Honor In Concord

Honor In Concord

by Cathryn Mcintyre


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The writers of Concord, Massachusetts' literary past are alive in present day in Honor in Concord. They appear as characters who struggle between their need for freedom and self-determination and the sense of responsibility they feel toward the commitments they have made. Do the commitments we make define or limit us? Is freedom and illusion? Are we ever truly free?

Honor in Concord also asks: What if we choose to honor our lives? What if we choose to honor who we are and who others determine themselves to be? What if we choose to honor the commitments we've made to ourselves and others leaving our hearts intact, rather than allowing our lives to shatter out of a sense of boredom or regret or out of the mistaken belief that none of it matters anyway?

The message here is that all that we think, say, and do has meaning. Our actions and intentions make up the very essence of who we are and help to form the circumstances of the world in which we live.

Honor in Concord presents a weave of fiction and fact that includes extraordinary moments from the author's own life, as well as poignant images that she draws from Concord's literary past, like that of Thoreau in his final days struggling to complete his essay, Walking; Hawthorne "drifting into the sea of infinity" as he writes; and Martha Hunt's act of "purification" in the waters of the Concord River. It is through this mix of reality and imagination that we see the link that exists between the present and the past and we are reminded of the presence of spirit in our lives. We are reminded of what Emerson called the infinitude of the soul.

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ISBN-13: 9781434397416
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/03/2008
Pages: 232
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Honor In Concord 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
DeniseBeers More than 1 year ago
This book is fresh, entertaining, and educational. It drew me in from the start and kept me drawn to the final pages. What a wonderful blend of memoir, fiction, and historical sketches. If you’ve ever had a burning desire to experience history coming to life, this book satisfies. Having studied the New England Transcendentalists for many years, I was impressed by the accuracy of her portrayal of them. I’m so thankful to have come across this truly creative book!
KKP More than 1 year ago
Honor in Concord is a fabulous novel! Cathryn McIntyre details such a unique, fascinating perspective of the lives of the writers of Concord, Massachusetts. She skillfully intertwines the stories of two different eras: the lives of the Concord Writers and the fictitious lives of families living in present-day Concord. The parallels are quite remarkable, even with the passing of over 150 years. You will not want to put down the book! Each chapter leaves you thinking about our purpose in life and the consequences of the choices we make. I highly recommend the book because it is not only entertaining, but its thought provoking, open-ended questions leave you with new perspectives on life.
DeborahB More than 1 year ago
Honor in Concord is beautifully written...time transcends as the story begins from long ago when Thoreau, Emerson and Hawthorne knew the spiritual essence of who they were and not intimidated to speak about it... the story weaves to the present and the excitement is in the comparison of the families from one century to another.could it be that Thoreau and Hawthorne are really living in today's world? This book crosses the boundaries of the literary into the spiritual in the most glorious way. A must read.can't wait for the next book!! Deborah Beauvais-Rehoboth MA