem

7 Penguins and the "Peace Plan" 235

A Heinz Schön and Operation Highjump 236

1 A Brief Review of Antarctic Strangeness 236

2 Disturbing Questions about Highjump 237

a The German Antarctic Expedition and State Councilor Wohlthat 237

b The Post-war American Expedition of Admiral Richard Byrd in 1946-47 241

3 The Operational Plan of Highjump 244

4 The Strange Death of Admiral Richard Byrd's Son 247

B Penguins, the Peace Plan, and the Hess Mess: What About Norway? 248

C A Brief Review 252

8 Epilogue: Spandau Ballet (And Yes, This Time We Do Mean the 1980s Music Group) 257

Bibliography 263

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