Hit So Hard: A Memoir

Hit So Hard: A Memoir

by Patty Schemel

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A stunningly candid portrait of the Seattle grunge scene of the '90s and a memoir of an addict during the last great era of rock 'n' roll excess, by Hole drummer Patty Schemel

Patty Schemel's story begins with a childhood surrounded by the AA meetings her parents hosted in the family living room. Their divorce triggered her first forays into drinking at age twelve and dovetailed with her passion for punk rock and playing the drums. Patty's struggles with her sexuality further drove her notoriously hard playing, and by the late '80s she had focused that anger, confusion, and drive into regular gigs with well-regarded bands in Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympia, Washington. She met a pre-Nirvana Kurt Cobain at a Melvins show, and less than five years later, was living with him and his wife, Hole front-woman Courtney Love, at the height of his fame and on the cusp of hers. As the platinum-selling band's new drummer, Schemel contributed memorable, driving beats to hits like "Beautiful Son," "Violet," "Doll Parts," and "Miss World." But the band was plagued by tragedy and heroin addiction, and by the time Hole went on tour in support of their ironically titled and critically-acclaimed album Live Through This in 1994, both Cobain and Hole bassist Kristen Pfaff had died at the age of 27

With surprising candor and wit, Schemel intimately documents the events surrounding her dramatic exit from the band in 1998 that led to a dark descent into a life of homelessness and crime on the streets of Los Angeles, and the difficult but rewarding path to lasting sobriety after more than twenty serious attempts to get clean. Hit So Hard is a testament not only to the enduring power of the music Schemel helped create but an important document of the drug culture that threatened to destroy it.

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About the Author

Patty Schemel is an American drummer, songwriter, and comedian best known for her work with the platinum-selling band Hole. She is on the board of the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls in California, a non-profit organization that teaches girls all over the world that it's okay to be loud. She continues to perform, teach, and tour, currently with the band Upset, and lives in Los Angeles with her wife and daughter.

Table of Contents

1 Come Back When You Grow Up 1

2 Flaming Youth 10

3 One O' the Girls 16

4 New Town 16

5 Credit in the Straight World 22

6 Doll Squad 26

7 Sybil 32

8 Jabberjaw 38

9 Godsend 45

10 Son of a Gun 49

11 Rock and Rio 52

12 Heavy 58

13 Asking for It 64

14 Beautiful Son 72

15 Live Through This 77

16 Loaded 82

17 Playing Your Song 93

18 Take Everything 100

19 How to Buy Drugs in New York City 112

20 Patient Pat 114

21 The Art of the Four-Day Detox 124

22 Sister 127

23 Shut the Door 134

24 I'm Drumming as Fast as I Can 138

25 One Way or Another 141

26 Use Once and Destroy 150

27 Soon 155

28 Taking Care of Business 159

29 Walks Up on St. Andrews 165

30 Buying Drugs in L.A. 171

31 Six Months Gone 175

32 Bringing It All Back Home 180

33 The End of the Line 188

34 Pink Turns to Blue 193

35 Occupational Hazards 197

36 A Day in the Life 200

37 Rock Bottom No. 1 202

38 Back to School 207

39 Re/lapse 213

40 Privilege Set Me Free 217

41 Temperatures Rising 222

42 Je T'aime … Moi Non Plus 229

43 Walking with a Ghost 232

44 In and Out of Grace 237

45 A Northern Soul 244

46 Something Electrical 250

47 The Difference 259

Acknowledgments 271

Index 273

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