Hess and the Penguins: The Holocaust, Antarctica and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess

Hess and the Penguins: The Holocaust, Antarctica and the Strange Case of Rudolf Hess

by Joseph P. Farrell


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ISBN-13: 9781939149855
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
Publication date: 09/18/2017
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 195,358
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About the Author

Joseph Farrell is an Oxford-educated historian who specializes in alternative history, World War II and secret technologies. Raised in Kansas, he has held a wide variety of jobs and is currently a full-time author and researcher. His many books include: The Giza Death Star Trilogy; Hidden Finance; Reich of the Black Sun; The SS Brotherhood of the Bell; Nazi International; Secrets of the Unified Field; Roswell and Reich; The Cosmic War; Grid of the Gods; Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops; Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations; Thrice Great Hermetica and the Janus Age; and others. He lives in Tuls

Table of Contents

Table of Contents i

Acknowledgements and Dedication vii

Forewarned is Forearmed ix

Part 1 The Hess Mess

1 Spandau Ballet (and No, We Don't Mean the 1980s Rock Group) 1

A The Harvey's Barn Methodology: The Hess Mess as an Epistemological and Historiographical Puzzle 5

1 The Questions that lead to The Question 7

B In My End is My Beginning… 10

1 A Death in Spandau 10

2 But What Kind of Death? 12

a The First Bit of Debris in the Hess Mess 12

b Abdallah Melaouhi and Wolf Rüdiger Hess: The Problems with the "Suicide" Explanation Begin 15

(1) The Delaying Tactics of the British and American Guards 18

(2) The Scene of the Crime: "Americans" in Ill-Fitting Uniforms 21

(3) Hess's Physical Inability to Perform the Tasks Required for His Suicide According to the Official Narrative 24

(4) Miscellanies: Champagne Parties, Tampered First Aid Kits, and a Familiar Pattern of the Destruction of Evidence 25

(5) Melaouhi's Assessment of the Motivations: the "Gorbachev Hypothesis" 27

C The Autopsies 30

1 The Magical Year of 2017: Weeding the Files 33

2 A Strange Remark in Melaouhi's Recovered Letter from Hess 34

2 The Son Speaks About the "Suicide" 35

A Anomalies Noted by Hess's Son, Wolf Rüdiger-Hess 38

B The Pre-Planned Protocols for Hess's Death, vs. What Actually Happened: The Autopsies Again 42

C Was Rudolf Hess Suicidal? 43

1 A Prior Attempt on Hess's Life? Or an Interrupted Mind Control Procedure? 44

2 The First Attempt at Murder-by-Medical Emergency: The Prostate Surgery Affair 48

D The South African Affidavit 50

E A Brief Note on German Reunification 53

3 A Brief Biography 55

A Early Life and World War One (1894-1914) 56

B Wounds: Hess Becomes a Pilot (1914-1918) 57

C Post-War: From Putsch to Power (1919-1933) 59

1 The Haushofers and Hess 59

a Hess and the Freikorps von Epp 59

b 1919: Hess, the Haushofers, "Geopolitics," and the Thulegesellschaft 62

(1) The Thulegesellschaft 62

(2) Hess, The Haushofers, and "Geopolitics" 70

(a) Mackinder, Kjellén, the Heartland, and "Lebensraum" 73

c The Spartacist Coup and the Beer Hall Putsch 77

d Landsberg Prison: Hitler, Hess and Mein Kampf 79

D The Stellvertreter: Hess's Power within the Nazi Regime (1933-41) 82

1 The Nuremberg Indictment and Hess's Power 82

2 The Moral Ambiguity of Hess, and the Hess-Bormann Relationship 85

4 Flight of Fancy, Peace Proposals, Doubles Dilemmas, Difficulties with Dukes, and Nonsense at Nuremberg 87

A Nonsense at Nuremberg and Difficulties of Doubles 88

1 Foretastes of MK-Ultra: Allen Dulles and Hess at Nuremberg 88

2 "Hess's" Strange, Buffoonish Behavior at Nuremberg: "Brain Poison" and Hess's "Jewish-Bolshevik Mind-Control Conspiracy" 93

