How Free Do You Want To Be?: The Story Of A Cure For Addiction

How Free Do You Want To Be?: The Story Of A Cure For Addiction

by R. Cord Beatty


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In 1939, the first edition of Alcoholics Anonymous was published, and the world started to learn about the success and methods that the authors called the "12 Steps." The 12 steps as they were written are hard to understand and confusing, because of the era in which they were written.During the 1940s, the success rate of the 12 step program was around 75 to 80 percent of all newcomers remained sober and free from alcoholism. Today, that number is much lower. Published studies show the success rate at somewhere between 5 and 10 percent and only between 2 and 3 percent in some states and areas.  This book answers these questions:•Is there a cure for addiction?•Is there a cure for depression and anxiety?•Does God exist and answer prayers?•What does it take to have a spiritual awakening? The Steps to a spiritual awakening outlined in this book can be used to overcome anything in your life once you understand them. There is a simple proven plan of action found within them, and a promise that will set you free. Free from addiction. Free from the struggles you go through in your life on this earth. If you complete the Steps as outlined in the following pages of this book, you will find serenity, freedom, and peace as have thousands of men and women before you have. You will find a cure for your addictions and difficulties.This book includes the miracle and spiritual awakening of R. Cord Beatty that saved his life.  This book will guide you to such a spiritual awakening that will cause a psychic change within you. A change in the way you think.This book will answer hard questions about a cure for addiction, alcoholism, anxiety, depression, and mental health issues. This book will change your life! In 2010, the author, R. Cord Beatty, was told that his liver had failed entirely due to his alcoholism and drug addiction. He suffered from esophagitis, internal bleeding, heart, and kidney failure. He was told to put his affairs in order, call his children and family. He was defeated, alone, desperate, and in tremendous pain. With the desperation of a dying man, he finally surrendered and turned to God. Four days later, he walked out of the hospital. God's presence was all around him. He knew that in this instance, God was doing for him what he couldn't do for himself. This book will guide you through the process needed to experience such a spiritual awakening.

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ISBN-13: 9780578611914
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 01/18/2020
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

R. Cord Beatty "Cord" has personal knowledge of the pain and destruction caused by addiction. He has an amazing story of spiritual awakening, redemption, and a journey to full recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction. Early in his adult life, he accomplished a successful career in film and television, financing, and producing numerous well-known productions and films. Along with success came the stresses of running a publicly traded corporation, raising money, managing employees, successes, and failures. By age 46, alcohol had taken everything from Cord, including his marriage, children, business, home, automobiles, and money. Alcohol had also taken its toll on his health. He found himself homeless and dealing with serious life-threatening issues with his liver, kidneys, and heart. In 2010, Cord was told by doctors that he would not live the day. That his liver had failed entirely, and there were no other options available. Finding himself broken, bankrupt, defeated, and standing on death's door, he experienced the miracle of spiritual awakening and the power of God for the first time in his life. Cord recovered from Alcoholism and Addiction and went back to college at Purdue University, pursuing his Master's Degree in Psychology in Addiction at Purdue University. He is active in the recovery community. Cord is the co-founder of the New U Recovery residential inpatient treatment center near Park City, Utah, and the founder of The Retreat At Zion residential inpatient treatment center in Rockville, Utah. Cord is a father of 5 children and 4 grand-children. A grateful member of Alcoholics Anonymous. A public speaker and regular on talk shows, radio broadcasts, podcasts, and magazines. Cord has helped hundreds of individuals to overcome addiction through his treatment center, education, and sponsorship in the AA and NA programs.

Table of Contents

Two Pioneers in the History of Alcohol Rehabilitation
Experiencing the 12 Steps
Sobriety is More Than Just Numbers
A Word or Two on Sponsors
Awakening to the Steps
Before We Begin . . .

What Do You Believe, Right Now?
Cravings and Allergies
What's Normal?
Wanting More
It's Different for Us: We Have an Allergy
Changing the Way You Think
Can You Take It or Leave It?
Surrendering to the Truth
Gaining Self-understanding
Managing the Unmanageable
Reaching for the Bottom
What's at the Bottom?
Finding Hope

Being Clear on Step 1
Finding Power
Your Idea of God
Your Concept of God
A Power Greater Than Me

The Easy Way
Understanding Your Personality Type
Turning Your Will Over to God
God Has All the Power
Believing in Something Bigger
A Hundred Forms of Fear
How to Stop Playing God
Finding Everything You Need

Removing Blocks
How Free Do You Want to Be?
Identifying Resentments
It's Your Problem!
It's Not a One-time Thing
Identifying Deeper Issues
The Exact Nature of Your Wrongdoings

Delving into the Darkness
Closer to God
Going Home to Pray

Step 7 Prayer
Working Through Steps 6 and 7

Finding Purpose and Making a Plan
The Value of Amends
Sweeping Your Side of the Street
Making Amends to Creditors and Debtors
Getting Creative with Making Amends
Taking Fully Responsibility
Being Amazed
The Dos and Don'ts of Making Amends
Becoming Free

Growing in Understanding
Step 10 Promises

Learning to Meditate
Step 11
Becoming God-conscious
The Evening Review
The Morning Review
Daily Practice and the 11th Step Promise

Finding New Meaning
Kind Acts
How Willing Are You to be Free?
Sharing the Message of Hope
Questions on Beliefs
A Final Task


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