Homeschool Bravely: How to Squash Doubt, Trust God, and Teach Your Child with Confidence

Homeschool Bravely: How to Squash Doubt, Trust God, and Teach Your Child with Confidence

by Jamie Erickson


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Quiet the voices of "not good enough" and step courageously into guilt-free homeschooling

Many homeschool parents have a long-term relationship with self-doubt. "Did I make the right decision?" "Could someone else do this better?" "Am I robbing my kids of something by not sending them to ‘regular school’?"

What if there’s a better way?

Not a 3-step technique or a shiny, new curriculum, but a change in perspective that transforms the way you plan, teach, and homeschool?

Homeschool Bravely teaches you to see homeschooling as a calling, helps you overthrow the tyranny of impossible expectations, and guides you through the common bumps in the road, including how to:

  • juggle school and parenting with toddlers at home
  • teach a struggling learner
  • plan with the end in mind
  • accept your own limitations without feeling guilty
  • stay the course even in the face of criticism

Reclaim your hope, renew your purpose, and transform your homeschool. Because the truth is: God will use every part of your homeschool, even your fears, faults, and failures, to weave good plans for your kids.

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ISBN-13: 9780802418876
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication date: 04/02/2019
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 230,848
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

JAMIE ERICKSON taught elementary school before becoming a mother. When her first child turned five she made the decision to homeschool her daughter. Four more children followed and she homeschools all five. Jamie is the founder of The Unlikely Homeschool and a popular education blogger. Her website, social media channels, and blog encourage and equip a growing tribe of more than 50,000 homeschooling mothers around the world. She has written for a number of homeschool publications.

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Fear

1 When You Check the Wrong Box 11

2 Calling or Coincidence 19

3 The Path to Bravery 35

4 Watch Your Own Dice 47

Part 2 The Struggle

5 When You Have One of Those Kids 61

6 Struggling to Teach a Struggler 75

7 Little People and Big Messes 87

8 One Crazy Day Away from Crisis 101

Part 3 The Solution

9 It's Homeschool, Not School-at-Home 117

10 A Guilt-free Year 133

11 Your Spot on the Wall 149

12 The End in Mind 161

13 Check the Box with Bravery 175

Appendix A Questions to Ask Before You Start Homeschooling 183

Appendix B Books for Further Reading 187

Acknowledgments 191

Notes 195

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