3 Picknett's, Prince's, and Prior's Assessment of "Hess's" Nuremberg Speeches 104

B More about the Doubles Dilemma 109

1 War Wounds, Missing Scar Tissue, and Magic Bullets 109

2 Anomalous Corroborating Behavior and Other Miscellanies 113

3 Picknett, Prince, and Prior Weigh in on the Doppelganger Dilemma 117

a The Actual War Wounds, and the Implications: The Real Hess Parachuted into Scotland 119

b The Secret Measurement of Hess for a Duplicate Uniform: Substitution and Assassination Theories 122

C The Flight of Fancy and Hess's Capture 124

1 The Strange "Shoot Down" Order and Conveying the News of Hess's Flight to Hitler 124

a The Hess Flight in Some Standard Histories 124

2 The Flight Itself and Its Implications: British and German Air Defenses 133

a The Strategic Positions of Britain and Germany in the Spring of 1941 and the Oft-Overlooked Factor: the Atomic Bomb 134

(1) A Speculation on the "Lure" Hypothesis 137

(2) Churchill's 1942 Address to the House of Commons: Conspiracy Confirmed 138

3 "Sealing the Deal" 139

a Harris and Wilbourn's Examination of the British Constitution 139

b The "Haushofer Letters." The German Side: No Peace with Churchill; The British Side: No Peace with Hitler 142

(1) The 1938 Army Plot and the 1939 Göring-Dahlerus Peace Effort 148

4 The Aircraft: Messerschmitt Bf 110 150

a The Fuel Tanks and Drop Tanks 150

b The Oil Tanks 152

c The Maps, Flight Plans, and Their Implications 153

d The Response of the British Air Defenses, and the Difficulty of Dungavel 157

D The Difficulties with the Dukes 159

1 The British Peace Faction 159

2 Anglo-American Union, Altered Speeches, and Strange Messages 165

3 Was the Peace Plan also a Coup d'Etat Plan? 170

4 The Coup Hypothesis and Hess's University Essay 175

5 "Hess" in Britain, 1941-1945: More Mind Manipulation, Ducal Difficulties, and Doubles Dilemmas 177

A Capture and Immediate Aftermath 178

1 The "Manifestation" of Morris and McBride 178

a The McBride Anomalies 180

b The Inventory of What Hess Brought with Him: A Strange, and Old, Irish Manuscript? 182

c Major Graham Donald Identifies Hess by Means of Another Absurd Conversation about Beer 185

2 Anomalies: A Glaring Absence, and a Polish Officer Talks to Hess 186

3 Telegrams, Coville's Strange Statement, and the Marx Brothers 191

B From the Tower to Maindiff 194

C Ducal Difficulties, Royal Protection and Reception Committees 197

D A Short but Necessary Final Tangent: The Hess Flight and the Rise of Martin Bormann 203

6 Sacrifices, Surrenders, Statements and States 207

A Israel, Hess, and the Grand Dame of Conspiracy Theory 210

1 The Israelis and Hess 210

2 Hess, Halifax, Chamberlain, Churchill, the Reichs-Kristallnacht, The Balfour Declaration, and the "Jewish Question" 212

3 Lord Victor Rothschild, MI-5, the Communists and Colonel Pilcher Again 216

B The Holocaust Hypothesis and the Hess Peace Plan 223

C The Nordau Quotation and Its Implications for the Hess Mess 226

D Taking Stock 229

Part 2 The Penguin problem

7 Penguins and the "Peace Plan" 235

A Heinz Schön and Operation Highjump 236

1 A Brief Review of Antarctic Strangeness 236

2 Disturbing Questions about Highjump 237

a The German Antarctic Expedition and State Councilor Wohlthat 237

b The Post-war American Expedition of Admiral Richard Byrd in 1946-47 241

3 The Operational Plan of Highjump 244

4 The Strange Death of Admiral Richard Byrd's Son 247

B Penguins, the Peace Plan, and the Hess Mess: What About Norway? 248

C A Brief Review 252

8 Epilogue: Spandau Ballet (And Yes, This Time We Do Mean the 1980s Music Group) 257

Bibliography 263

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