Hey! That's My Song!: A Guide to Getting Music Placements in Film, TV, and Media

Hey! That's My Song!: A Guide to Getting Music Placements in Film, TV, and Media

Hey! That's My Song!: A Guide to Getting Music Placements in Film, TV, and Media

Hey! That's My Song!: A Guide to Getting Music Placements in Film, TV, and Media


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Songwriters/composers/producers Tracey and Vance Marino have been wildly successful placing their more than three thousand music compositions in various media. They are signed with over sixty different production music libraries and music publishers, and their music is heard daily across the globe.

This guide brings together—in one book—all you need to know about writing, recording, marketing, and monetizing your music. Getting placements in film, TV, and media is not only about writing good music, it's about writing placeable music. And, after you have written placeable music, what do you do with it? Where do you find the decision-makers? How do you get all the money to which you are entitled? This book delivers the answers. You will discover…

  • The most important quality a piece of music should have to be licensed
  • Tips about crafting music specifically for sync
  • The tools and knowledge needed to create broadcast-quality recordings
  • Where to find the people and companies that can place your music
  • How to present and market your music
  • Why networking and following up with contacts are among the keys to success
  • The pros and cons of working solo or as part of a team
  • The importance of being professional while interacting with other people
  • How being organized and using metadata effectively will get you paid

Having music placed in various media is an extraordinarily financially lucrative area of the music business. And the Marinos are willing now to share their tips, secrets, and the steps to follow in order to succeed in the sync world.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781493061112
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 05/15/2022
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 662,847
Product dimensions: 8.52(w) x 11.11(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Tracey and Vance Marino are a husband-and-wife music writing and producing team. With more than three thousand titles in their BMI catalogue, the Marinos have had thousands of placements in film, TV, commercials, and other media. Their music is heard daily around the world. They spent years playing and writing music before setting up their own recording studios and learning how to write for sync. Tracey Marino, originally from Boston, Massachusetts, is a trained classical pianist. Vance Marino is a rock, blues, and country guitarist, originally from Hawai'i. They reside in San Diego, California.

Table of Contents

Foreword vii

Introduction ix

Part 1 Creative: Hey! How Do I Write Music for Sync? 1

Steps to Writing and Recording Highly Placeable Songs and Instrumentals

Chapter 1 Understanding the World of Sync 3

Chapter 2 Writing Instrumental for Sync 11

Chapter 3 Writing Songs for Sync 31

Chapter 4 Getting the Most from Feedback 49

Chapter 5 Performing and Recording of Live and Virtual Instruments 51

Chapter 6 Producing and Arranging 71

Chapter 7 Setting Up a Home Studio and Working with Digital Audio 97

Chapter 8 Mixing Basics and Techniques 107

Chapter 9 Mastering and File Delivery 121

Part 2 Marketing: Hey! Who Wants My Music? 127

Steps to Getting Your Music Out There, Signed, and Placed

Chapter 10 Marketing Your Music for Sync 129

Chapter 11 Production Music Libraries 135

Chapter 12 Sync Agencies 141

Chapter 13 Music Publishing Companies 147

Chapter 14 Pitching Directly to Musk Supervisors 151

Chapter 15 Networking and Building Relationships 157

Chapter 16 Presenting Yourself and Your Music 167

Chapter 17 The Importance of Metadata and Keywords 173

Part 3 Business: Hey! Where's My Money? 177

Steps to Collecting Your Money and Getting Organized

Chapter 18 Taking Care of Business 179

Chapter 19 Licensing Fees 181

Chapter 20 Performance Royalties and PROs 185

Chapter 21 Other Business Models and Income Sources 197

Chapter 22 Understanding the Basics of Sync Music Publishing Agreements 201

Part 4 Resources: Hey! That Helps! 205

Useful Information and Additional Tips for Success

Chapter 23 Hey! That's a Wrap! 207

Glossary of Terms 217

Appendix A Sample Lyric Sheet 231

Appendix B Sample Agreements 232

Appendix C Keywords: Basic Objective Information about the Music 238

Appendix D Keywords: Sync Music Genres and Subgenres 241

Appendix E Keywords: Mood, Feel, and Vibe of the Music 248

Appendix F Keywords: Lyric Themes and Additional Sync Music Styles 253

Appendix G Keywords: Music Placement Possibilities 255

Appendix H Recommended Reading 258

Appendix I Music Trade Organizations, Conferences, and Additional Resources 259

Special Thanks 262

Acknowledgments 265

Index 267

About the Authors 275

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