Hostage in Taipei: A True Story of Forgiveness and Hope

Hostage in Taipei: A True Story of Forgiveness and Hope

by McGill Alexander


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This true story was produced and broadcast as a docu-drama by National Geographic TV. A South African diplomat family were taken hostage by a ruthless and notorious killer in Taiwan. In the chaos of media frenzy and gun battles with police the Alexanders' lives were endangered, their faith and love put to the test, and miracles occurred. The Alexander family witnessed for Christ before TV cameras, news media, and throngs of people in a non-Christian nation eager to hear how anyone could show forgiveness toward a killer who had mercilessly harmed them and terrorized the entire island. This event, which occurred in 1997, had huge media coverage and still connects with readers concerned about terrorism in our world today.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780967038629
Publisher: CLADACH Publishing
Publication date: 04/28/2001
Pages: 317
Product dimensions: 5.62(w) x 8.54(h) x 0.74(d)

Table of Contents

1"Why is this Happening To Us?"11
3Streets of Taipei35
4Terror in Taiwan45
5Horrors of Helplessness61
6Shadow of Death73
7Police Assault81
8Chief Hou You-Yi95
9Wild Dogs101
10A Mother's Gumption115
11A Long, Lonely Night129
12Christine's Drawing139
13No Tears To Shed147
14Hospital Vigil156
15A Heavyweight Arrives on the Scene162
16Armed Only with Love177
17After Shocks189
20Visit To the Prisoner221
21The Good-Bye Whirlwind235
22Back To South Africa245
23The Miracle Bullet251
24The Miracle Conversion257
25A Mind-Boggling Request271
27Dead To Sin; But Alive To God287
Acknowledgments and Sources307

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