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Hormone Intelligence: The Complete Guide to Calming Hormone Chaos and Restoring Your Body's Natural Blueprint for Well-Being

Hormone Intelligence: The Complete Guide to Calming Hormone Chaos and Restoring Your Body's Natural Blueprint for Well-Being

by Aviva Romm M.D.


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You are not broken. Being a woman is not a diagnosis. Take your body back with the groundbreaking new science for women in Hormone Intelligence.

Hormonal. We all know what it means when we hear it – and feel it. While hormonal shifts are natural throughout women’s lives, too many experience distressing period symptoms, struggle daily with PCOS, endometriosis, a fertility challenge, pain, low sex drive, sleep problems, acne, bloating, hot flashes, and more – all due to hormone-related problems. And too many are unable to get the answers they’re really seeking from their doctors.

There is a solution. In Hormone Intelligence, Yale trained and internationally renowned women’s health expert, Dr. Aviva Romm, helps you identify the root causes of your symptoms and guides you through a 6-week proven program to achieve lifelong hormonal and gynecologic health. Using a holistic, dietary and lifestyle changing approach, Hormone Intelligence goes beyond treating symptoms to the deeper factors impacting women’s health, so you can reclaim your body, hormones, and self.

Inside Hormone Intelligence, you’ll find:

·       Hormone Health 101: Understand the key components of the hormone epidemic and associated dietary and lifestyle triggers.

·       Symptoms and Root Causes Demystified: Discover what your symptoms are saying about your hormones with quizzes, checklists, trackers, and more.

·       A 6-Week Action Plan: Learn what foods you should indulge and avoid, how to repair your microbiome to support hormone health, how to identify environmental hormone disruptors, engage your body’s natural detoxification systems and reduce hidden inflammation, and the lifestyle changes that lead to happy, healthy hormones.

·       Delicious, done-for-you meal plans to take you through the entire program, including vegan options.

Hormone Intelligence is an invitation to a whole new relationship with your body and hormones, the exhale you’ve been waiting for, and the first step on the road to realizing that a diagnosis does not have to be your destiny.

Extended references, a complete index, and additional resources for Hormone Intelligence can be found at the author's website. 

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780062796219
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 06/08/2021
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 28,928
Product dimensions: 7.70(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

DR. AVIVA ROMM is a Yale-trained, board-certified family physician with a specialty in integrative women’s health and obstetrics. She is also a midwife. Referred to as “the face of natural medicine in the 21st century” by Prevention magazine, she was a founding member of the Yale Integrative Medicine Program, is a faculty member of the Center for Mind Body Medicine, and is the author of numerous books, including the textbook Botanical Medicine for Women. Dr. Romm practices medicine in New York and Massachusetts, speaks and teaches internationally, and avidly teaches online courses in women’s health.

Table of Contents

What's in a Name: Gender and Language in This Book ix

Introduction 1

You Are Not Broken

Part 1 Know yourself 11

Understanding Hormone Intelligence

1 The Hidden Hormone Epidemic 13

2 The Language of Your Cycles 27

3 Your Sixth Vital Sign 41

4 What Your Symptoms are Saying (and Why It's Important to Listen) 65

5 You are Your Own Best Healer 87

Part 2 Find balance 97

The Hormone Intelligence Plan

6 Nourish 99

Eating for Hormone Health

7 Out of Survival Mode 137

The Stress-Hormone Connection

8 It's about Time 159

Reset Your Body Clock to Sync Your Hormones

9 The World within You 183

The Gut-Hormone Connection

10 Our Planet, Your Body 205

The Detoxification-Hormone Connection

11 Revitalize Cellular Repair 239

Rejuvenate Your Ovaries

Part 3 Get personal 253

The Hormone Intelligence Advanced Natural Protocols

12 Period and PMS Advanced Protocol 257

13 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (Pcos) Advanced Protocol 273

14 Endometriosis Advanced Protocol 279

15 Fertility Advanced Protocol 285

16 Uterine Fibroids Advanced Protocol 293

17 "Down There" Sexual and Vaginal Health Advanced Protocol 297

18 Perimenopause Advanced Protocol 309

Author's Note: Harmone Wisdom 321

Part 4 The hormone intelligence kitchen 324

The Recipes 339

Botanical and Supplement Quick Reference Guide 372

Acknowledgments 383

On Her Terms 385

References 387

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