Hiking Alabama: A Guide to the State's Greatest Hiking Adventures

Hiking Alabama: A Guide to the State's Greatest Hiking Adventures

by Joe Cuhaj

Paperback(Fourth Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780762787296
Publisher: Falcon Guides
Publication date: 09/02/2014
Series: State Hiking Guides Series
Edition description: Fourth Edition
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 453,946
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Joe Cuhaj is an Alabama transplant, having grown up in Mahwah, New Jersey, near the Harriman/Bear Mountain state parks where his love of hiking and the outdoors began. Joe, his wife, Maggie, daughter Kellie, their two dogs, cat, and horse live in Daphne, Alabama, just east of Mobile, on the Gulf Coast. Joe is a full-time systems programmer for a local company, but finds frequent visits to area wildlife refuges, wetlands, and Oak Mountain State Park solace from the keyboard.

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Hiking Alabama: A Guide to the State's Greatest Hiking Adventures 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A lithle silver and gold she-cat padded in, her green eyes shining with the flecks of pink, blue, gold, and brown. She looked around, then spoke. "Hello, my friends. You may wonder what I am doing here and who I am." She meowed. "I am here to tell you about my home, and my name is Dawn of Dancing Skies. But just call me Dawn." Dawn continued. "My home is the Tribe of Flowing Winds, and we currently have two stonetellers. Lion with Fierce Roar is the other, but he was unable to make it." She explained. "We represent the Tribe of Rushing Water from the books. Our ranks are as follows: kit, to-be, cave-gaurd, prey-hunter, kit-bearer, healer, and stoneteller." She meowed. "We are located in the mountains, and it was quite a journey to get here." Dawn meowed. <br> <p> &starf&star Ranks <br> The ranks are in order from lowest in power to highest in power. Please note: prey-hunter and cave-gaurd have equal authority! <br> <p> &star Kit (any kit up to 6 moons old) <br> &star To-be (any young cat from the age of 6 moons to 12 moons, training to become a hunter or gaurd. Rarely healer.) <br> &star Prey-hunter (any cat specializing in hunting, former to-be) <br> &star Cave-gaurd (any cat specializing in gaurding, former to-be) <br> &star Kit-mother (any female pregnant or nursing-is eqaula as the former two) <br> &star Healer (any cat specializing in the healing arts-former to-be) <br> &star Elders (any retired gaurd or hunter) <br> &star Stoneteller (highest rank, choosen by the former stoneteller. Can be either gaurd or hunter.) <br> <p> &starf&star Rules and Requierments <br> 1.) FOLLOW THE PACT CLAN RULES: these can be read in the other results here. <br> 2.) POWER IS DETERMINED BY ACTIVITY AND AGE: this meaning that the more active cats get a higher position. Age meaing that an older cat gets more power than a younger cat, and also, if you are here longer, you get more power. <br> 3.) BE REALISTIC: okay, I have to say this again. Some think that because we do not do things te same ways as the clans that we take allies from outside the pact. Also, visits from the clans are extremely rare! Just remember this! <br> 4.) TRIBE OF ENDLESS HUNTING: we do have a Tribe of Endless hunting. It would only make sence. Once we get that going again, each tribe cat should rp an ancient. These ancients would deliver the most important prophecies. <br> 5.) FOLLOW THE RULES: self explanitory. If we all follow the rules, it will be great! <br> <p> &starf&star Location <br> The Tribe of Flowing Winds is located at: <br> <p> 'Tribe Camp' results <br> We will soon be moving, so I'll be reposting this soon, unfortunately! <br> <p> &starf&star May the Tribe Live On! &star&starf <br> <p> ~D&alpha&omega&eta of Danc&iota&eta&delta S&kappa&iota&epsilon&zeta&star
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ashclan will be at 'blazing fire' result 3 <p> Rainclan will be at 'light rain' result 2
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Location: 'beach cat' <br> Most Like: RiverClan <br> Usual Prey: trout, salamander, the occasional water vole.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow, l get so lazy and busy, and then grounded! Lol. Anyway, Pandemonium is currently open for all cats to join at "free fall trees" but not forever so join quickly. Leaders are still being reconstructed and so ranks are going to be slow going for now (l only got back yesterday!). Information is currently still at "wars of light shadows" all res so please read through the Axiom and Ranks at least. Thank you! ~L&beta