How to Apply the Right Choice Model: Create a Right-Minded Team That Works as One

How to Apply the Right Choice Model: Create a Right-Minded Team That Works as One

How to Apply the Right Choice Model: Create a Right-Minded Team That Works as One

How to Apply the Right Choice Model: Create a Right-Minded Team That Works as One


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Are adversarial choices keeping your team divided and in conflict? The Right Choice Model paves the way for teammates to do no harm and work as one.

Share the Right Choice Model with your team, and teach teammates to make positive, productive choices that align with team goals.

What Is This Book About?

When difficult team problems occur, teammates have two options: become an ally, or become an adversary. When you are an adversary, you are a victim or a victimizer, always pointing the finger at others. When you choose to be an ally, you work collaboratively with your teammates to achieve team goals. You demonstrate positive and accountable work behaviors.

This book and the Right Choice Model will guide you to create a team of productive, supportive, Right-Minded teammate allies.

Is This Book for You?

If you want to help your team achieve better teamwork, Right-Minded Teamwork can help. This book teaches team facilitators, team leaders, and teammates how to use the Right Choice Model to create powerful, effective, Right-Minded teams that do no harm and work as one.

What Is "Right" in Right-Minded Teamwork?

Right-Minded Teamwork (RMT) is a business-oriented, psychological approach to team building where acceptance, forgiveness, and adjustment are teammate characteristics, and 100% customer satisfaction is the team's result.

The concept of "right" in Right-Minded Teamwork and the Right Choice Model has nothing to do with right-brain thinking or right-wing viewpoints. It is about what your team, together, decides is "right" for you. Your team's preferred way of being and behaving, identified as a set of collective teamwork choices, defines your team's Right-Minded attitudes and work behaviors.

How the Right Choice Model Works

Usually introduced during a team workshop, the Right Choice Model consists of an "upper loop" and a "lower loop." Both are captured in the Model's graphic illustration, explored in this book. The upper loop of the Model describes the cycle of successfully addressing problems using Right-Minded behavior and accountability. The lower loop describes the ineffective cycle of wrong-minded victimization.

The Right Choice Model also contains an important, Right-Minded question for teammates to use when difficult situations arise. This crucial question can be distributed as a physical resource by handing out Right Choice cards, available at (see the Resources section of your book for instructions). On one side of the cards is the Right Choice Model's crucial teamwork question; on the back is the definition of Right-Minded accountability. These cards give teammates a way to apply the Right Choice Model day in and day out to make positive, team-oriented choices.

This book explores the key concepts behind the Right Choice Model and contains three approaches for integrating Model into your team.

Praise for the Right Choice Model

I've used the Right Choice Model for 20+ years and still live by the process today in my professional and personal life. It's a great way to kick-start a new team or invigorate a seasoned one. - Ken McCall

I have been using your Right Choice Model in most of my workshops since 2005. I enjoy it, am inspired by it, and find it very useful. For team-building activities, Right Choice is definitely highly recommended. - Teca Pedro

I can tell you without a doubt that my team and I use the Right Choice Model all we can and we LOVE it! Our team has really grown and achieved a lot through the program. - Cindy Thomas

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