How to Build a Nontraditional Career Path: Embracing Economic Disruption

How to Build a Nontraditional Career Path: Embracing Economic Disruption

by Ron Elsdon


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ISBN-13: 9781440831584
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/31/2014
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Ron Elsdon, PhD, is a founder of organizations in the career and workforce development fields.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xv

Introduction xvii

Part I Laying the Foundation 1

1 The What and Why of a Nontraditional Career 3

2 Benefits and Challenges 25

Part II Strategic Factors to Consider 47

3 Whether or Not to Connect the Components 49

4 Finding Differentiation 65

5 Balancing the Components 79

6 Pace of Entry 93

7 Building Needed Skills 107

8 Partnering 121

Part III Practical Steps and the Path Forward 135

9 Creating an Infrastructure: Nuts and Bolts 137

10 Moving Forward 155

Appendix: Selected Templates 167

Notes 169

Selected Bibliography 191

Index 193

What People are Saying About This

Patricia DeMasters

"Ron Elsdon has provided a complete process including assessments, resources, and check lists to understand the nontraditional career path. The ups and downs of choosing this work style were validated through Elsdon's personal experience and, for those who are either mid-career or retiring, it's a way to continue to have a productive work life."

Barbara Langsdale

"If you have often thought about leaving your corporate career path to start your own business and did not know how to begin, then this is the book for you. Ron Elsdon has written a very creative and readable book with personal examples, plus all the aspects to consider before you make the change. This is a go-to guide for everyone who wants to make a change."

Robin Wortley Hammond

"We know the world doesn't work the way it used to, but there's little advice on how to reinvent ourselves for the 21st-century world of work. In this timely, insightful book Elsdon offers a brave new picture of careers for the future, where we can holistically honor our values, talents, and unique personality traits while generating multiple income streams."

Kathleen Engelstad

"If you have ever considered leaving the often unfulfilling role of employee behind in favor of running your own business, then this is the book you need to read. It guides you through the journey with a detailed analysis of the steps needed for success and it provides the benefit of the author's firsthand experience."

Ron Visconti

"Ron Elsdon's How to Build a Nontraditional Career Path: Embracing Economic Disruption provides a comprehensive and humanistic look at nontraditional jobs. Using his own personal story, and those of others, he provides the reader with the critical questions they need to ask when beginning a nontraditional career, and then he provides useful insights on how to begin this exciting and challenging journey. A must-read, whether you are just starting your career path, or are planning your next phase."

David Knego

"A clear, comprehensive, and easy-to-read guide on what many of us are thinking about and already doing—the alternate career path. Ron has put everything together in one place—the background data, the work plan and more—now I know that my career path is doable (and not out of the ordinary). Thank you Ron!"

Lenore Mewton

"Ron Elsdon addresses an important work life issue, namely how to establish a new path of fulfillment, through assessment and integration of personal and career motivators, as well as marketplace alignment. The book's broad perspective, practical details, and hard data give readers an invaluable foundation on which to build."

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